Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraComicsFor this week’s Extra, we haven’t watched anything. Instead, we’ve been reading! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we talk about the new(ish) line of Doctor Who comics from Titan Comics. We’ve all read the first five issues of the 10th and 11th Doctors’ series, and some of us have read even farther. We discuss what it’s like to see the Doctor in 2D form and, even more excitingly, we cover the new companions he meets in the pages of these delightful books!

Have you read the Titan comics yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments! And whether you’ve read them or not, you’re welcome to enter our giveaway–just leave a comment on our giveaway post!


Interesting Links!

9th Doctor Comic:
Writer Cavan Scott’s Website with updates
Youtube Preview

10th Doctor Comic:
Interview with 10th Doctor Comic Writer Nick Abadzis
Issues 1-5 TPB to be released March 25

11th Doctor Comic:
Interview with writer Rob Williams on plotting the timey-wimey issue 6
Issues 1-5 TPB to be released March 25

12th Doctor Comic:
Titan Comic Announcement

Upcoming Crossover Event:
Hollywood Reporter Announcement
Two-Minute Time Lord interview with writer Paul Cornell
Artist announcement and release dates

Bonus link:
Bookshelf Doctors!

Download or listen now (runtime 1:09:46)  

Comments on: "Extra! – A Titan of Comics" (8)

  1. Great episode Verities! Overall, I’m enjoying the Titan comics, though my wallet isn’t too happy with the volume of issues being released between all the Doctors. Thank goodness my completest nature has been able to resist the variants, which I’ve always seen as a comics industry swindle. With the well-being of my wallet aside, I kind of wish the new comics were limited to one Doctor at a time, offering multi-issue arcs per Doctor.

    The art can be a little clunky here and there, though I love Elena Casagrande’s work. This is often the problem with comic representations of actual likenesses.

    I enjoy Jones as a companion, but can see why Erika doesn’t like him. He sort of reads like a store-brand David Bowie. The genericized attempts to avoid legal trouble are a little distracting. Especially when appearing in the same universe as real-life blues man, Robert Johnson. Though if it could be argued that any real-life person has been influenced by their time travelling with the Doctor, it would certainly be David Bowie. Look at those cavemen go.

  2. Chris! said:

    Thanks so much for a lovely guided tour through the Titan comics. Very useful for those of us who have not yet taken a look at them!

    I’m going to wait for Paul Cornell’s series this summer to take the Titan plunge.

  3. I agree with Tansy that comics are an excellent format to redo some of the missing episodes. As for your desire to see a Dalek Masterplan comic, a decent fan one was done a few years ago. Here’s a link to a link list of all 12 parts:

    Sadly, the way they’re presented isn’t very readable, but slapping together a PDF of the whole thing wouldn’t take too long.

  4. Okay, now I really want to read these. My fingers are itching for my iPad, but work, alas, intrudes.

  5. My first experience ever with comics and Doctor Who. Everyone said how great they were so I ordered up some at Christmas Time. Have not been enjoying the 10th doctor comic, and after hearing Deb talk, I realized my first issue was number 6, the super dark arc.
    It sounds like I would like issues 1-5 better. Maybe I’ll try those before passing judgement. I have been really grumpy about how the 10th was drawn and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one!

  6. Cynthia Henry said:

    Thanks a lot Verities! I’ve been happily reading the Tenth Doctor comics (and the Twelfth Doctor comics, which you totally fail to mention), quite happy to follow the story lines without really noticing the change in illustration style. But now, I see what you mean. And it is disturbing. But I’ll keep reading. Also, having avoided the Eleventh Doctor comics, I’m now curious to read them, but the first few no longer seem to be available in my preferred digital format, so I’ll have to watch for the graphic novel.
    Oh, and thanks also for the remark about the Tenth Doctor being able to get his mouth around anything. That sent my mind right into the gutter, if you get my drift. 😜

    • I know we talked about the 12th Doctor comics because when Deb asked me about them, I had to admit I hadn’t read any. Whoops. Deb, Kat, and Tansy have though! Of course I believe the consensus was that Deb and Tansy aren’t really into 12’s comic–mostly because they’re enjoying him on the show so much, so it loses some of the excitement they get having new stories from Doctors gone by.

      Thanks for the kind words, and even more, thanks for listening!

  7. […] This week’s Verity! podcast concerns the new Doctor Who comics from Titan, and there’s some sort of giveaway we;re having […]

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