Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Want to win a $25 gift card to comiXology? Sure you do! Thanks to our fabulous Patreon Supporters it’s time for another Verity giveaway! Just leave a comment here (using a current email address so we can contact you if you win) for your chance to win a $25 comiXology electronic gift card. Use it to catch up on the Doctor Who comics we talked about on this week’s Extra or whatever else catches your fancy. We’re not going to check up on you. Probably. 😉

We’ll draw the name on Wednesday, March 25th, so leave your comments before then!

And remember if you’re a Verity! patron, you don’t need to do a thing–you’re automatically entered! (Only one entry per person so if you’re a patron sit back and relax – you’ve got this covered.)  And yes, if you become a patron any time before the giveaway closes (in a week!), you’ll be entered automatically.



Comments on: "Verity! Comixology Giveaway!" (49)

  1. Dylan Vega said:

    Well I for one have been a fan of Titan’s Doctor Who line since it launched, so I’m delighted to see you doing an Extra about them, and would sure love that Comixology gift card to keep reading more Titan comics! 😀

  2. Mason Radcliffe said:

    Awesome prize!

  3. Zhangtastic!

  4. Excellent podcast today. Nice to hear @ComicsTitan getting lots of love. #DoctorWho #Comics

  5. I would love to check out some Doctor Who comics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I’ve never read a Doctor Who comic, but after this podcast, checking them out is on my list of things to do!

  7. I love the Doctor Who comics and would love to read even more of them with a comixology gift card 🙂

  8. Lindsey said:

    I would love to win this as a very new doctor who fan who hasn’t read a lot of comics

  9. I have been reading all three of the Titan titles. My favorite of the three titles (so far) has been the 12th Doctor, actually. I’d love a chance to win free comics! I’m all about the digital comics—it’s precisely why I bought an iPad.

  10. Ooh! Would love to win that prize!

  11. Lori Nyx said:

    Am liking the 11th comic best! Love on yah, JONES!!

  12. Squee! I am so looking forward to my Doctor’s series!

  13. I love the new Doctor Who comics, I have read 10th and 11th series so far

  14. Tom Rankin said:

    Huge comic fan, huge Doctor Who fan. But Ive yet to read the Titan comics due to monetary restrictions. Isn’t that reason enough to put me in the drawing? 😛 Count me in!

  15. JHancorn said:

    Yay! Perfect excuse to start reading the DW comics. 😀

  16. Thanks for running another giveaway. Count me in – I’ve never read a Doctor Who comic, but I’m keen 🙂
    Thanks Verity! for a consistently entertaining and informative podcast.

  17. Julie said:

    Love the podcast and love comics. Just don’t have any of the new Doctor Who ones, but this could help me out!

  18. Love your podcast. Keep up the great work.

  19. Joy Lucas said:

    Love that those covers! Can’t wait to discover what’s inside!

  20. i am loving the Titan comics. The first 10trh and 11th Doctor issue broke the bank cause I bought several variant covers of each. I do have have some of them framed. But now I settle for just one and concentrate on the story. I would love a gift card.

  21. Joseph Saxton said:

    Verity has become another weekly addiction!

  22. I need to get issues 1-5 of the 10th Doctor because issues 6-7 have bitterly scarred me. Hope I win!

  23. Elinor said:

    would like to give this a shot

  24. Ari B. said:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the ninth Doctor miniseries.

  25. […] This week’s Verity! podcast concerns the new Doctor Who comics from Titan, and there’s some sort of giveaway we;re having where you can win a $25 gift certificate for Comixology. Free […]

  26. Joe Lewallen said:

    Don’t Blink

  27. Tina Louise said:

    I have been reading tenth, but CANNOT WAIT for the ninth! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  28. Nancy S said:

    Throwing my name into the hat. Thanks for the podcast and thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Katrina Pfeifer said:

    I haven’t read the comics but your podcast has definitely piqued my interest!

  30. Like I need another Who thing to be obsessed with… But I’ll throw my pixels in the pot anyway! Love you all, Verities!

  31. I haven’t tried the Titan versions. I might pick a TPB some time.

  32. (Insert fabulous comment that would have been incredibly cool and witty were I not feeling sick as a dog right now)

  33. I had not heard of these before. I definitely want to check out the tenant one.

  34. I haven’t tried ComiXology yet, though I downloaded the app ages ago. No excuses whether I win or not! Lol

  35. Jesterpuff said:

    A comic with the Ninth Doctor, Jack, and Rose sounds fantastic – I can’t wait!

  36. Richard S. said:

    Comixology app keeps saying Wednesday is New Comics Day, but I’m usually too busy listening to Verity!

  37. Comics are great.

  38. Mark John said:

    Ooh! Nice prize!

  39. Valerie said:

    I do love the physical copies, but I’m starting to get a pretty alarming pile of comics to store. I’d love to try digital! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Andrew said:

    Yes, of course I’m writing in order to win the contest, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take this time to tell the Verities how much I love your podcast. I’ve been listening since “The Snowmen” podcast first dropped, and I’ve just loved the podcast ever since. I love when I see that a new episode has dropped, as it means that I can hear my favorite Doctor Who podcasters talk about the show we all love.

    I hope to eventually make my way to a Doctor Who con (such as Galley) in order to meet you all! Thank you for all your time, effort, and love you put into putting on the show!
    Love, Andrew, a fan from the beginning.

  41. The Comics are the only Doctor Who media i have yet to check out. Maybe this will change.

  42. This would be fantastic. … what a great idea for a give away. Would love to read one after the podcast last week

  43. Hope to win, and get more stuff to read!

  44. curse7781 said:

    Great prize, hope I win as it would be a great jumping on point for me to get into comics.

  45. Sarah said:

    Doctor Who comics are the reason I started reading comics!

  46. Elizabeth said:

    I tried the Twelfth Doctor comics when they first came out and thought they were just okay. After listening to the podcast, though, I may give the others a try.

  47. These look beautiful. Thank you for sharing about them and doing the giveaway!

  48. We sat in on a Comic Book Podcast this weekend. The world needs more words with pictures and more intelligent dialog. #Podcast

  49. In a parallel universe, an ageing fangirl waited to see if she got the gift card. Probably not, cuz she she didn’t read her email before now. Anywinkle, thanks for very excellent podcasting!

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