Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraPR1MELordsIt’s April Fools’ Day, so we thought we’d bring you something a bit lighter than usual. Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we discuss the totally-canonical (according to some) PR1ME computer ads Tom Baker and Lalla Ward did in the early 80s. Wait. I should be clearer–Tom and Lalla did these Australian commercials AS the Doctor and Romana. And they are a glorious thing to behold. If you haven’t already seen them, do yourself a favor!

So what do you think of these commercials? Totally canon? Or just totally fun?


PR1ME Computer ads (YouTube)
PR1ME Computer ads (transcript)
12th Doctor in five TARDIS console rooms!
Paul Cornell is writing the summer crossover Doctor Who story for Titan Comics!
Peter Capaldi sings “Happy Birthday” at the Doctor Who Experience!
New 10th anniversary YouTube video from John Smith!

Download or listen now (runtime 37:47)  

Comments on: "Extra! – PR1ME Lords" (28)

  1. Gary Schaper said:

    Loved the whole episode. The intro was wonderful, and the… targets… of it are all the best sports. 🙂

  2. Laughed the whole time-Thanks Verities (and cats!)

  3. I’m only five minutes into the episode but I had to pause it to let you know that this is the very best episode you’ve ever made. You ladies seem more focused, more intelligent, more witty, than ever before. Congratulations. You have really raised you game. Just one little side note, there seems to be something wrong with the sound quality. It sounds like your voices are lower. Maybe my download got corrupted??

  4. Richard S. said:

    Uh oh. Been at a town meeting to hear results of local dig from TV’s Carenza Lewis of Channel 4’s Time Team. Haven’t had time to listen to Verity. Have to improvise a few generic podcast-reply-type comments. Errr. Ah, yes. (Ahem:)

    Yay and woohoo! Excellent podcast there, everyone who took part in that podcast. Another namecheck for Paul Cornell. Superb! Not too sure about all that bad science. Grrr. Somebody doesn’t know their solar systems from their constellations, that’s for definite. Canonical shipping? Hmph. Didn’t happen in my day, I can tell you. And, lol, BTW: CATS RUUUULE!

    Phew, think I got away with it. Now, about those results. Early Anglo-Saxon discovered in 16% of all test-pits? Astonishing…

  5. I remember when we moved to the PRIME computer at college …

    • Neil Ottenstein said:

      I just found the documentation I printed out about the PR1ME 750 system.

  6. Great episode! I needed a laugh today.

  7. raxxial said:

    Best extra ever!

    Steven you are a mad genius, I couldn’t tell even by the end if the Verity’s were in it.

    My head canon will firmly remain in the negative and that you are totes cheeky!

  8. I….I listened to the whole thing thinking this was all 100% a joke. Then I get home and find these are actually a thing. I don’t even know what to say now.

    • This is my favourite comment because it implies we are comedy geniuses. I wish now that it had all been made up.

  9. Ashford said:

    Hell of a podcast. I was totally psyched out; I thought the fellas were going to host the whole thing. I can’t wait to watch those promos. The Doctor and Romana are my favorite pairing.

  10. Hee! Loved it from top to bottom! Meeoooww. 🙂

  11. Verities, you are all just delightful clever people! The best April Fools joke of 2015 is yours!

  12. abelundercity said:

    I’d seen those commercials on YouTube before, and always thought it was funny, watching the Doctor go gaga over what even humans now would consider to be primitive devices.

    The opening and pre-show warmup that followed had me laughing out loud, much to the consternation of passers-by. Best April Fools ever!

  13. Kilts are Cool said:

    Brilliant! This is the best Extra ever, I did a total spit take as the episode started. This is so funny because it is so well done. You were all bringing your A game.

    I loved the glimpse into the pre-show prep as well. I thought it was actually very interesting. I have been trying to catch up with past episodes for about 8 months and finally got current by listening to this podcast this week. That is my happy thing for the week.

    And my vote goes for Marry the Girl Doctor vs. Marry the girl, Doctor.

  14. I’m only a few minutes in and I just had to pause because I was laughing so hard at Paul Cornell’s imitation of Liz. How amazing was that?!

  15. Hi. Loving your Podcast – keep up the wonderful work. I found you via Paul Cornell, so it’s all his fault…

    Tom wasn’t the only one doing adverts a la Who. I have fond memories from my childhood of Peter Davison’s Tefal ad (

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  18. Terrence Keenan said:

    Just lovely. The intro was a hoot. I first saw two of the Prime commercials via the More than 30 Years in the TARDIS VHS (dated myself there). And now I’ll have to go and watch the rest. Either way, it’s completely canon. 🙂

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  20. […] also really enjoyed your appearances on Radio Free Skaro and Verity, in particular the Verity April Fool’s episode. It is hilarious! And I’m really looking forward to your own podcast, The Cornell Collective! […]

  21. Just listened to this (yes, I’m really behind on listening to podcast, cuz stuff and life), and this was awesome!! April Fools podcasts are consistently among my faves, and you did not disappoint! Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for another fantastic show!

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  24. Still working my way through the archives – I fully endorse the Cat Agenda, and love Stephen’s editing assistance!


  25. Paul B. =:o} said:

    I’d never thought much about the punctuation before. So the computer thinks the Doctor should marry his gynaecologist? Or a future incarnation? I’m so confused… =:oo

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