Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraSophieAldredFor this week’s Extra! we had the opportunity to talk to the delightful Sophie Aldred, and we couldn’t make you wait for that–especially because her Kickstarter for Strangeness in Space still has a few days to go. Do check it out if you’re a fan of sci-fi, comedy, and/or audio goodness! She chats to Deb about that fantastic project, her time as Ace (both on screen and in Big Finish), and what it’s like attending conventions and interacting with fans. It’s a wonderful conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have!


Download or listen now (runtime 37:24)  

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  1. Tatiana said:

    Ad. your recent discussion around Verity Lambert book:
    I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Louis Moffat is going to make an interview with Beryl Vertue and is asking to submit questions. You can try and sneak some questions regarding women in the industry back in the day.

  2. Thanks for the great interview. Listening to it just reminded me how grateful I am to be part of this fandom. It’s so much more than just people who like the same TV show, but has deep roots and branches and an influence that has changed lives for good.

  3. Richard S. said:

    A very welcome & timely interview. The UK’s Horror Channel has just broadcast a repeat of Remembrance, so I could really pick up on all the things Deb & Sophie were discussing, such as Ace’s mix of heroism & flaws, attacking the Daleks then crouching in hopeless dread as they surround her at the end of part 3.

    There’s the Doctor’s mentoring of Ace (the slyness of Sylvester) when he gets her to explain the Dalek factions to Rachel & Allison. And of course Ace’s creative use of epithets, calling Mike a “Toerag,” which carries into the current Horror Channel repeat, Greatest Show, where she says to Daniel Peacock’s character, “I hope your big end goes.”

    I was hoping the Channel would show the two stories I still haven’t seen in full, Ghost Light & Survival. In fact, the final two are Silver Nemesis and Curse of Fenric, so at least I’ll see the devious dark Doctor at work.

    I’ve managed to pinpoint the date of Sophie’s early convention appearance. Googling up “Imperial SF Soc WhoDay 3” and downloading a PDF of the college newspaper Felix (!!) for the day before the con, I see that the advance notice mentions quite a few invitees who couldn’t actually appear, and it doesn’t mention Sophie herself, but it does include the name of Debbie Watling, who was definitely in attendance, as I have photographs to prove it.

    And later in that roll of film (to be precise, in the next roll, because the one in the camera ran out and rewound VERY LOUDLY right smack dab in the middle of Debbie’s interview, for which: apologies)… I have three photos of Sophie, busy signing autographs. Plus a further six photos of Sophie standing out front of the interview table, acting out scenes with a mic in her hand, clearly having as much of a brilliant time as we the audience.

    The date was 5th March 1988, which places Imperial College SF Soc’s WhoDay 3 almost three months after the end of her first story Dragonfire, and exactly seven months before the debut of Remembrance part 1. So, it could have easily been Sophie’s first con, or first solo without Sylv or JNT. I can’t remember if Sophie or Debbie ran the charity auction that evening. I do remember paying a bit more than I thought I would for a set of DW publicity shots, which I found up just the other day while looking through my exam results envelope. WhoDay 3 was my final interaction (until Verity) with proper organised DW fan activity before exams & work took over, but a lovely way to end that phase of my fandom.

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