Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode74Yes, we assure you this really is episode 74. Pay no attention to the wildly inaccurate introduction claiming we’ve gotten further than we have. This is what happens when Deb leaves us alone. Join Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we try to cope without our moderating maven. And what are we discussing? We stick to our 2015 theme of companions, but we take it in a different direction this week. We’re talking about the companions of a different Time Lord. Yep, from Delgado to Gomez, we’re covering the Master’s (Missy’s) companions! Why does the Master always seem to have lackeys assisting him? We discover the Master’s reasons for picking up strays aren’t always that different from the Doctor’s, though his methods of acquiring these “helpers” is usually quite different.

What do you think of the Master’s companions? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 74 – Mastering Companions" (7)

  1. Since Tansy was wondering about any Missy fic with Osgood as companion — The Dread Pirate Missy is the one story I can think of that comes close to fitting the bill. Includes a time loop, fencing, Princess Bride references (obviously), and a short Missy/Osgood kiss. (It’s otherwise non-romantic fic and suitable for all ages, if that’s what you prefer.)

  2. There are, indeed, fics that have Osgood traveling with Missy:
    and its (in progress) sequel, Mindwipe:
    The Dread Pirate Missy:

  3. Richard S. said:

    “One of them appears to have seen Doctor Who before.” Oh, it made me laugh. Excellent podcast, have already added it to the growing number I make sure to download each week.

    Like Erika, I’m not too familiar with the Pertwee era Master (except in the Target books). Next week, the Horror Channel is starting a rerun of their 3rd Doctor selection, so I might be able to catch up a little when the channel gets past Liz (Shaw).

    I did see the last half of The Keeper of Traken recently, one of my favourites from the original Tom Baker run. Really think Kassia should have been kept in the story right to the end, and maybe even afterwards, which would’ve put a different slant on 80s Who… and her character would’ve had to be renamed The Lady Smerta or something.

    Glad you mentioned Chantho. Also, I’d agree about the discomfort at the Simm Master’s treatment of Lucy Saxon, which is one of the moments where I felt New Who went too far into the realm of UK soap opera and temporarily ruined a DW villain for me. Don’t want to mention too much about the TV movie, still trying to forget it. I believe, a few years earlier, Channel 4’s GamesMaster showed a sample clip of CGI Daleks that reimagined them as floating cylinders. Not good.

    Didn’t think much of Seb on first seeing him, but then I bought the DVD box set and watched and watched and watched again until I loved him to pieces, just like a proper fan would!

  4. I’m annoyed this week because both Liz and Erika stole my happy thing!

    It was a fun episode, and I have never given thought to companions of the Master. I generally think of them as minions, anyway. It was good food for thought! It is an interesting change not having Deb on the podcast. Most of you are on and off in what seems like irregular intervals. She generally functions as chair means when she is gone the character of the podcast can be very different. I don’t mean that as a celebratory or a critical comment—just interesting to me, is all.

    Unrelated to any of that, I want to recommend a book that I think Tansy (and probably others) would like: The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Turns out the creator of Wonder Woman was a very interesting character, and he surrounded himself with strong and independent women. Great book so far.

  5. Korina said:

    It strikes me that Seb is the Master’s perfect companion; she can destroy him as often as she likes, then just reboot him! ^__^

    Thanks for yet another interesting and fun episode! Erika did a great job as a scab Deb.

  6. sostorm said:

    I must say that I really liked Chang or the way the Master approached that manipulation. There is something I thoroughly enjoy when it comes to people being convinced that the bad side is the good side and vice versa. It makes you examine what you feel is good from a different angel. It’s one of the highlights of the movie, I find.

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