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VerityEpisode77This week we’re talking about the “kids” in the TARDIS. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we talk about the Doctor as a father figure and orphans in the TARDIS. So how does the Doctor do as a parental unit? Is he a trustworthy adult-type? Or as childish as the youngsters he takes in? Or does it vary by era? (Spoiler: it varies!) And as this is the year of the companion, we spend a good amount of time chatting about the young(ish) orphans themselves.

What do you think of the-Doctor-as-parent and the young’uns who travel with him? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 77 – TARDIS Tots & the Doctor as Dad" (4)

  1. Richard S. said:

    Oh. My. Goodness. So much New Who retcon of Classic Who headcanon. Fascinating.

    Okay, here’s a piece of contemporaneous evidence, from my letter published in mid-1980s fanzine Queen Bat (issue 7, pages 8, 9 and, er, 10… at the request of the editors, I might add!!). In my own unenlightened 1980s style, I summed up the first six Doctors in the following way:

    Hartnell – the type of Victorian grandfather with whom most (?) 1960s families would be familiar.

    Troughton – hapless Uncle.

    Baker (T.) – worldly-wise Uncle.

    Pertwee (direct quote from my fanzine letter, based on years of reading Target Books & DWM) – “the very ultimate father-figure; Earthbound, protective, with a ‘boss’ and a ‘secretary’, and located in a solid structure which the viewers could make their second home/workplace.”

    Davison (direct quote) – “the sporting-hero brother or boy-next-door or heart-throb, according to your age/sex.”

    Baker (C.) – … okay, well, I’d just seen The Trial of a Time Lord, so I’m sure you can imagine. Basically, what I’m getting at is that it’s all a matter of perspective. In the late-1970s, early 1980s, Peter Davison was best known on British TV as playing a younger brother to Robert Hardy in All Creatures, and as an older brother to Robert Glenister in Sink Or Swim. Add in the general complaint from the UK press of the early 1980s, that Davison was too young to play a hero like the Doctor… I just did not think of Peter Davison as any kind of a father figure, metaphorically or literally, probably until the early 2000s and his TV series At Home With The Braithwaites.

    I should add that, Yay, go Kat & Team TARDIS, the fifth Doctor is my favourite of Classic Who. Generally I prefer Doctors who are (IMHO) the opposite of father-figures: Pat Troughton, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Matt Smith. Regarding Deb’s point, I didn’t have a problem with 11 meeting young Amelia, because 11 seemed by far the more childlike of the two. But I did very much have a problem with the preview extra of 11 meeting young Clara at the playground, possibly a measure of how much Moffat’s writing & Matt’s performance of 11 had changed by then.

    And, oh, Lynne, I am so much signing up for that cruise on the good ship Green Death, as long as it includes a Capaldi/Coleman duet on Islands In The Stream. Come on! He’s got the hair. All he needs is the Kenny Rogers beard…

  2. Peter Capaldi says he was misquoted about the flirting issue (hear it from the man himself @5:36 in the video of the Deep Breath screening at the BFI but unfortunately that false report has been spread around so much it’s taken root as fact by now. In truth it seems there is no contention between he and Steven Moffat on the matter.

  3. Thanks for another fun episode!

    I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a mention of “The Doctor’s Daughter” somewhere in there. Poor Ten really is particularly bad at the father-figure thing, isn’t he?

    As for Doctor/Rose: Sorry, but have you _seen_ “The Doctor Dances”? There’s room for debate about how far it went, whether or not they ever actually dated or, um, danced (I vote no), but there’s no doubt there was _some_ kind of romantic aspect to the relationship, even if never acted on.

    I think I see Doctor/Clara as a _mostly_ platonic friendship: there’s a hint of mutual attraction there, but they both realize (correctly) that following up on it would be an incredibly bad idea for lots of reasons, so they deliberately remain Just Friends. I’m not utterly opposed to Doctor/Clara shipping, but I’d be very surprised if the relationship on the show ever gets shippier than it already is.

  4. All I can say about the Tardis Onesie is GET IT. GET IT NOW. PERHAPS GET TWO. I got mine from Thinkgeek a while ago and practically live in the thing. It is also the best quality onesie I have… the sentence I just wrote is making me smile, you can never own enough onesies.

    As of today I have caught up with all of Verity!, sadness. I am currently wading my way through all of Radio Free Skaro I’m somewhere around the middle of the Season 5 commentaries but there’s always room for more. Thanks for the Doctor Whooch tip Kat!

    Love the podcast keep up the fantastic work 😀

    Lisa from Perth (Australia, not Scotland)

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