Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraAsk2VeritiesWelcome to a one-of-a-kind episode of Verity! Join Erika and Liz as we try to figure out a way to salvage a recording session gone horribly wrong. (Well, if you consider having only two Verities horribly wrong. As it turned out, it worked pretty well if we do say so ourselves.) Liz had the bright idea to take questions from the listeners–practically in real time! So that’s exactly what we did.

Huge thanks to the listeners who tweeted us questions and made this whole thing possible! If you have questions you’d like to hear us answer in the future, please leave them in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – Ask (Two) Verities!" (9)

  1. Great job Erika and Liz! You are clever and entertaining even when you your plans are thrown all a skelter. Thanks for answering my question and have a great week!

    I enjoyed the bit about Doctor Who games. Can I suggest that as an entire topic for a future Extra? I know very little bit about the games, other than Legacy, and would love to hear about them.


  2. Henrik said:

    Legacy is barely a ‘Doctor Who’ game, really. It’s a game with ‘Doctor Who’ pictures in it.

    I’d like to see a proper adventure game based on ‘Doctor Who’.

    I don’t know how those series 5 games worked but I guess it’d be similar to those?

    I’m thinking ‘Monkey Island’ but I suppose for ‘Doctor Who’ you’d have to have an element of danger and running down corridors and stuff so presumably you’d have to be able to die in the game. That could be done though. It’s not as if the Doctor is doing much in the way of actual action in the show anyways, no dodging obstacles while running about or anything. Most of ‘Doctor Who’ really is just people standing around in a room talking and occasionally running to a different room to do some more talking. Any really complicated action could be done in cutscenes.

  3. Richard S. said:

    #AskLMMyles Haven’t seen The Time Monster but have been reliably informed by other podcasts that it is not exactly the best ever. Have seen Four To Doomsday on original transmission and know it is super-brilliant. What’s going on?

    #AskLMMyles Also, I have written a ninety-eight volume compendium of the six billion most heinous New Who retcons. Read it please.

  4. Paul A. said:

    The two games Liz was trying to remember were “Dalek Attack” (the platformer with Seven and Ace shooting Daleks) and and “Destiny of the Doctors” (the FPS with FMV!Ainley vs the blob).

    There has been an attempt to make a Doctor Who MMOG: it was called “Worlds in Time”, launched in 2012, and lasted slightly less than two years before being shut down. My experience of it was like Rossini’s famous review of Wagner: some beautiful moments, but some terrible quarters of an hour. The writing was extremely variable, and the game engine was inherently flawed. (The developers already had a successful MMOG of their own – which is still running – but instead of using the tried and tested game engine for WiT they built a completely new one. I understand why they did it and I still think it was the wrong decision.) There was one really notorious level where you had to tackle the first wave in one particular way to have any chance of success, and it took most people multiple attempts even if a more experienced player had told them exactly what to do – and the level began with a long talky bit that you couldn’t skip, so you had to sit through again every time you died.

  5. Enjoyed your 2-Verity podcast quite a bit. I missed the cutoff for my Twitter question, so I’m plugging in my request here. I’d love to hear all of the Verities give some postulations regarding what may happen in S9. I’m especially (over) thinking about the 1st trailer being just the TARDIS, coupled with many set pictures showing The Doctor using other forms of transport. The clan at our Dr Who obsessed home would love to hear the Verity team hypothesize.

    And Liz, I think the formation of a Peter Capaldi hair stylist team would not be an unreasonable suggestion.

  6. Emma E. said:

    Your comments about “new classic who” were interesting. I’ve watched my first classic episodes over the last few weeks and even though I very much consider myself a new tv person, I found them as wonderful as I do NuWho. Special effects could still be a stumbling block for some people. I am more accepting of old/bad effects (cough *B5* cough) as long as the story is strong. But unlike the original Star Trek, I felt like the acting matched better with modern styles, and the stories I’ve seen were certainly the same balance of silly and serious.

    (I’m also totally head-cannoning a TARDIS trip back to talk to her dad for Kate Stewart. “I accidentally airlifted the TARDIS with the Doctor still in it.” “That’s nothing. I placed it under armed guard, and they shot the Doctor when he came looking for it.”)

  7. Lots of fun as usual. One thing about the “wilderness months” (which has been mentioned in a few podcasts though I am not positive it was also in this one) – thanks to Big Finish a lot of us have a practically non-stop stream of Doctor Who wonder all year round.

  8. As far as Paul Cornell’s question about The Meddling Monk – Graeme Garden has been doing a great job on the Big Finish audios.

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