Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode80That’s right, we’re talking about the TARDIS again! We discussed her villainous tendencies with Lynne and Tansy last year. Now, join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we fold the TARDIS into our Year of Companions. We discuss the evolution of the TARDIS on-screen and how the Doctor’s treatment of her varies by actor and era.

What’s your favorite Doctor-TARDIS pairing? Do you have a favorite (least favorite?) moment between the Doctor and his “wife”? How do you feel about the blatant personification of the TARDIS in the new series? Let us know in the comments!

And be sure to head over to our commentary-picking post to help us determine what wonderful Doctor Who goodness we’ll jabber all over! We’ve already hit our first informal Patreon goal of 120 supporters. We’ll do a second commentary at 125!


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Comments on: "Ep 80 – Terrific Ally: Really Devoted Independent Spaceship" (13)

  1. Alison said:

    Long running radio series starring Jon Pertwee

  2. Hi! I’m the person Kat infected with her Supernatural joy! The link in the show notes appear to be broken. Here’s the real one:
    Thanks for the great podcast, wonderful Verities!

  3. Tatiana said:

    I’m afraid Peter Capaldi wouldn’t have many interesting things to say about JNT era, because he doesn’t really know it (see his interview in DWM 477).

  4. Here are some prime numbers after 120 for you Deb. 127, 131, 137, 139, … Being a number lover, I could go on, but I vote for a perk at 139 subscribers, because not only is it prime, but it is a happy prime. The kind the 10th doctor describes in episode “42”.

  5. Saxon_Brenton said:

    Hmm. As I listen to the backwards and forwards about the TARDIS saving the Doctor by engineering Rose’s apotheosis to the Bad Wolf and destroying the Daleks, vs the complaint that during the Time War no-one else thought to look under their TARDIS controls and gain the power of the Time Vortex and get rid of the Daleks, I’m thinking… Isn’t that the whole point? The Doctor’s TARDIS is an extraordinary individual. She’s renegade who didn’t want to be decommissioned, and who stole a Time Lord and ran off to save the universe. No other TARDIS would have taken that step, because no other TARDIS (that we know off) has that independence of mind.

    Most other TARDISes, like most other Time Lords, would be too conservative and restrained to even thinking about such a tactic. ‘Restrained’ in probably the literal sense, because I can imagine that the Time Lords knew about the dangers of the Time Vortex, were only prepared to go as far as having their children stare into the Untempered Schism (which, regardless of the exact mechanics, seems to produce a far less dramatic result). As a result all TARDISes might have safety protocols against letting people do what was done to Rose, even by accident. And arguably, only a TARDIS who was carrying around the last surviving Time Lord and who knew how hurt and broken the experience of losing everything had made the Doctor would have had the emotional goad to even thinking about such an option.

    So when push came to shove the TARDIS made like a role-playing gamer with munchkin tendencies, and started thinking laterally to come up with creative and dangerous tactics.

    Given the potential dangers of absorbing the Time Vortex (ala Rose Bad Wolf) or blowing up a TARDIS such that it destroys the universe (as happened in Pandorica Opens) we should probably be thankful that the Time War was fought between the Time Lords (an innately conservative species) and the Daleks (who usually can only think in blunt force tactics). Otherwise the Time War would have caused a lot more damage.

    • Korina said:

      This. This gives me a Tardis happy and a whole new head!canon. Thanks! 😀

  6. Paul A. said:

    The headcanon about the TARDIS approving which companions get keys adds an extra angle to the “I don’t always know why, but I always know who” scene in “The Snowmen”.

    Two extra angles, because it also indicates that the TARDIS warmed to Victorian Clara a lot quicker than she did to Modern Clara.

    • Which is weird when you look at the series 7 finale? Did they ever explain why modern!Clara and the TARDIS didn’t get along? Was the TARDIS trying to prevent Name of the Doctor from happening by not liking Clara? Then why warm to one of her other versions?

      (I’m confusing myself sorry.)

  7. 2 things: I found Doctor Who when I joined Tumblr in February(ish) 2011 The first DW blogs I followed were Doctor/Rose shippers. Then I found a few Doctor/River ones. But I’ve never been a huge Doctor x shipper. I think Doctor/TARDIS is endgame.

    The other thing is I’ve been stubbornly refusing to watch anything on the DW fan show. I got into a habit of watching a few youtubers doing series 8 recaps/reactions and I got the irrational feeling that DW Fan Show is a corporate attempt to get in on that trend.

  8. curufea said:

    I kept expecting you to mention Let’s Kill Hitler where the Doctor is dying: “I am not Amelia Pond, I am a voice interface”

  9. Korina said:

    *The Doctor’s Wife* is one of my favorite episodes; I’ve been a Tardis fangirl since the 1980’s, and I always thought she got short shrift in the series. Yes the Doctor talked to her, but the way you talk to your car; you don’t actually expect the car to hear you. In fact, Eleven seemed to be surprised that she was an actual being in her own right, so while the episode may have ladled it on a bit thick, some of us seem to have needed it.

  10. I feel your pain Liz I have lost many a horse in Skyrim… mostly by falling from a cliff on a mountain that Horse and I should never have been able to climb in the first place.

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