Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Verity Patreon w frame


It’s commentary time again! Who’s excited? We are, that’s who! We are also exceedingly grateful to all our Patreon sponsors who’ve made this possible. We’ve already hit our informal goal of 120 patrons! Thanks so much! So that means we’ll be doing one commentary for sure.

As always, we want your input! We’ve each picked a new Who episode we think would be fun to talk over. Please vote for the one you think would be the most fun to listen to. We’ll keep this poll open for at least two weeks, and we’ll announce the winner here in the comments, on Twitter, and on the show!


And we’re mighty close to our goal for a second commentary (125 patrons), so we’re going to think positive and post the poll for that right now. If/when we hit that, we’ll leave this poll open two more weeks to give everyone ample time to vote. ETA: We’ve hit our secondary goal so this commentary WILL happen! Vote wisely!


So make your selections, and feel free to lobby for your choices in the comments. I have a feeling the Verities won’t hold back!


Comments on: "Listener Poll – Patreon-Sponsored Commentaries!" (4)

  1. I’d like to issue a Verity Patreon challenge. I’ll match the 1st 24 Patreons who donate $12 to support Lynne and Michael’s daughter Caitlin, a special needs kid. Lynne – you do so much to feed our fandom hunger, I’d just really like to pay it back a bit. I have no idea how to coordinate this but would like to throw it out there. If you are a Patreon and interested, contact me at my Twitter handle @Tinker25BE. (Yes, I am obsessed with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor)

    • What a wonderful and generous offer! We may have a way to make that work separate from the Verity! Patreon. Can I contact you at the email address you used to leave this comment?

  2. Yes, please do. I’m open to any help in figuring a way to do this. Thx.

  3. […] thanks everyone who helped us hit both our Patreon commentary goals (voting open until 8/12/15)! […]

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