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VerityEpisode81This is the first ep in a Verity! miniseries in which we each select a story that displays a compelling Doctor-companion relationship. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we cover Erika’s pick, “The Power of Three”. The Ponds’ penultimate story is rife with companion-based themes–to the detriment of what little plot there is.

How do you feel about the interactions between the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in “The Power of Three”? Does it give you enough to chew on so that you can ignore the weak story? (Or do you disagree and think the story is amazing?) Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 81 – A Powerful Three" (3)

  1. Richard S. said:

    Great podcast, lots of helpful ways of looking at a problematic episode.

    I haven’t watched Po3 since it was first broadcast, but I can remember I was left with three major feels:

    — disappointment at the sonic-wavey resolution

    — annoyance at being fooled for a third time (after Arabella Weir & Bill Bailey) about a much-heralded appearance by a big-name personality (Steven Berkoff) that I’d foolishly assumed would play a major role throughout the whole episode, rather than just a minor & frankly ineffectual cameo

    — shock that Jemma Redgrave’s scientific advisor role devolved (IMHO) into, basically, “I dunno. Ask him over there with the bow-tie.”

    Fortunately, as I’d hoped, the Kate Lethbridge-Stewart role was massively expanded in last year’s finale and the 50th Anniversary Special… Which reminds me, oh yes, I have a problem with rewatching Power of Three at any time since Autumn 2013, specifically the scene featuring Apprentice team advisor Nick Hewer.

    Nick is also the current host of long-running Channel 4 afternoon quiz show Countdown, in which he is always given a topical subject to mention at the start of each episode. On Friday 22nd November 2013, the topic was the following day’s 50th Anniversary of DW. After asking his co-hosts, Manchester-United-crazy/sci-fi-indifferent Rachel Riley and Tolkien-loving/sci-fi-hating Susie Dent, their opinions of the show (Susie said she liked it when she was a kid), Nick Hewer gave his usual sneery opinion that he’s never really bothered to watch the show himself.

    “But… but… for goodness’ sakes, man, you were actually IN IT,” I spluttered in my mind. “And a Happy Anniversary to you too, Nick!”

    A problematic episode, as I said. But! Companion-wise, it’s one of my Top 5 Awesome Team Pond stories everrrr, possibly Top 3, and it goes a little way towards making up for what Liz (I’m pretty sure) mentioned about the annoying near-absence of Amy & Rory in their Christmas Day episodes.

    And Brian! I would have loved to see that Brian scene in the finale. Needed more Brian content in the whole mini-season, really, although I’ll admit that wanting more of a certain character is far better than the alternative of, “River AGAIN? From beyond the GRAVE? Are you actually KIDDING me, Moffat?!!”

    One thing I hadn’t thought about for ages until I listened to your podcasts: having lived as a young DW viewer with the fear of the Doctor running out of regenerations, I’d always wished that the final incarnation would just keep on going. And, in a way, thanks to Amy & Rory’s timey-wimey-timeline, it kind of did.

  2. terminuspodcast said:

    Just started listening to this episode, but want to pause to say that the Giant Clam/Harry is totally my OTP. ❤

  3. After listening to the podcast, I went back and rewatched The Power of Three. In a way, I wish I’d watched it before listening to the Verities so I had my own opinions fresh in my mind. As mentioned, the threat is pants. I’m not sure why did we needed this mythical Shakri instead of a straight alien invasion for resources but okay. I think one reason people get so annoyed by the ending because a lot of the episode is so good.

    I adore Rory in this story. He has become confident in who he is and doesn’t feel threatened by the Doctor, Amy, or even Brian.

    My favorite part though is the the contrast of Brian and the Doctor. Here is a man who is satisfied with his life. He is truly happy. He can sit and be at peace with his own thoughts. Then, you have the Doctor who can’t even sit for an hour. Brian doesn’t have to be the man in charge but he’s the man who will always pitch in and help.

    The last line makes me cringe though. It is so cheesy and overhanded. It could have been done with so much more finesse.

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