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VerityEpisode84This week it’s Tansy’s turn to pick a companion-tastic story. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we discuss Vicki and Steven in “The Time Meddler”, their relationship to each other, and their relationships to the Doctor. This is really the first episode of a new type of companion/Doctor team. Not only that, but it’s a really interesting episode for the Doctor, and we veer into that territory more than a little.

What do you think of this story? Are Vicki and Steven a great team? Do you like how the Doctor interacts with them (and gets to go off on his own as they explore without him)? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 84 – The Time Meddler vs a New Time Team" (11)

  1. I appreciated the comment about the Monk returning. Back on one of my BBC Written Archives visits (sadly too few, but perhaps that’s just as well…) I came across a copy of the note from John Wiles to Peter Butterworth after ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’, in which Wiles indicated he expected Butterworth would be asked back. Given Wiles had decided and arranged to leave by the time he sent the note, this couldn’t act as a promise but if nothing else suggests that Wiles thought of Butterworth and the Monk now as a recurring part of the show. Sadly it was not to be.

  2. James C said:

    Not many comments so far! Maybe everyone is thinking, ‘yep, that was a great podcast. I’ve noting to add.’ And it was!

    To your question about who should play the Monk today, it needs to be someone who comes across as likeable, but maybe too good to be true. Aiming high, I’d say Kenneth Branagh! As to the scenario, I think that the New Adventures got it pretty much right when they made the Monk into a version of Richard Branson, affecting the direction of consumer electronics for his own aggrandisement. It’s just the sort of manipulation that he would be in to.

  3. Terrence M Keenan said:

    Another lovely episode. If I was to recast the monk, my choice would be Eddie Izzard. Methinks he would be perfect in the role.

  4. Gangplank Press said:

    Couldn’t find an email address, so I’ll post this here:

    I run an independent publishing company, and was wondering if you’d like to interview the author of our latest Kindle book, “The Mysteries of Dr Who” – an exploration of the deeper meanings and unanswered questions inherent throughout the show’s storylines.

    Lynn Hamilton is a full-time freelance writer and longtime Dr. Who enthusiast.

    You can read a little more about the book below, and a PDF file is available upon request.


  5. abelundercity said:

    I remember around the time of the 20th anniversary, there was some murmuring in the official Doctor Who histories trying to re-frame the Monk as the first regeneration of the Master. Thankfully, such foolishness has been quickly forgotten.

    A pity Steven wasn’t more of a student of history: “You can’t fool me with that! Vikings didn’t really wear helmets with horns on them! That all came with German operas about them!” 🙂

  6. The College Arms is fancy now – it was less so when I was in grad school! I also loved the Zombies, Run discussion early on, and highly recommend this article by the (female & awesome) creator of the app:
    I will need to think about getting myself some more Doctor Who running gear – I did wear a Dalek shirt in my most recent 10K…

  7. I watched The Time Meddler for the very first time in anticipation of your podcast (thanks for the heads up) and I liked it very much. This was my first Vicki story and I expected her to be just like Susan, but she wasn’t; she was amazingly capable for 1965. I liked the Meddling Monk and would be happy to see him back, but you guys are right, it wouldn’t really make sense for him to come back as a monk. Maybe a meddling Walmart employee, or meddling Comcast salesman. On a side note – I often listen to your podcast as I run in the morning and it made me laugh to hear you guys talking about running while I was running.

  8. microtoast said:

    Great podcast topic — I watched this story a few years ago (right after I finished the Big Finish Lucie Miller arc), and I loved it, which is rare for me with first doctor stories.

    But the real reason I had to comment was that right after listening, I got tickets to LI Who! Hooray! I hope I manage to run into some Verities!

  9. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Another great podcast. Nice to hear Big Finish’s Meddling Monk also mentioned. I like the thought that some of the Master’s stories might have fit the Monk a bit better.

  10. Being a (mostly) New Who person, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to understand this story very well.
    But! I’ve been alternating my podcast listening with Eighth Doctor audios, and wouldn’t you know, I just happened to hear The Book of Kells, which features The Monk, just before I listened to this episode!
    I agree that he’s far under-used.

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