Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode85This week it’s Lynne’s turn to pick a companion-tastic story, and bafflingly, she chose Nyssa in “Black Orchid”. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss all the companions in “Black Orchid”. Lynne does have some strong reasons why Nyssa shines here. Deb thinks it’s a stronger Tegan story. And Erika discovers it’s her new favorite Adric story. It may be a short story, but with the crowded TARDIS of the fifth Doctor era, there are lots of companions to go around!

What do you think of this story? Would you have picked a different Nyssa story? Or can you think of other reasons this is a goor one for her? And do you find Adric boring? Charming? Annoying? Let us know in the comments!

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Comments on: "Ep 85 – Snack Orchid (The Adric Story)" (14)

  1. Sometimes the most unexpected episodes lead to great discussions – really enjoyed this. I’m still uncertain about Nyssa overall, though. She seems like the Queen of Head-Canon: praised more for the idea of what she is than for anything she actually got to do, unfortunately.

  2. I thought I was the only one not a fan of The Big Hair…the discussion made me giggle…

  3. terminuspodcast said:

    Listening to this now and wanted to say that while Nyssa isn’t my all-time fave companion, she is definitely one of them (I kinda have a lot of favorites). She *is* definitely my fave companion with the Fifth Doctor, though. And Tegan? Yeah, like Erica, she is my least fave. I’ll take the quiet, introverted smart girls over the bolshy, loud ones, but maybe that’s because I’m the former myself. *shrug*

    • terminuspodcast said:

      P.S. Oh, and I always thought it would be interesting to see Nyssa with the Ninth or Tenth Doctor. When they’re angsting about losing all their people and how no one understands them, Nyssa can just be like ‘Um, hello!’. (Then again there are a lot of bits of Martha’s character that remind me of Nyssa and she wasn’t treated so well, so maybe not Nyssa with the Tenth Doctor, at least!).

      • Trevor said:

        I second this. Although come to think of it, what I really want to see/hear is a confrontation between Nyssa and Missy! (With Nyssa winning through her wits/compassion in the end.)

  4. raxxial said:

    I love that someone else was on Team Adric for this episode! I was a boy roughly Adric’s age when I was introduced to Doctor Who in the early 90’s and his character always resonated well with me. I can tell you that buffet would have far and away been the most appealing thing for me too had I been in his place!

  5. Diana said:

    I got mentioned on Verity! I am officially famous now. It was great to meet Erika at Sasquan; maybe someday I’ll get to meet more of you!

  6. I’ve always enjoyed episode 1 of Black Orchid, because it’s steam trains and cricket and a fancy dress party. Adding to the classism of the way the butler’s death is so easily dismissed, I wanted to point out that when the ABC showed this story, they edited his death out! There was a really awkward cut around it, presumably because of the violence, which meant that the cliffhanger was Anne/Nyssa fainting for no particular reason. So the one thing which actually happened in the show, didn’t happen onscreen.

  7. lbphilly said:

    Slightly OT: I’m pretty sure you announced the next episode to be discussed, but I am drawing a blank. Help?

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