Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s giveaway time again! This time a $30 Amazon gift card is up for grabs! We chose that amount because it’s roughly the (US) price of the LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack. But we’re not going to check up on the winner to see how they spend it. If you want to use it to buy socks or toilet paper, more power to you. (Note: If you’re not in the US, it’ll be an Amazon gift card for $30 USD converted into the local currency. If you’re not in a place that has Amazon, we’ll work something else out.)

To enter, leave a comment on this very post! Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just say “Hi!”

And remember, if you’re Verity! patron, you’re entered automatically! (So please don’t comment because that would be cheating.)

Good luck everyone!

ETA: We’ll be drawing a winner shortly before the new episode drops (that’ll be around 8am EDT, Oct 14).

WINNER!! Congratulations to our Patreon contributor DUSTY on winning the Amazon Gift Card.

Thanks to everyone who entered and look for another giveaway in December!!


Comments on: "Verity! Giveaway!" (72)

  1. I never win anything, but what the heck. Hello, Verity!

  2. Hello Verities! Y’all are amazing with the giveaways, and I can’t wait to see what you all have to say about “Under the Lake”!

  3. Dave S. said:

    Just “hi!”

  4. So glad that Verity! is still going, when some other Who podcasts have retired.

  5. I would actually use it for the Lego DW pack, haha.

  6. Neil Ottenstein said:

    I’ve seen very good things about the Lego set

  7. technorav said:


  8. Love the podcast!

  9. Lindsey said:

    I Love Verity!!!

  10. If I won I’d also need to buy the Lego Dimensions game, and then a gaming system to play it on. So maybe it would be cheaper if I didn’t win.

  11. Allons-y and Geronimo! Really enjoying your reviews of series nine.

  12. Julia Bachand said:

    Just discovered Verity podcast and absolutely LOVE it!!!!

  13. Marianne said:

    Yay! It’s the first time I’ve been caught up enough on the podcast to enter a giveaway!

  14. Hello, Verities! Always wish I could be there discussing episodes (and such) with you. 🙂

  15. Hello! I would so buy a Doctor Who Lego Dimensions Pack!

  16. Hello sweeties! Lovely giveaway!

  17. Jaime Dent said:

    I always love listening weekly to the show. All of you ladies show such different and interesting insights into a show that we all love. Thanks for the show, and thanks for offering us a chance to win a prize just because we like you! Lol

  18. I recently found your podcast and am very much enjoying it. Keep up the great work!

  19. You’re giving stuff away? I’m in. If I won I would also buy the Lego just for appropriateness. It would be the first Lego I’ve ever bought as an adult. Come to think of it, all the Lego I had as a child was bought for me so it’ll be the first Lego I’ve ever bought. And Verity would be paying for it so I still wouldn’t technically be buying it! Yaay!

  20. Hello! I’ve loved the podcast for a couple of years. Intelligent women discussing Doctor Who (and squeeing over it) is awesome!

  21. Hello! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  22. microtoast said:

    Hey Verities 🙂

  23. Shannon said:

    Hi. Thanks for the chance

  24. Hey ! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  25. Good evening! 🙂

  26. Bernie W said:

    Hi!! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. This will come in handy for the holidays.

  27. Ryan T. said:

    Hello, Verities! ^_^

  28. Hi! Love your podcast.

  29. Hi there Verities! Love the show. Really look forward to it each week.

  30. Geoff Haacke said:

    Hello Verity! Love the show!

  31. The last thing my son needs is more LEGO, but, well, all right.

  32. Bryan S. said:

    Hooray for free stuff! Hooray for Verity!

  33. Mark Gillespie said:

    I’m Texan. Howdy!

  34. Bethany Park said:

    Hi Verities! Loving your series 9 commentary. You’re the best!

  35. Joseph Saxton said:

    Not an Aberdeen dweller

  36. Lourdes M said:

    Love the podcast, I would use the card to buy the new reg Legos set so I can share them with my grandson.

  37. intheclosetathiest said:

    New listener

  38. Dave B said:

    Hi. Keep up the good work!

  39. Ann-Marie said:

    Hello, you awesome Verity ladies! Thanks for the contest!

  40. Such a huge Verity fan! Have the Lego dimensions set in my Amazon cart 🙂

  41. Awesome Verity! Count me in!

  42. Cindy Yungwirth said:

    Love your podcast!

  43. ccarol said:


  44. alisonrbaker said:

    Hello Verities! I’m looking forward to meeting Liz on the Doctor Who panel at FantasyCon.

  45. Jason Ardron said:

    Greetings and salutations

  46. Heather S said:

    Hi 🙂 Loove the Lego set, my son would love it!

  47. katiebeluga said:

    Here’s my comment! 🙂

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