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VerityEpisode100Huzzah and hurrah! We’ve reached 100 (numbered) episodes! Plus, it’s our three-year anniversary! What a lovely Christmas present. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we celebrate this big, round milestone and talk about River, River, River and her delightful chemistry with Peter Capaldi. And as ever, we digress and touch on stuff like casting decisions, Philip Hinchcliffe, and Star Wars.

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How did you like “The Husbands of River Song”? Was it a fitting send-off for a great character? Did it leave you wanting? Do you think we’ll see River again? Would you even want that? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 100 – The Husbands of River Song that Never Ends" (23)

  1. Yay for Verity! I always find at least one Verity to agree with. Thank you Erika for voicing my feelings about this episode. It’s too soon. Maybe I will enjoy this a few years down to road but right now I didn’t. I’ve liked River Song in the past but here it just didn’t think she was very likable. This is one I will not be re-watching anytime soon.

  2. zeekvarg said:

    Did I miss a mention aOf Nardole?

  3. Thank you for this 100th Verity podcast.

    I think Alex Kingston is wonderful and I love River Song. I am sad that this might be the last time we see her in Doctor Who.

    I have also always assumed that River was off having wild adventures of her own when she wasn’t with The Doctor, in addition to whatever adventures she had with the 11th Doctor (birthday trips, etc.) that were not depicted.

    After watching this Christmas special I went back and watched all of the episodes in which River appeared. I think that Alex Kingston has/had great chemistry with David Tennant and Matt Smith, but I think the chemistry between her and Peter Capaldi is the best.

    And, Peter Capaldi’s performance throughout was beautiful, especially during River’s speech and ending with that very tender “Hello, Sweetie.” I’ve never thought the Grumpy Doctor wasn’t… well, a river that runs deep (sorry!), despite the gruffness, the attack eyebrows and the “not a hugging person.”

    But, there should have been a kiss!

  4. I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention my favorite part! When the doctor walked into the TARDIS and pretended to have his mind blown. It was hilarious!

    Loved this episode. I think it beats Last Christmas for me. I thought Last Christmas would reign supreme for many years because of all the Sci-Fi homages. I really enjoyed it. But I had much more fun watching the Husbands of River Song.

    • A) No podcast can mention everything about an episode, no matter how cool it is. If podcasters could remove one phrase from the English language, it would be “I can’t believe you didn’t talk about…” It makes us feel bad. 😦

      B) We did talk about that. It was Liz’s final thought right at the end. We all loved it too!

      • Erika, I’m sorry I made you feel bad. That wasn’t my intent. Verity is my favorite podcast and I was just trying to share in the squee.

  5. Another fun podcast. I’m glad most of you enjoyed the episode as much as I did. I don’t recall whether you mentioned the new Big Finish River Song audios (since I don’t see a link above I guess you didn’t). I haven’t listened to them yet, but I am looking forward to them.

  6. Ladies thank you so much for your amazing podcast, I’ve only started listening a month ago and have been going back to the beginning to listen to all 100+ episodes! I’m also pretty new to the world of Doctor Who and have been watching for less than a year, but Peter Capaldi is 100% my favorite doctor. “Hello Sweetie” has me squealing with delight every single time and “Finally. Is my go!” was absolutely one of my favorite moments. Thanks again for giving a feminist perspective to my newest obsession!

  7. critchie17 said:

    I so enjoyed the podcast – as an “older” whovian, I loved the more mature relationship between the 2…oh my, his face! After watching it on Christmas Day, I watched it at the movies and loved it even more on the big screen…when The Doctor said “hello sweetie” the audience all went “ooooo”…sweet moments-thanks again for your all your ideas-and Erika…I sure understand 💔

  8. Happy 100th episode! So much good stuff; I absolutely loved River’s sonic trowel – as someone with 2 archaeology degrees, sure, I’ll admit much work is done in an office, library or bar if you’re an academic (especially bar – archaeology is a profession for drinkers with a curiousity-about-the-past problem), but even then, you usually have your ‘good’ trowel for fieldwork – and River is most definitely in the field! Love the idea of seeing Alex Kingston & Peter Capaldi doing one-off screwball comedies every year; I would absolutely sign up for that.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I stand corrected! And I do imagine having a sonic trowel, able to scan sediment and such *would* be incredibly useful.

  9. terminuspodcast said:

    Listening to this now, but wanted to pause and mention for Deb if she loves Bond and Gatiss, she might like the recent show ‘Premium Bond with Mark Gatiss and Matthew Sweet’, where they talk about all the Bonds. I found it here on Dailymotion and thought it was a lot of fun:

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Thanks for the link! It was up on iPlayer for the ages but since I’m region-blocked I could only gaze at it longingly….

  10. Thanks for the lovely discussion of this episode. And contratulations on full episode #100! Regarding Matt Lucas, I saw him as stunt casting because I’m a musical theater fan. As an American I only knew of him through is wonderful performance as Thenardier in 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables. His performance in the role is wonderful as is his participation in the bonus footage on the DVD. Since that all I knew of him, I had no idea he was also an TV actor in comedies. Can’t say he was a good in THORS but it was nice to see him.

    Anyway, I really loved this Christmas special and was kinda choked up at the end when the Doctor explains how the towers give you a Song when you least expect it but need it the most. Capaldi is a wonder in the role and I’m very sad to hear we’re losing a year of valuable performance time. Oh, well.

    Happy New Year!

  11. DaveJ said:

    Your comments suggest you have never enjoyed live archaeology on your TV: you could try this sample …. “Time Team Live – The Abandoned Roman City (Time Team)”. The Time Team programs are a good complement to time travel fiction and used to be regularly on in the UK. A lot is possibly accessible on Youtube.

  12. Aussie Kat said:

    Congratulations on 100 Verity official podcasts!

    I enjoyed this Christmas special a lot. Aside all the things you mentioned, I really liked the bad puns sprinkled through the ep. Like instead of Rudolf the red nose reindeer leading at the head the sleigh we had Robot the red reigner slayer taking heads to lead

  13. Simple solution for River: If you want to live longer write small in your diary. 😀

  14. You mention Moffat’s penchant for screwball comedy in this one. Perhaps that explains the continuing motif of the young female companion flying around with the older Doctor which is reminiscent of the Cary Grant and Doris Day movie, The Touch of Mink, where Grant is going to have Day travel with him. This is not just Moffat, but given the progression of so much else and yet we get the same Doctor/Female Companion relationship. Perhaps the next companion(s) will move things away from the now tried and true and rather stale Rose/Martha/Amy/Clara paradigm to something different. And perhaps somebody who doesn’t want to see the universe with the Doctor.

  15. Great episode.

    There is confusion at 42 minute mark. River didt send the guy to look for The Doctor. He got lost a bit and instead finding the surgeon he find the doctor.

    • rukbat3 said:

      I believe they were talking about later in the episode when River pulls out something (a wallet?) with pictures of all of the Doctor’s faces–she thinks–and says something like, “He’s bound to be around somewhere.”

  16. jediwan said:

    I’ve been waiting for this Singing Towers story ever since Tennant’s departure from the show was announced!!!!! I agree that we NEED some Capaldi/Kingston stories; they work well together.

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