Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtra2016Happy 2016 everyone! Have we got a year planned for you! Join Deb, Erika, and Tansy as we chat about what’s in store for this year’s theme. We’re going with “firsts”!

What Doctor Who-related items will you try for the first time this year? Anything you’d like to hear us talk about? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – 2016: A Year of Firsts" (19)

  1. KiltsAreCool said:

    The first comment about the Year of Firsts theme is…..Brilliant! I am excited to dive into the first season on Classic Who since I am one of those fans that has hesitated watching it. And more important, i can’t wait to hear all of your feedback on it. I already have my personal first for Verity Extras theme and will listen to my first Big Finish audio! Verity is always the first Doctor Who podcast I listen to every week. I love Verity podcast and thanks for all the work that goes into it each week.

  2. This year will absolutely include my first time experiencing a missing episode reconstruction, watching surviving footage from stories with missing episodes, and watching the entire classic series in order. Or at least getting the Hartnell / Troughton stories out the way, in order. Dunno how well I’ll do about that this year.

  3. Look forward to watching my first whole Colin Baker episodes and Listening a Big Finish Story.

  4. Yonatan said:

    I’d love to see some first audios: The first audio adventure (Doctor Who and the Pescatons) 4th Doctor + Sarah Jane and the first 6th Doctor Audio(Slipback) which was done in the hiatus year.

  5. Kyle Miller said:

    First, you could compare The Doctor Who TV Movie, Scream of the Shalka and Rose (three first attempts to reintroduce Doctor Who). You could also compare them to AnUnearthly Child. My first Doctor Who story I watched was The Armageddon Factor. You could talk about yours or get people to contribute their first experience. Compare each actors first episode as well as first their first Big Finish episodes. There are so many firsts you can talk about.

  6. I love the main theme and additional theme for the year! An interesting choice for firsts would be Kate Orman. She was the first woman (and first Australian!) to write an original Doctor Who novel for the Virgin New Adventures line, going on to do books for BBC Books and books/audio plays for Big Finish as well. Orman was one of the preeminent authors during “The Wilderness Years” and rarely missed the mark. Several of her novels are available second-hand for reasonable prices. “The Left-Handed Hummingbird” features Aztecs, The Titanic, a wacky UNIT agent, and The Beatles! “Set Piece” is Ace’s send-off as a regular character.

    My Who bucket list for the year is:
    -Learn to play the spoons. It goes with the Seventh Doctor cosplay.
    -Attend a con I haven’t before (looking at LI Who or Chicago TARDIS)
    -Be on a panelist on at least one con this year

  7. This sounds fantastic so I’m looking forward to firsts. One for consideration- what were your first feelings about Dr Who? Not the episode, not what nit was about rather what you first felt. Ill go first… I had snuck away from my family into the lounge room and turned Dr Who on. I wasn’t allowed to watch as I was too young so I was being naughty and as I watched I was spellbound, captivated and then terrified. As an adult and a bit geeky (compared to friends) so I’m still being sort of naughty, sometimes captivated and occasionally a tad scared. That’s what I love that about Dr Who.

  8. valoise said:

    My DW firsts this year: I want to add Chicago Tardis to my convention plans this year. Also, I would love to make a gingerbread Tardis. Or maybe a gingerbread dalek. Some kind of festive edible with a Doctor theme. I love the idea of some kind of podcast food challenge as that plays directly into my plans.

  9. terminuspodcast said:

    My Doctor Who first for the year: Now that I’ve basically figured out how to Skype (yeah, I am slow and just started using it), I want to learn how to record off it and perhaps do my first interview for my podcast. Andrew Cartmel has said in the past that he’d be happy to do an interview with me if I ever wanted to, though being as painfully shy as I am, the idea of that terrifies me, even with someone as friendly as Andrew. Plus, I’ve never done an interview before, yet alone one with a big hero of mine! Still, I might just bite the bullet and do that finally this year — either on Skype, or in person when I see him at a con this summer. We’ll see. *crosses fingers*

    • First off, your podcast is great! Second, take the leap and do an interview with Andrew! I was in the same boat when he was going to be at a con last fall and a friend nudged me to get the courage to do it. I asked for 10 minutes of his time, yet 30 minutes later it felt like we’d barely scratched the surface. He is incredibly gracious and has so much knowledge to share. Plus, his new book will be out in a few months! You’ll do a great job with it, no doubt.

  10. Don Pettyjohn said:

    My first – I will get to attend Gallifrey One this year for my first Doctor Who Con. Looking forward to seeing what happens at one.

  11. […] Verity! we’ve announced our Exciting New Theme for the year, which is Firsts, encompassing an array of First-y things related to Doctor Who. I – in a […]

  12. Type 40 said:

    Great topic. Another idea would be to have listeners (and your good selves) describe their first exposure to Doctor Who. To kick-off, I have a distinct memory of Tenth Planet as a 5-year old in the UK. It inspired stories I later wrote in primary school. It also inspired nightmares and I wasn’t allowed to watch Doctor Who again for another year. Sadly this probably meant I didn’t get to see the lost last ep.
    The ban also turned me into a lifelong fan and happy to say, likewise now for my 12 year old daughter. We were lucky enough to go to the Doctor Who Festival and see Ingrid Oliver, Peter Capaldi, Stephen Moffat, Sylvester McCoy (a great performer) and Mark Gatiss here in Sydney where I now live and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thanks for your thoughtful and often funny podcasts.


  13. Sage Kahalnick said:

    Started listening to your podcast a little over a year ago.
    I usually listen in the wee morning hours as I slog through traffic.
    Love the idea of firsts. My firsts are Sewing projects. I’m working on a “glammed up 6th Doctor outfit, and a mixed up all one piece 5th, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th as well.
    Looking forward to meeting you all at GallyOne.

  14. Melissa said:

    I am very glad I found your podcast!! I am enjoying it very much! I love the idea’s for 2016! Looking forward to watching some firsts with you all! I had a bucket list made for 2016 the first was to share the Whovian universe with my best friend…glad to say we started with David Tennent in one weekend made it through all his seasons to Matt Smith…she is no fangirl like me… yet… but I say success! I also wish to go to my first convention, do an amazing cosplay and possibly blog about it, to begin somewhere to read the novels and to get my first Doctor Who tattoo. Its a alot to take on but worth it …allons-y!!

  15. Now that he will be the new show-runner, you’ll now have to do the first Chris Chibnall written episode – which I believe is “42”.

    Meanwhile, I believe someone else mentioned in a different thread about the idea of Paul McGann’s first Big Finish episode being important to cover since his personality really was created there. That sounds like a good idea.

    Another first that comes to mind is the first multi-Doctor episode – The Three Doctors. That could provide good discussion.

  16. Catching up on a slew of episodes after a month and a half of not keeping up with podcasts!

    If we’re doing firsts, believe it or not there are 2 Doctors that I have not watched any episodes of yet. I’ve not watched any Fifth Doctor (Time Crash doesn’t count) or Seventh Doctor (The TV Movie doesn’t count). I have Earthshock and the last-Seventh-Doctor-story-which-I-cannot-remember-the-name-of-dammit sitting on my shelf, so perhaps I should watch those this year.

  17. Michelle said:

    Love the theme! I watched my first classic episode last year (and I am now working my way through them) so this year I would like to listen to my first Big Finish audio.
    Any chance you can post the discussion schedule? Or maybe give a heads up a few days before the new episode drops? I listen every week but I’d like to read / watch in advance so I can listen on Wednesday morning and form my own opinion?

    • We are doing our best to announce the next episode’s topic at the end of each ep, so that should give you a week (or 2 if we’re doing an Extra! in between) to catch up on whatever’s next! Our schedule is in flux too much to forecast out any farther than that. 🙂

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