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VerityExtraContinuityErrorsWelcome to our first “first” Extra! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we dip back in time to look at Steven Moffat’s first official contribution to the world of Doctor Who. It’s a short story called “Continuity Errors”, originally published in the Decalog 3: Consequences collection. We find lots of very familiar ideas and spend some delightful time comparing these elements to elements of his televised stories.

Have you read “Continuity Errors”? If so, what did you think? Did you recognize many of the same tropes you’ve seen on TV? Or did you read it first and recognize his televised stories as similar to this? Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 33:00)  


Comments on: "Extra! – Continuity Errors" (9)

  1. You should do a “first time” episode about Storm Warning, becouse is the first adventure of McGann AKA “The audio doctor” And i think it’s here and not on the TV movie where his personality is stablished and more importantly, exploited very well.

    • Thanks! I’m going to move this comment to the 2016 theme Extra post, otherwise it’ll get lost.

      • Huh. Okay. I guess that’s not a thing I can do. If you think to post that suggestion to the 2016 theme announcement post, it’ll have a better chance of not falling through the cracks. Thanks!


  2. Really enjoyed your conversation. I am very much wanting to find and read the story. One aspect of your show that I have enjoyed the most over the years (other than your excellent, wise, and clever discussions), has been discovering DW “things” I never would have found on my own. Thank you!

    Also-please more of telling us what you are discussing in the following episode so we can prep with you. I’ll definitley be watching An Unearthly Child before next week.

  3. kaboobie71 said:

    I am really tired of Liz continuing to bash the New Adventures every time they are brought up. Since the other Verities have limited to no experience with them, there is no dissenting voice, and I’m afraid listeners will write off an entire era of Doctor Who if all they have to go on is Liz’s opinion. I hope your listeners will investigate the Doctor Who Book Club podcast for a more nuanced look at the Virgin and BBC books, their successes and failures.

  4. sostorm said:

    I really enjoyed this episode and the story discussed. I do however think that the short story title gives a little to much away. It was such a nice moment when you started to notice that the continuity was off, I think it would have been even more powerful with another title.

    Otherwise I have to chime in, I really pictured Ace in the story as well even though I’m well acquainted with Bernice through the New Adventures. They’re a bit hit and miss but Bernie is always great (as she is with Big Finish as well, Lisa Barrowman ftw!)

  5. I loved this story. Listened to the podcast, read the story, listened again. I’m a fan of Liz’s taste generally, so I’d love to know what her second favorite story is. 😉

    Agree with the Storm Warning idea. I need to be nudged to try new things!

  6. I’m with Team Tansy. I think Chibnall will be a new and different and good showrunner (Cyberwoman not withstanding). I hope he brings all of his different tv styles and experiences to the show (pastoral comedy, Torchwood, Broadchurch, etc). I now have to put aside listening to Big Finish audios to watch his back catalog.

  7. Paul A. said:

    Given all the plot ideas and one-liners Moffat has migrated from this story to the TV series since 2005, I think it’s interesting that there’s one particular bit of dialogue he’s left alone even though it’s quite a clever joke. My suspicion is that it’s because it’s one of the moments where the story is expressing his misgivings about the NA Doctor rather than offering his view of what the Doctor should be; it’s a clever joke, but it’s also terrifying if you think about what kind of person would say it and mean it seriously.

    (The only story in the new series where I could imagine the Doctor saying it is “The Waters of Mars”, and by the time he’s in the right frame of mind to say it it’s too late for anyone to give him the feed line.)

    It goes, from memory, something like this:

    “What are you a doctor of, actually?”
    “You study it?”
    “I make it better.”

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