Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraChibnallSchedule be damned! When there’s Doctor Who news this big, we throw gently set the spreadsheet aside. Join Deb, Erika, and Tansy as we talk about our feelings upon hearing Steven Moffat will be stepping down after season 10. And just as importantly, we discuss our hopes and fears for the Chris Chibnall era to come. Of course, the news that we won’t have any new Doctor Who until the Christmas special is quite something as well. We’ve got sadness and joy, hope and fear, excitement and meh.

What about you? What was your reaction to all the news? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Emergency Extra! – Moffat Says Goodbye, Chibnall Says Hello" (24)

  1. i don’t mind that much that Moffat quits, it’s simply part of this show. i’m pissed off with not having Doctor Who that year and worried becouse i want Capaldi to stay long and with that, maybe he will step out after season 10 as well T_T

  2. Don Pettyjohn said:

    As with life, all things end, so the era of Moffat now goes. I am one that has looked at his time not as good or evil, just one with enjoyment as a fan of the show, knowing that he is human and he will make mistakes.

    I wish Chibnall well but I fall with Team Erika in the Muh category about him, he just really doesn’t excite me, at least not yet. Difficult to get excited about something that won’t be seen until 2018. And we yet don’t know if we will have a new Time Lord and companion to go along with him. Just a gloomy Gus I am.

  3. I’m just terribly upset that Moffat is leaving. It shouldn’t be that bad, because I pretty much expected that, especially since he said he had thought The Husbands of River Song was his last script. But I love his writing and his version of Doctor Who became my Doctor Who. And the announcement really hit me.
    I feel like I need a support group. Can you think of some other Doctor Who podcasts that would talk about that subject that I could safely listen to? I mean: ones that would talk about it from “it’s sad” rather than “good riddance” point of view?

    • Radio Free Skaro talked about it from a fairly neutral-to-sad point of view this week. They all like Moffat’s version of Who.

  4. sostorm said:

    I really like that you adressed all the Moffat hate, I have found it to be frustrating and draining. I find it hard to enjoy things when people whine to much about it. Even if I love it myself.

    I’ll be interested to see where Chibnall goes with the series. Even if Deb has troubles seeing him in a positive light I have really loved all the character relationships in his stories. Nardeen was awesome, as noted, but so was the story about the daughter trying to save her dad. Not to mention everything with Rory and his dad. Even 42 has a great Martha in it and the trials that the female captain is put through is very interesting. I really do live sci-fi and interesting story lines but sometimes I love the relationships even more. Sci-fi to me is a way to tell stories which reflects the lives with live right now and puts current questions in a new light, this is why the relationship side of sci-fi will never be unimportant to me.

    I’ll remain positive about all of this even if I’m sad to see the Moffat era end. There are so many good moment and I’m always afraid that the next thing won’t be as good. I might not have loved everything but it’s been very enjoyable.

    And please don’t talk about Capaldi leaving. There’s one thought I really can not stand.

  5. I knew that *something* was up! I’m just relieved the series will continue, albeit with this hefty hiatus that may or may not prove a mistake. Steven Moffet, we are not worthy. You cosmically rocked your time as showrunner, and Chris Chibnall will have a tough act to follow.

    As for you, Mr. C.: I will try to have a good attitude; despite 42, the new Silurians and Torchwood (which I could never get into) because…well, because Broadchurch, Season One, that’s why. Just dash me off a pollen-sized glimmer of hope that somehow you can have the Doctor revisit an old face, and all will be forgiven.

  6. Sarah said:

    I don’t have a problem with Moffat leaving, because that’s the way of DW (and he’d already said he thought that THORS would be his last story). I’ve just had to hide out in my own small corner of fandom in order to enjoy S8-9, because the hatred has been vile (which is the way of DW fandom). As a long-time Whovian (since 1981) who didn’t enjoy much of RTD’s era (the Tenth Doctor almost drove me away), and was frustrated by the writing during much of the Eleventh Doctor (though I liked Smith), it’s been fun to fall hard for Capaldi’s Doctor. Whatever the writing issues, I’m completely drawn in by his acting.

    I do have issues with Chibnall taking over. Torchwood-sized issues, and mediocre-DW-episodes issues. Apparently, Broadchurch is hot stuff that makes him a valid choice. (I wouldn’t know; I’ve learned that I need to avoid Tennant.)

    Everyone’s assuming that Capaldi will leave with Moffat, and a lot of people have been rabidly drooling all over themselves in wild enthusiasm to show him the door and proclaim who should take over. It isn’t necessarily so. He’s made the mistake of saying he won’t stay forever and will want to do other things; that’s been misinterpreted as he’s leaving soon. I don’t know if it means anything, but there was a Radio Times event on Jan. 26 in which he said that Chibnall will be different and he looks forward to it — nothing about him leaving with Moffat. Maybe he’ll end up doing so, but it doesn’t sound like it right now.

    • Is it weird to reply to oneself? Pardon my afterthoughts…

      It’s funny, because there are people who act as if Chibnall will save them from the Evil That Is Moffat. Do they remember “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” which Chibnall wrote? I remember a segment of fandom going into conniptions of “The Doctor would never do that!!1!” when he made sure that the villain was killed. I figure they’ll treat him as their savior until he writes the Doctor in a way that he’d “never!!” act, and then he’ll be demonized, too. Part of me is amused; the more mature part of me has no patience with fandom anymore…

      Oh, and imagine my delight to learn that Chibbers got television time in 1986, ranting about the state of DW then, representing the infamously-vicious fanclub DWAS. *headdesk* He’d better do well, or I’ll laugh at him forever for having all the grace and artistry of the Colin Baker era!

      • I am genuinely sad that I did not hear anyone call Chibnall ‘Chibbers’ until after we recorded the podcast (Liz came on after to join us for a second recording). I will endeavour to call him nothing but that from now on though not sure if I can get away with it in an Australian accent – I might be better off calling him Chibbo.

  7. Tansy, that comment about a show that luckily gets a fifth season to wrap up its loose ends – was that a bit of tweaking Erika’s nose about her other podcast? 🙂

    • Ha no, I was thinking about, well, Eureka and Warehouse 13 and Fringe and (possibly, gah) soon to be Person of Interest. 5 seems to be the best you can hope for with most current SF shows in the US, and very often the 5th season is hard-won.

      • Well, it seems that goes back at least as far as B5, which we all know got its 5th season at the last second. STTNG, STDS9, and STV all made 7 seasons, although Enterprise only made 4.

  8. I’m very glad you did a podcast about this. I see Verity as the calm, sensible and sane voice of Doctor Who fandom, and you didn’t let me down. 🙂

    I will be very sad to see Moffat go. Even though we kind of suspected it was on the cards, the reality of it still hits me hard. And knowing that the next series is his last is going to throw a bit of gloom over the whole thing, for me anyway.I hope he pulls out all the stops and makes series 10 his best yet, although 9 is going to take some beating.

    I am also a bit meh about Chibnall’s previous Who episodes, but I accept that these should not be taken as any indication of what we can expect from him as showrunner. I think they possibly suggest that he will deliver solid, traditional Doctor Who, and will probably stir up less controversy about over-complexity or timey-wimeyness than Moffat did. If so, this will doubtless please some fans and infuriate others. So, business as usual then…

    Whatever happens, change is all part of the package with Who and I will try to remain optimistic and open minded. Even if Capaldi leaves too, although I’ll be gutted if he does!

  9. Laurissy said:

    Yeah i haven’t been a fan of the Moffat era even though i do feel i should qualifiy that with i haven’t enjoyed it as much as the RTD era. I am hopeful that my opinion of Moffat will improve now that he’s leaving. I think for me personally i enjoy the prospect of there being a companion that i can actually stand. Yeah i really didn’t like Amy or Clara. I’ve got to admit at first i was a bit meh chibnall but i think tansy’s right low expectations are good and i am just going to try be positive.

  10. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Slightly off topic – I can’t recall who mentioned Born and Bred. I enjoyed the first three seasons of that, but couldn’t bring myself to watch the final season with the new main leads. Was I better off not watching that final season?

    Meanwhile, it looks good to have quite a long lead to Chris Chibnall’s first season. He and Moffat should be able to work well to make the transition “seamless.” From recent reports it appears that Peter Capaldi will also be leaving. Will we get the stability of the companion transitioning between showrunners?

    • “From recent reports it appears that Capaldi will also be leaving.” Do you have better proof of that than the Mirror article? The most “recent report” I’ve seen was something I mentioned in a reply above, when, at a Radio Times event two days ago, he said that Chibnall will be different and he’s excited to see where it will go, but he said nothing about leaving. So why assume until you hear it from himself that he’s going?

  11. A thing I did not properly express during the podcast: Chris Chibnall has more experience than either RTD or Moffat did at running shows with multiple writers (as opposed to sole writer shows). I love Moffat’s writing, but my most common frustrations with him as a showrunner was in maintaining consistency of character across episodes he wasn’t writing (like the lack of emotional fallout for Amy and Rory in the second half of Season 6, or the inconsistency of Clara in the second half of Season 7), I’ll be interested to see how Chibbers brings his experience to Doctor Who, and who he brings in as ‘his’ stable of writers.

    Also if he could bring back Tosh, that would be awesome, thanks.

  12. I’m a bit sad to see Moffat go. But it is the nature of the Doctor Who beast that showrunners will leave eventually, so it’s not really a surprise. I’m more alarmed by the BBC’s decision to pull streaming rights for Doctor Who from Netflix and Hulu. That means for American viewers, no new Who on the television until Christmas 2016, and no easy way to view the previous nine season (unless they shell out the cash to buy DVDs). Will the audience come back in 2017? I think the BBC will find it difficult to maintain the momentum they’ve built in the US during this gap year.

  13. Zeke Varg said:

    Will Torchwood S1&2 feature on the Verity! Spreadsheet?

  14. Terrence Keenan said:

    I’m taking a Doyleist look at the changeover to Chibnall. Chris does have showrunner experience and more importantly, Doctor Who experience. He’s the natural choice.
    He’ll do fine. Davies and Moffat did well.
    Then again, I’m an optimist.

  15. Bonnie Heather McLean said:

    Honestly, Chris Chibnall scares me a bit as the show runner writer. His style is so very dark and warped that I am afraid that his writing won’t kerp to a family friendly show that Doctor Who traditionally has abd needs to be. I mean what show can span acrossI generations and allow conversations when otherwise communication may not be happening in a time of so much digital interaction that folks barely talk face to face anymore? I worry that waiting over 18+ months or more to get the series back on tract will loose momentum. The young people of today are impatient and honestly Who wants to wait! Most blogs the fans are pretty upset. Also BBC pulling Netflix and Hulu in liew of their new Digital endeavor is risky as most folks are not going to want to pay an additional fee just to get Who and maybe a few other shows. This is outrageous and irritating on all fronts. I also worry the wait will put Peter Capaldi at even more odds and we will loose a truly talented Doctor and sacrifice not enjoying additional journeys with his talents as the Doctor. I have more but I will stop now.

    • As far as his style being dark and warped, I don’t think that’s a fair assessment overall. Yes, he’s good at writing things that are dark. There are plenty of examples of that. But he’s a writer with an impressive catalog of work. Like an actor who’s able to play very different parts, he’s a writer who can write different types of material.

      As I said on the podcast, my favorite of his creations is Born and Bred, which is anything but dark. It’s pastoral and charming and filled with quirky characters who have delightfully human interactions. And look at his work on Doctor Who. Again, as we said on the podcast, he’s written some of the nicest and sweetest character interactions. There are moments of darkness in some of his eps, but killing Solomon at the end of “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” was totally in character for the Doctor. His history is positively littered with corpses, many he himself effectively pulled the trigger on. I think overall, Chibnall’s DW eps are far from the most darkness we’ve seen. “The Power of Three” alone shows he can effectively write stories with powerful relationships that don’t require darkness and angst to evoke emotions in the viewer. (And I’m fairly confident the botched ending was a production issue, not a scrip issue.)

      I will actually be surprised if Chibnall isn’t quite a bit more family-friendly than Moffat has been. (And I say this as a HUGE Moffat-lover.) I think Chibnall’s flair for writing characters who feel like a family will be exactly what the show needs to bring in a little more warmth after these last few comparatively colder/grumpier/scarier seasons. (Though who knows? Maybe Moffat will do that himself in series 10!)

      I can understand being nervous, but go find a few eps of Born and Bred and maybe it’ll ease your mind. Remember, it’s important to judge someone on their total body of work and on their capabilities as a whole. Focusing on only part of a writer (or a person, for that matter!) can be misleading and unfair.

      • B Heather McLean said:

        I will look for Born and Bred on Netflix. However, I honestly was not a fan of either Dinosaurs on a Spaceship or the Power of Three so I am not a fan of Chibnall’s current DW writing. I loved Torchwood and Broadchurch however which is totally different writing. I will take you guys at your word and be hopeful. I am a Moffat fan. Unpopular I know, but honestly Except fir the season with the stupid dolls and such I have enjoyed his writings. I loved the Podcast BTW and thank you for deviating from your regular schedule.

  16. I am so glad you decided to talk about Moffat and the hiatus rather than stick with your schedule. I count on you all for feedback and analysis and you always come through! So thanks for that.

    I am terribly sad to see Mr. Moffat leave the show. I thoroughly enjoyed both of his doctors and he created both “my doctor” and “my companion” (Eleven and River). His complicated, twisty scripts and season arcs always made me happy in their final resolution.

    But, as a new Whovian, I have to learn to get through all this change, just like the rest of you do.

    I was hoping for a little conversation from you about, yet again, another male at the lead. I am wondering what it would take for a woman to step up to show runner? How much writing would she need to do? Are there any women out there that have the requisite expereince and success?

    Thank you for all your time and energy in making Verity! I love Wednesday mornings!

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