Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraGally2016Once again, we bring you a slightly sleep-deprived, recorded-in-person-live-at-Gally extra! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we blearily chat about what made this year’s Gallifrey One convention so spectacular for each of us.

We mention all kinds of awesome stuff during this episode, but post-Gally travel and fatigue have prevented cataloging everything. Google is your friend and mine. If you’d like more info or a link to something you can’t find, let us know in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do.

Along the same lines, if we mentioned you or your awesome doings, please feel free to put links to yourself or your stuff in the comments. Share your fabness!

Instead of links, please enjoy some pictures from our Verity! meetup, courtesy of our pal Chip, the Two-minute Time Lord.


Photo Feb 13, 4 14 22 PM

Photo Feb 13, 4 14 56 PM

Photo Feb 13, 4 23 33 PM

Photo Feb 13, 4 11 01 PM

Download or listen now (runtime 40:23)  

Comments on: "Gallifrey Once Again" (15)

  1. Don Pettyjohn said:

    It was wonderful to finally get to meet the four of you. Thank you for taking the time to making me feel so welcome at my first Gally. It really did fit in with your theme this year of “Firsts”.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      It was wonderful meeting you as well! I take great delight in telling people that we “introduced” someone to Radio Free Skaro. I look forward to seeing you at Gally for years to come.

  2. […] The crews from Radio Free Skaro and Verity! are at Gallifrey One, the annual fan-made conference on Doctor Who. I enjoyed RFS’s live stage show, and Verity’s preview was lots of fun, too. I’m looking forward to listening to their aftermath show. […]

  3. Dear Verities,

    I had such a great time at Gally, which I never would have gone to without your podcast encouragement. It was great to meet you all and In Defense Of was such a blast!

    Liz, when you talked about the person who told you they started watching Blake’s Seven because of Down and Safe (me!), I was in the car with my daughter and this convo ensued:

    Me: (squealing) “That’s me! That’s me!” at you though my radio.
    My daughter (quizzically) “What’s you, mommy?”
    Me: “On the radio”
    My daughter (with great confusion): “But you don’t talk with that accent, mommy! That’s not you!”
    Me: bursts out laughing

    Anyway, the weekend really got my writing juices flowing again and I have you all to thank. Thank you.

    Until, next year!

    • So glad you enjoyed the con and made it to the meetup! You’re one of the folks I know I missed really chatting with there. 😦 But it was crazy, and by the time I made it all the way around the room I think you had left. (No worries–Gally’s just like that!) Thanks again for the latte that morning. That was my breakfast, so you were a lifesaver! ❤

      • I know! I can’t believe we didn’t get to chat. I had a Kaffeklatche at 1:00 that day, so I had to leave the Meet-Up early. I assume we’ll have the chance to talk again in the future. 😀 Looking forward to it!

  4. I doubt I’ll ever be at Gally, but thanks to your podding (is that a word?), I feel that I can kind of enjoy it vicariously through you Verities! 🙂

    I hope Liz made it back to our lovely Scotland without too much grief! That journey sounds pretty grim. 😦

  5. Thanks for the meetup Verities!

    And thanks for the mention/peer-pressure on the podcast.. Now I feel committed by my half-drunken talk with Katrina…. 🙂

    The Meetup was one of the highlights of my very first Gally – thank you so much for organizing it (and for the very nice tumbler which is currently the center piece of the little Gally-shrine on my desk).
    I hope the meetup will become a Gally-tradition. In the future, perhaps Lynne and Tansy could join via Skype? The Marriott probably has some AV equipment, or you could just move the meetup to Program A – which might be needed as the fanbase grows. 🙂

    You girls really were all over Gally. The In Defense Of-panel was a blast, and I really enjoyed the other panels/interviews/commentaries where we intervened. Especially the Comics-panel with Deb and Erica, as I’m trying to get into the new comics a bit more, after giving up on the IDW run.

    So thanks for the meetup, and thanks for your involvement in making my first Gally a wonderful experience which I hope (tickets permitting) to repeat next year!

  6. Love the podcast. Thanks for giving me an insight into Gallifrey and the sheer excitement of the convention.

    As i live in Sydney Australia, LA seems so far away.

    One day I would love to make it, but the costs are far too expensive for me at this stage, but thanks to your podcast and others, the desire to go is even greater as we don’t get many Doctor Who Conventions in Sydney on a regular basis. I hope to go one day, when that will be I don’t know.

    Thanks again for a great podcast.

  7. evisionarts said:

    This was my first gally and one of the reasons I went was hearing about it on Verity and Radio Free Skaro and feeling very jealous lol. I was on the “Ninth Symphony” panel with Erika and I agree it was a fantastic conversation and Derek and Erika were perfect moderators. I also went to the podcasting panel Deb moderated and I feel sorry for anyone who missed it because I thought it was one of the best panels at the con. Thank you all for the fantastic podcast and the meet-up opportunity which I unfortunately also had to leave early because I was in the same kaffeklatche Doctor Who on the Couch was. (Who by the way is lovely and everyone should go check out her blog.) – Mary

  8. […] The last responsibility for me was to get our annual live-at Gally Verity! ep recorded. Getting all four of the attending Verities to gather at one place and time is a bit cat-herdey, but we managed it. Deb provided cocktails, and Steven provided microphones. Gally live eps are always silly and sleepy, and this year was perhaps the most ever of both. Liz was collapsed in a chair. Deb and I both swore. I think Kat was the only one who truly had it together at that time. But golly, it was fun. You can listen here: Gallifrey Once Again. […]

  9. Inspired from last year, came this year! So fun. So unlike anything I’ve ever done. Btw, Erika’s interview with Andy Prior was awesome, super friendly, no dull moments, and mighty interesting. I enjoyed discovering how much a casting director really likes actors. Awkwardly I said “hey great interview” to Erika’s spouse in the hallway after. Of course forgot to mention he’s also one of my favorite interviewers ever, & the video was hilarious :). (Told my 16 yo daughter you two are married to each other, she said you guys are a super cute couple, just had to mention.) Deb’s moderated commentary was SO good (Deb, you make a hard job look easy, classy every moment) and the meetup was lovely. Except I’m shy too (hi Liz) but I was super happy to at least be able to be able to say thank you to each one of you in person. Esp Kat for your blogpost on being a fan. That meant a lot to me truly. I have a lot to thank you all for, and forgot almost everything I meant to say… (i.e., my husband got into Blakes 7 due to Liz :), I talked to Steven Shapansky about Talalay cancellation & things like a grownup, but entirely forgot to say how much I enjoy RFS, etc. etc.) Adoring my tumbler & wristband. Had to leave a bit early, unfortunately. And oh gosh “In Defense of” panel was hilarious, I’m still laughing…oh geez. Some people are so scary smart! Last thing, my daughter wants to come back! Sadly she came home wanting to rewatch the modern series and aside from 8 & 9, which I own, no luck here. Super sad, BBC def. losing a generation, as I think Deb tweeted. Found DVDs though at last surviving nearby rental place, so good news for their business. Talked to Paul Cornell waiting for luggage, thanked him for enormous patience & good guy-ness during “just a minute” what a swell fellow. Too shy to mention his comic was in my bag… Oh wait, really last thing, totally missed Lynne and Tansy, would love to say thanks in person some day!

    • Thanks for such a joyous and enthusiastic comment! SO glad you were able to come to the meet-up and had a good time! And thank you so much for the great feedback on the interview. Steven said he remembered you complimenting the interview! And thanks also to your 16yo for thinking we’re a cute couple. I’m totally biased, but I think we are too. I know at least one person stopped listening to Lazy Doctor Who because we’re *too* cute. I’m A-OK with that. 😉

      Hope to run into you at yet another con before too long!

  10. Oh right, longest post in history & didn’t mention there’s me house left in the top photo & house left in the bottom photo. Erg.

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