Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode105We’re back to 60s Who this week with the next installment of season 1. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we talk about all seven parts of “The Daleks”. We chat about how they compare to their modern counterparts, TARDIS team-building, praise for info-text, and the social context of a really rather dark story. Also Lynne has a cold and Liz hates the nickname “P-Cap”.

How do you feel about “The Daleks”? Do you recommend watching it all in one go like Erika did? Do you prefer the Peter Cushing film? Do you agree that Barbara is “made of awesome”? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "105 – Chatty Daleks" (6)

  1. I am totally with Liz on the “P-Cap” thing. I admire Steven Schapansky in so many ways, but the popularization and use of that epithet, er, nickname is not one of those ways.

    I’m still listening to happy things, so it’s probably premature to comment about much more, except to point out that The Daleks story is when I raised my eyebrows and thought to myself “Barbara is kind of awesome.”

    Keep up the great work, Verities!

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  3. Barbara could certainly be a great librarian, but she actually *is* a historian. Lynne’s description of Barbara is the perfect summation of an excellent historian, i.e., learning all she can from her primary sources without bringing (too much of) her own preconceived notions to her understanding of the situation (Lynne said it best though 🙂 ) I suspect someone really knew about historians while writing Barbara’s character as a history teacher. Can’t wait to watch the stories with this view. That’s if I can ever get them streaming again in the US of A.

    Also props to Liz for her excellent perspective on the Middle East. It’s exactly the same as my firmly-held view (after a great deal of reading & research I should probably add): 1. It’s very complicated. And 2. I have nothing further to say. I do love it when you all touch on politics. And history! I learned a bit about pacifism in the UK I had not quite understood as well before. Not surprised, but it’s very interesting. You are all so darn smart. But the Middle East is too hard a nut for normal humans, far away from the situation, and with never enough good information, to crack. I think I lost a friend due to stepping out of the discussion, but at least I can hang out with all my family, who hold strong opinions on all sides. Deb is right, of course, it’s pretty intense here in the US.

    Nice discussion overall! Who would have thought this topic (Daleks, er, not my favorite – and yes, it’s mostly the noise…) would’ve made me want to be in the room most, of all your podcasts so far.

    PS How did Deb order the e-version, or any version, of Liz’s book? The form seems to want a UK home address it can understand… I’ll check it again in daylight, might be me. I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. This is a week to share some happy things, for I have many.

    1. This episode of Verity!, for the reasons that Leah outlined above.

    2. Liz’s mention of the Paradise Towers section of the old Outpost Gallifrey. Usually mentions of OG (and latterly GB) are accompanied by eye rolling, so it was lovely to be reminded that the forums could also be positive, creative and downright fun spaces. Paradise Towers occupied way too much of my time back then, and I made some good friends through it. So thanks Liz!

    3. The Season 9 DVD boxset (1): The commentary on Under the Lake/Before the Flood, with Sophie Stone (Cass), Toby Whithouse & producer Derek Ritchie. Probably the best commentary I have heard. Full of great insight about details of writing and production, but especially for the processes behind the writing, development and performance of Cass. You would be hard pressed to find a more effective documentation of both the challenges of bringing a deaf character into the show, but also the benefits for the story, and all of those involved in the production, including Cass herself.

    4. The Season 9 DVD boxset (2): The ‘Writing Who’ documentary featuring Sarah Dollard. It was a great doco, and Sarah is clearly an excellent person and highly talented writer. And I was delighted to see a fellow Aussie so prominently featured! It was ridiculous really how pleased I was to see a compatriot on screen (we’re hardly invisible), but my reaction to seeing her, so soon after listening to the aforementioned commentary, gave me some sense of the excitement that comes from seeing ‘yourself’ represented onscreen.

  5. Loved the conversation this week-really, I always love it when you talk about Babs! I also very much appreciated Lynne’s reminder about Verity’s creative courage. It is so hard to believe she was only 28. But then, there can be great benefits to being full of young and stupid confidence. 🙂

    I am really liking it when you tell us the topic of conversations for the following week, when possible. Watching/reading in preparation helps enrich the conversation for me. Thanks!!!

    And, as always, thanks for all your time and effort. You all are the best.

  6. marty schwartz said:

    slow to the party again – but listening right now!

    regarding Daleks as lawyers – try replacing “lawyers” with “Daleks” for all those lawyer jokes you know 🙂

    “What do you call 500 Daleks at the bottom of the ocean?”

    next episode…compare and contrast: Trump v. Davros

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