Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraFirsts…except when you do. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we struggle to remember a bunch of Doctor Who firsts. We talk tat, books, Big Finish, and more! That “more” includes fanworks, so I’m including this for Liz once again:

So what were your firsts in these categories? And what other firsts would you like to hear about? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – You Never Forget Your First" (22)

  1. Loved today’s extra! Really fun to hear you all share your firsts. Liz, I am so sorry to say I don’t remember the first time I saw The Time Monster. However, I’m re-watching with Lazy Doctor Who and will pay special attention when we get there.

    “Firsts” Question for the Verities-Which companion did you first fall in love with and what was the episode?

    One of my firsts that I am pretty happy about was my first DW book-Shada by Douglas Adams. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Just delightful.

    As always, thank you!!!

  2. Great extra!

    Although I was one of those kids who watched in the ’80s, alone in my basement, I don’t think I bought anything until I was living in London in the mid-1990s, but I couldn’t help it – I lived a short walk from The Who Shop in less-that-salubrious East Ham, and I had to walk past it every day (this was just before and after the TV movie).

    I believe my first purchase was the Discontinuity Guide, which I wish I still owned, because it was great, but it disappeared in a move long ago. I also got lots of tat with the Seal of Rassilon in it, because that was the sort of thing they had at the time.

    Can I count sort of meeting Lynne for about 30 seconds as a first? I was reminded because I saw her speak at a rare book (or possibly archives) conference at the Union League in Philly, which it sounds like might have been the same time she and Deb met in person. I can say I was tangentially involved!

  3. jediwan said:

    YES! I was trying to figure out where to put this!!! I did a First last week, in ordering my first Big Finish story: The Diary Of River Song!!!

  4. I have no idea what my first Doctor Who purchase was, but I did buy the Angel puppet…

  5. The Time Monster! My earliest memory of watching Who (although likely not the first episode I saw) is Terry Walsh falling off of the ladder in slow motion. I remember being creeped out by the effects and music. It reminded me of The Tomorrow People which I’d seen a few years earlier. Thanks to BroaDWcast I even tracked down the date to 3/22/86.

    My first Doctor Who tat/book is probably the most special thing to me. I was in a little used bookstore in Santa Barbara around 1986 and found novelizations of The Seeds of Doom & The Masque of Mandragora. Seeds pushed me from watching from time-to-time on PBS to watching every week & buying every book I could get my hand on. It was the perfect degree of scary for a 9 year old. I recently found that shop again and they had one Doctor Who book on the shelves: The Seeds of Doom. It was magical nostalgia.

  6. Great extra! Loved hearing about the different ways in which everyone dived into the numerous rabbit holes that make up Doctor Who fandom.

    I think my first Who related purchase was probably a Storybundle book set of non-fiction Doctor Who books. Either that or one of the many Doctor Who tee shirts I own from TeeFury.

  7. I am like Liz (so it might be a Scottish thing) – I’m always reluctant to impose my tastes on others by suggesting they watch the stuff I like, unless I know them well and/or there are clear signs that they are the sort of people who will like the same sort of stuff as me.

    Anyway, firsts!

    The first Doctor Who I saw was The Sea Devils, and it gave me nightmares for weeks. I was only 2 years old at the time, so I think that’s acceptable.

    The first Doctor Who book I bought was The Doctor Who Dinosaur Book.

    The first convention I attended was some sort of thing in Paisley, in the late 80s or early 90s. I wasn’t heavily into Who at the time but my older brother was, and he roped me into help at the con. Memories are vague but Deborah Watling was there (luminous!), and so were Derek Newark, Russell Hunter and Julian Glover. I was given a dressing down by Julian Glover because he thought I was jumping the autograph queue, but I was innocent! Anyway, that’s another story…

    The first fanwork I ever did was a cover illustration for a fanzine (pre-internet!!!) my brother contributed to, called Vipod Mor. It was a very humble publication that only lasted for a couple of issues. Amazingly, I found mention of it on the net – that there is my cover for issue 2, featuring the Rani:

  8. Fun Doctor Who topic.

    The first episode I saw would be somewhere in the middle of Terror of the Zygons on our PBS station (KRMA TV Denver Colorado), probably episode 3. That would be back in 1981!! My little sister had discovered it and told me I HAD to see this crazy show. She described a cliffhanger adventure serial about an English mad-scientist adventurer (I must admit I pictured something like Jon Pertwee: Einstein hair and charmingly out-of-date adventure-y clothes). Certainly, the show didn’t disappoint. what with Tom Baker nearly being eaten by the Loch Ness Monster, and I was hooked.

    The first friend I converted was my best friend at school, John. The first Convention was the very next year: Whovian Festival, at Mammoth Gardens Event Centre (a Denver venue long since demolished), where my sis and I, and John and his mum, got to see Sarah Sutton and Anthony Ainley.

    As for the first tat/merch, that would be novelizations. Not Target, but Pinnacle Books, who briefly republished the Target novelizations back before Doctor Who took off in America and Target marketed directly. Followed by a membership in the Doctor Who Fan Club of America (which is where I heard about the Whovian Festival previously mentioned). The first of these novelizations (if I recall correctly) was The Android Invasion. Interesting thing about the Pinnacle versions of the books is they all had an introduction to Doctor Who by Science Fiction author Harlan Ellison, which declared in grand hipster-nerd-rage style that he knew a great truth that the ignorant masses were unaware of, and that was that Doctor Who was the only television worth watching!

  9. Mossie said:

    Your podcast today was stellar as always, gang.

    I’d like to share my introduction to Doctor Who because it’s a little unorthodox…

    I was living in the outback, doing my country time as a teacher, and I came across the trailer for series five (this one: At this point in my life the only thing I knew about Doctor Who was that it was a TV show that existed and my aunt used to watch it when she was young. I didn’t know a single other thing about it.

    So I saw this trailer, and I was CAPTIVATED (not to mention the music is amazing). All of time and space? Anywhere and everywhere? I HAD TO WATCH THIS SHOW.

    Except I couldn’t. I didn’t download illegally, and I didn’t own a television, let alone have paid TV. I scoured YouTube and discovered a dodgy version of the first ten minutes of Eleventh Hour. That was it. I was hardly satiated.

    So. I had to invent my own episodes while I waited desperately to find a way to watch it myself.

    I “became” The Doctor at the primary school I was teaching at. Early in the morning, or while the students were out at assemblies, I’d sneak into classrooms and leave messages from The Doctor about where we’d been the previous night (like ancient Egypt, or a different galaxy), along with little gifts on specific students’ desks (pyramids made out of Play-Doh, mini spaceships made out of Styrofoam and aluminum foil etc). I even painted a TARDIS on a cardboard box and left it by the skip bin. No one ever found out it was me.

    I was utterly inspired, and at that point I hadn’t even seen a single full episode. TELL ME THIS SHOW ISN’T AMAZING.

  10. jediwan said:

    I had another First, this week: I purchased my first FULL Series!!! Series 9. By the way: DO NOT buy “Last Christmas” or “The Husbands Of River Song” if You’re getting Series 9!!!That being said, I also, made my First Doctor Who purchasing FAIL! “The Husbands Of River Song” was on sale at “f.y.e.”, I, later, saw Series 9 for sale on (which neglected to show details any time I looked, previously), jumped on it before that “too good to be true” situation disappeared (it did), and the rest is gloriously annoying history (All Hail The Run-On Sentence!(?)). My first Who Story was Robot, by the way.

  11. 1) First convert: My friend Liz maybe? I know I talked her ear off about Who.
    2) First tat: I’m another person that lacks much tat – I don’t even own a Doctor Who t-shirt! Sonic screwdriver LED flashlight
    The Tat that I miss terribly: the River Song diary cover for Kindle that was lost on the bus.
    3) First audio: Storm Warning
    4) I tend to prefer the audios as well, but I did read the Summer Falls novella by “Amelia Williams”
    5) First craft: cross stitch pattern of David Tennant from a now sadly British cross stitch magazine
    6) First fanwork: I plead the fifth. 🙂

  12. Michelle VanBee @tardisblue1963 said:

    First convert: tried with a friend but it failed completely! I haven’t really tried again.
    First tat: Radiofree Skaro shirt. I was wanting to support and thought the design was random enough that most people would not get it.
    First audio: the BBC audio of David Tennant’s Dead Air. I still listen to it all the time. My first Big Finish was Eye of Scorpion recommended by The Verities.
    First book: My first reference book was Chicks Dig Timelords!
    First fanwork: do coloring books count?

    Question: Who was your first Doctor Who “celebrity” meet? Mine was Katy Manning who is the best!
    First con: Anglicon 2015 which was a run up to Gallifrey One 2015!

  13. katiebeluga said:

    All of your firsts make my first look so ridiculous because mine are all so terrible! My first episode was ‘Voyage of the Damned,’ first audio was probably ‘Minuet in Hell’ (though there’s a slim chance it was ‘Loup-Garoux’), my first book was ‘Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma.’ At least my first tat wasn’t embarrassing: a tiny little Ninth Doctor sonic screwdriver penlight…that I managed to lose a few years back, but then bought a new one.

  14. Shaun Hutchings said:

    I have every Doctor Who story on DVD which took me years to get but I have never bought myself any Doctor Who tat. All my stuff was given to me. Never been to a convention. Never converted anyone.I painted a picture of a dalek. I like the Time Monster very much. My first book was the Target,’Doctor Who and The Curse if Peladon’ which was a present in 1975.

  15. […] was cheered greatly by the lovely “firsts” comments on our last Extra! […]

  16. Ak, I wrote this out & forgot to post it…

    First tat I owned ever, of any kind of any fandom, was bought for me. A Dalek keychain & tiny rolling TARDIS, by a college student who wanted to keep me going once I’d checked out new Who on her recommendation. It worked! Then my husband found a collection of small prints at a garage sale. He’s just ok with Who, these were definitely for me. The one of all the Doctors through 11 is in my office at work, the TARDIS Great Wave is on the wall in my little blue half bath, so perfect. Slippery slope…

    The first tat I bought for myself was due to Deb tweeting about a sale online. I went right off and bought my lovely soft Doctor Who booties. I wear them all the time. Thx Deb!

    I watched the Time Monster a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was super.

    I want to know Tansy & Kat’s answers to all the questions 🙂

  17. Late to the party, but what the heck.

    First episode must have been Robot, since Wisconsin Public TV started with Tom Baker and ran ’em in order. First tat was a Dr. Who sound effects picture disk LP as a pledge premium, also from WPTV.

    First book was a threefer from the Sci Fi Book Club featuring novelizations of Genesis of tge Daleks, Revenge of the Cybermen and (I think) The Loch Ness Monster.

    First fanart was a bakeresque scarf sewn together from Goodwill castoffs for my wife’s Halloween costume. (Best fanart was the River Song TARDIS journal I made her for Xmas a couple years back, dimensional cover of blue silk paper burnished over cereal box board.)

    First scholarly work: a thematic analysis, per Levi-Strauss, of The Face of Fear, for a grad school folklore class.

    Fun times….

  18. Regarding BBC Book’s Eighth Doctor Adventures, I think that series really picks up with Vampire Science, the novel after The Eight Doctors.

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