Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraTVMIt’s another rare recorded-in-person Verity! It’s also an even-rarer commentary track! Join Deb and Lynne as they wind down from Uncanny Cabin shenanigans and settle in to watch the Paul McGann TV movie from 1996. With cocktails, natch. It’s as much fun as you’d expect!


Download or listen now (runtime 1:33:49)  

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    In which Deb and I get tipsy and discuss the Paul McGann TV Movie.

  2. Cresta said:

    “Patriarchy makes me grumpy.”

    That’s it. That’s the podcast.

  3. Sarah said:

    I love the question, what do you drink when you watch the TVM? I don’t drink, which is one reason I haven’t watched this often. So, when I do, it’s with judicious usage of fast-forward. (Paul McGann in velvet is the only reason to watch it. Well, maybe the TARDIS control room, too.)

    • We were drinking whiskey & ginger ale. TVM may also work well with excessive amounts of sugar/caffeine if drinking is not your jam. Or excessive tiredness–whichever works better for you to appreciate absurdity.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Pixie Sticks. A straight hit of sugar + TVM is a also a glorious combination. 😉

  4. Chuck C said:

    Oh, Oh! I just saw that Paul McGann will be in Season 3 of The Musketeers! So, 12 in 1 and now 8 in 3. 🙂

  5. Terrence Keenan said:

    This is lovely. I want to hire Lynne and Deb to do all the commentaries.

  6. This made me want to watch the TVM! Methinks that will happen in the near future. 🙂

  7. StephenS said:

    I’m not a doctor but I do work in healthcare and the inaccuracies in this bit of the TV movie are hilarious. But who cares, DRAMA right?! First of all, if all the Doctor’s x-Rays are dodgy, why does no one listen to his chest with a stethoscope? That would establish pretty quickly if the guy has two hearts or not! I’m sure they did that in Spearhead from Space.
    If Grace is a Senior cardiologist what the heck is she doing at the opera when she is on call? Shouldn’t she try to be a bit more easily available? And as a senior cardiologist, why doesnt she listen to the patients chest with a stethoscope, rather than rushing straight in to get scrubbed and zoom him in to a cardiac catherization lab? Also, how bad is the anaesthetist? Ok the Doctor might respond differently to anaesthetic than a human, but shouldn’t they have tried to anaesthetise him before Grace is standing over him with a scalpel! No wonder the Doctor is terrified. It seems to be only once he’s freaking out on the operating table that they anaesthetise him with the mask!
    It also seems a bit weird that the hospital funding committee are getting a tour late at night? Did they all get called away from the opera too? Have they nothing better to do?
    While doing whatever it is she’s doing with the probe, Grace ( senior cardiologist) announces that she is “lost” and wants to “try” something. The thing she “tries” is ramming the probe in harder and making the patient have a cardiac arrest! Then there is the briefest of brief resuscitation attempts with no CPR and just a little bit of defibrillation. After 10 seconds they give up and pronounce him dead! Not a lot of effort being put in there! Nobody want to try some chest compressions and shock him again? No? Ok then…
    Later, when Grace is looking at the X-rays she declares that they were not double exposed, meaning that the patient did have two hearts. Well you’d know that if you had listened to his chest with a STETHOSCOPE! Then she tells Chang Lee that there were complications and Mr Smith didn’t make it. What she really should have said was “I killed him through incompetence!” When Grace turns the Doctor down for adventures in time and space she made a big mistake, as staying in San Francisco 2000 is probably going to mean she gets struck off and maybe even arrested.
    Basically, the only explanation I can think of is that the Master’s gooey essence infiltrated the Tardis and made it crash land here because the Master knew the Doctor would be taken to The Hospital of Negligent EVIL!

    • StephenS – pretty much spot on! (I am a physician but not a cardiologist.)

      Tachycardia -> cath lab is wrong. CXR rather than ECG (ok, EKG… you’re in America ..) should have been done. How on earth can you see “no blockage” (as answered by mature looking bloke to Grace while scrubbing .. badly ..)? Echocardiography – ultrasound of the heart – was fledgling but alive and would have been done by cardiologists in any doubts.

      Catheter approach is usually femoral (groin) not under the collar bone (god only knows what vessel is there), and up a vein (NOT an artery, as narrated by administrator bloke .. would be like swimming up a waterfall..)

      Why no skin prep / disinfectant?

      If you’d touched the dirty patient, you’d be contaminated, and need to go re-scrub (not just push the blighter back down and slap a towel over him)

      And don’t get me started on the blood cells you can see. If the blood cells are that size – compared to the calibre of the vessel we see – then she’s in a minute capillary, not the brachiocephalic vein.

      Why use cardioversion on asystole (flat line cardiac arrest)? COmpletely wrong. Interval between shocks – wrong – should be 2-3 minutes IF a shockable rhythm (which that wasn’t). As StephenS says – no compressions – wrong again. No pulse check.

      But still. It’s not as bad as when MARTHA THE MEDICAL STUDENT STICKS THE STETHOSCOPE IN HER EARS THE WRONG WAY AROUND. That’s truly unforgivable.

  8. Neil Ottenstein said:

    At the appropriate spot in the commentary (~53 minutes or so), I needed to pull up this video.

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  10. Wonderful! =:o} Loved listening to this, and I’m familar enough with the TVM thta I didn’teven need to watch it to follow what you were commenting in… Which made your hunt for the remote extra hilarious. =:oD

    Just want to correct something that was said a couple of times here: The Master clearly did *not* get a whole new regeneration cycle in “The Five Doctors”. He was *offered* one, in exchange for going to rescue the Doctor. But he failed to rescue the Doctor (since none of them would trust him!) – except possibly the First Doctor, and even then only as a side-effect of wanting to get the cybermen off his own back. And of course Borusa (who makes a show of being against the Master’s involvment in the first place) turns out to be the instigator of the whole thing. We don’t actually see what happens to the Master at the end, after he’s been knocked out, but Rassilon says he will be freed… No more than that. It would be just like the Time Lords to say “Nope, sorry, contract null and void. Be grateful you got out alive.”.

    So, in the TVM, we see him still using desparate and unnatural (not to mention murderous!) means to prolong his life. And when he returns in NuWho, we’re told the Time Lords *Resurrected* him to fight in the Time War – Meaning he literally had finally died, and was somehow brought back… And this time they obviously *did* give him a new set of regenerations.

    I always hoped that when the Doctor reached the end his 13th life, I would be the Master who gave him an extension against the Doctor’s will, by some means the Doctor found deeply abhorrent such as this trick he’s used in both “Keeper of Traken” and the TVM of stealing someone else’s body (presumably thus murdering the original “occupant”). That would have given the Doctor an interesting new set of motivations for the next season or two: Finding some way to make reparation to the person he has replaced; Trying to make the Master understand why he’s not grateful.

    Of course, the Master thinks he’s done it all just for the fun of watching the Doctor squirm with the moral discomfort of being alive at someone else’s expense. He doesn’t realise the Doctor has already faced and reflected on that situation many times before, albeit not in quite such a direct, corporeal way… So as the Doctor shifts from his initial existential horror to “OK, someone has died to keep me alive and didn’t even know why. Step 1: Look up the family and find out what they need”, the Master is at first disappointed that he doesn’t go around rending his garments for long enough, but this gaves way to an increasing, underlying annoyance that he isn’t even *grateful* that the Master saved his life!

    (N.B. Using masculine pronouns throughout, because when I came up with this, er, “future headcanon” I wasn’t expecting either of them to change gender imminently.)

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