Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


Woo! Giveaway time! This time a $25 Redbubble gift certificate! Redbubble has oodles of sweet fannish merch. Just in time to build out your summer wardrobe with fandom goodness.

To enter, leave a comment on this very post! Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just say “¡Hola!” Or tell us what kind of fannish merch you’ve got your heart set on.

And remember, if you’re Verity! patron, you’re entered automatically! (So please don’t comment, because that would be cheating.)

I’ll draw the winner on Friday, May 6th so be sure to enter before then.

Good luck everyone!

ETA: Congratulations to our winner: David Good! We’ll be contacting you via email.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Comments on: "Verity! Redbubble Giveaway!" (53)

  1. Hola! 🙂
    Were I to win, I’d probably go for something like art 🙂

  2. Lovely giveaway! As with most gift cards and fannish merch I’d probably end up trying to prevent myself from buying all the things.

  3. Kayleigh said:

    Yay Redbubble!

  4. Very cool!

  5. Julia Bachand said:

    Would love a Clara tshirt!! Love you guys!!

  6. Hello! Happy New Companion week!

  7. Marianne said:

    Yay Redbubble! PS – Lynne and Erica (and all Uncanny folks) – congratulations on the Hugo nomination.

  8. Valoise said:

    Stuff! Yay Redbubble stuff!

  9. Cresta said:

    Yay. Entering to win!

  10. I have a blank wall in my work room and an empty poster frame, so I’d love something to go into that frame. You guys are the best.

  11. My top piece of fannish merch I’m searching for is Doctor Who on laser disc! And hello !

  12. Kates (twitter @katiebeluga) said:

    Hullo! There’s an art print I’ve got my eye on for ages that I’d buy if i had the money. c:

  13. Hello Verities! There is an excellent skirt with a mountain print that reminds me of my childhood copy of The Hobbit. Perfect.

  14. Baby Verity needs a wardrobe top-up!

  15. Debbie said:


  16. Robbi Gerry said:

    Love the podcast, would really love a new Tshirt.

  17. Bill Edwards said:

    Don’t dare blaspheme the Nimon!

  18. I’d have to get a belated B day gift for my wife.

  19. How I would enjoy a TARDIS or steampunk scarf! Thanks for making this possible.

  20. Hello Verities! 🙂

  21. Philip said:

    This statement is not legally binding.

  22. critchie17 said:


  23. This sounds Rassilawesome!

  24. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Never heard of Redbubble, this would be a good opportunity to try them out.

  25. Christina said:

    I adore Redbubble. And I need more Red Scharlach art in my life 🙂

  26. Hello! I’ve never heard of redbubble, but I took a quick look and found all sorts of amazing things I NEED 🙂

  27. Last Who-ish thing I bought was a music time signature t-shirt (common time, compound time, etc.) with a TARDIS on the staff, labeled, of course, as “Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey.” Redbubble looks like the kind of place where I might find more similar crossovers of my nerd- and geek-doms 🙂

  28. Carol Thompson said:

    Hooray–Redbubble and Verity!

  29. Suzanna said:


  30. Love your podcast, Verity!

  31. Andrea Erickson said:

    Thanks so much for the awesome podcast, ladies!

  32. Love to give RedBubble a try. 🙂

  33. Sandra said:

    I am a newbie to the Verity podcast. and i love it. You are the best. I am also a relatively new Dr Who fan. i have seen all the New Who and i am working my way through Classic Who. I would love to get a coffee mug from Redbubble so I can Caffeinate!!!

  34. Lourdes M said:

    Looking forward to the new companion. Love the podcast!

  35. Lori Nyx said:

    Red Bubble: providing me with timely con-wear for many a year. Keep on with the witty and the wonderful, Ladies!

  36. Hello Verities! Haven’t commented on anything for ages, but I’m still listening. Thanks for doing another giveaway.

  37. Kimberly B. said:

    This would be great to win. Thanks for the great awesome giveaway!

  38. Kathryn / DragonMakr said:

    I’m here to give it a shot too! Great giveaway, and I’m really glad that it’s not a FB thing.

  39. Love your cast. Please keep it up.

  40. terminuspodcast said:

    Yays! Entering to win! 🙂

  41. Mark Gillespie said:

    Maybe a couple of coffee mugs. They don’t take up much space.

  42. Gavin Hayne said:

    G’day Verities! There are some sweet looking T-shirts I could wear to Gally next year.

  43. Hello! Pick me, pick me! 😀

  44. Did I comment on this yet?

  45. reveriesfromalife said:


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