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VerityEpisode109Back to new Who series 1! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we talk about Rob Shearman’s resurrection of the Doctor’s most iconic enemy, the Daleks. We do a little “fanthropology” and talk about how we each felt watching this story when it first aired and whether we feel any different now. It was a turning-point episode for some of us, but does it live up to the memories? Listen and see!

What do you think of “Dalek”? Is it still (or was it ever) amazing? Or does TV from 11 years ago look too different to take as seriously? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. Hey,

    Your download link goes to ep 108, not 109.

  3. I downloaded the ep and then felt a wave of deja vu! Isn’t this how last week’s started? And as Lori pointed out above, yes it was! 😀

  4. The download link is working now! Thank you! 🙂

  5. I posted this on my Tumblr, and it got a few likes, so I thought maybe I’d post it here, as well. After listening to today’s Verity! podcast, I was thinking back to “Dalek”:

    I’m embarrassed to say that when “Dalek” originally aired, I only caught about 20 minutes of it, but I was not yet watching the new series of Doctor Who. I had been a fan of the classic series, especially Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee, but I didn’t have regular access to cable television, and SciFi was the only network I knew of that aired Doctor Who. Our PBS station had removed it from a regular time slot at least a decade or more previously. I happened to catch “Dalek” when I was out of town visiting my parents.

    I distinctly remember my reaction to “Dalek” was: “Oh, Doctor Who is back. I wonder when that happened? If we had cable at home, I’d probably want to check it out. It looks like it might be pretty good, I guess. I wish I’d started watching from the beginning of this episode. I wonder when dinner will be ready?” I had a similar reaction when I saw “The Girl in the Fireplace” about a year or so later, with the added thoughts: “Wait, that’s not the same guy. Holy cow, they changed doctors again, already?”

    At the time I was very much separated from Doctor Who and even from fandom in general. When my marriage started to feel stale, I started revisiting some of the things that I had more or less set on the shelf when I started that relationship. To be fair to my ex-wife, I never made fandom a priority, and I don’t think I have ever resented her for having been the main reason I drifted away from it. I’m really, really, really glad to be back, though.

    To finish the story I shared on Tumblr, it was another year or two that I finally had cable, and I was seeing all the promotional hype on BBC America for the then-upcoming second season with Matt Smith. I thought it might be a good jumping on point, and the more I thought about it, I realized I might have time to get all caught up on New Who before the season started, so I decided to watch “Blink” and I was blown away. I went back to “Rose” and I eventually finished my catch-up viewing on the Saturday morning before the premier of “The Impossible Astronaut” on BBC America.

    Bringing my story to the present day, I’ve now watched or re-watched everything from “An Unearthly Child” to the present day, with a very few exceptions. I have about five missing-episode stories to listen to from late in the Hartnell era (I’m trying to keep pace with *Lazy Doctor Who* with those), and then I have about a half dozen or more stories from seasons 22, 23, and 24 to watch.

  6. Rob Shearman said:

    Ooh, just seen you’ve done this. I’m about to get on a plane, flying off on holiday – I’ll put it on my ipod. If you all retrospectively hate my episode you’ll make me cry – and if you make me cry, you’ll frighten the air stewardess. You don’t want to frighten an air stewardess. They work long hours serving peanuts and serviettes to tourists. They don’t need any more misery in their lives.

    • If necessary, we’ll issue a formal apology to the International Flight Attendants Union later. (Assuming there is such a thing. But I don’t think it’ll come to that. 🙂

  7. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Rob Shearman (at (Re)Generation Who in March) said that he had to address all the Dalek issues that were embarrassing to his wife. Had to be sure they couldn’t make those jokes again.

    RTD asked him to put a Bad Wolf reference in the story and said he’ll see if it pays off.

    “Fantastic” was just thrown into the script.

    He was 4 or 5 drafts into “Dalek” when it was found out they didn’t yet have the rights. The BBC was not going to negotiate the rights but Stephen Moffat knew the Nation’s agent and arranged matters. He was going to use the Toclafane if he couldn’t use the Daleks. He thanked me for asking the question about this – “A terrible time, thanks for having me relive it.”

    • I loved it, as a classics fan. However as a Faction Paradox fan already, I had (and still do have) huge problems with the Daleks being the masterminds of the Time War. So for my own head canon they will forever be the unknowing puppets if a greater unknown power.
      In hindsight the only disappointment I had was secondarily created by this episode. In fandom there is often Team Dalek and Team Cybermen depending on who your favorite antagonists de jour are. I’m off course Team Cybermen as they’ve always been the more insidious and transformative. So this episode basically set up a lot of false expectations for me. I’m still waiting for the real Cybermen to be introduced back into the series. …

  8. Korina said:

    I remember the first time I saw “Dalek” in ’06; the confrontation scene made me very uncomfortable, as I had never seen the Doctor completely lose his poop like that. It gave us a small glimpse of just how bad the Time War was and what it did to him. (shiver)

    That said, I was never a Dalek fan, so I was surprised when this one was actually a bit scary. Still not impressed by them.

  9. I grew up with classic Who, and when Doctor Who returned to the screens I didn’t find out about it until the Tenth Doctor was on. So I was like, returning to the ninth doctor, which was a strange thing to do. In that way, before everyone had DVDs and the internet to watch on, I could only watch on the Sy-fi network whenever they had it on. So it was a little strange to catch a ninth Doctor episode after seeing so many with David Tennant.

  10. Fanthropology! 🙂

    I remember being very excited about the return of the Daleks, and in fact it made me a bit impatient with the episodes leading up to this one. It didn’t disappoint. I felt that the invincibility of this lone Dalek was a wee bit overdone, and was disappointed that subsequent Dalek appearances have featured none of the superpowers this one had, but that’s a minor niggle. Definitely one of the strongest episodes from series 1.

    I was very meh about the Time War too. I like the idea of the Doctor being a renegade on the run from his people. I find that more interesting than the last survivor thing, so I’m very pleased that Mr Moffat has restored Gallifrey.

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