Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


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Woo! Giveaway time! This time we’re back to good old Amazon. We’re giving away a $25 gift code! Ostensibly, this is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the TV movie, so you could use this to order the special edition DVD. But as always, we won’t police what you get.

To enter, leave a comment on this very post! (Not on Facebook or a re-blog of the post. Entries must be made here on our site.) You don’t have to say anything momentous. Just say “Hey!” Or tell us what you think you might spend this on if you win.

And remember, if you’re Verity! patron, you’re entered automatically! (So please don’t comment, because that would be cheating.)

I’ll draw the winner on Friday, May 27th so be sure to enter before then.

Good luck everyone!

ETA: Congratulations to our winner: Joris Meijer! We’ll be contacting you via email.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Comments on: "TVM 20th Anniversary Amazon Giveaway!" (74)

  1. Fun fact: Lake Itasca and Itasca state park have a fake latin word: Itasca

    Itasca is derived from verITAS and CAput, veritas being truth and caput meaning head–the true “head” of the Mississippi river.

    oh, and I’d like to win 😉

  2. Damian Jeremiah said:

    Well it is missing from my collection so, I would love a chance to win.

  3. Deanna Harris said:

    “Hey” as directed. Will stream Dr. Who. I’m behind on last season.

  4. “Because this guy” may be my very favorite reason for a giveaway. ❤

  5. I have a special place in my heart for the TV movie. Long before I knew anything of the Doctor Who mythos, I caught a flick on TV featuring a weird British man in funny clothes talking about aliens and time travel, and my ten year old mind was blown. It may not be the most popular of Who stories, but I’ll always love Paul McGann’s performance in it.

  6. Kaya Armand said:

    I so love listening to you guys and I’m doing that instead of writing my essay on digital trends in libraries! Especially love hearing Tansy as I live just outside Sydney 😊

  7. lufcrace said:

    Happy TV movie anniversary!

  8. Julia Bachand said:

    Loved Deb and Lynne’s commentary on the TV movie so much, I listened to it twice, then went back and watched the movie with the commentary for a third time!!

  9. Pam Richardson said:

    Paul McGann was a great Doctor…wish he had gotten more screen time, I did enjoy he extras during the 50th!

  10. Nann Phoenixx-Dawn said:

    Love you ladies!!!

  11. Patrick McGuire said:

    I almost always listen to the podcast (eventually!)

  12. Hello, Verities!

  13. Marianne said:

    Yay Verity!

  14. Loved the Verity! commentary to the TV movie.

  15. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Hey, ho!

  16. Hi! I think I would have a difficult choice between the TVM (Loved the commentary, Lynne and Deb!) and the soundtrack for Hamilton…

  17. Love the podcast! If I win I’ll either get Paradise Towers or The Gunfighters so I can finally listen along to your commentaries 🙂

  18. Jen from outside of Chicago said:

    Hi Verity Podcasters! Love the podcast.

  19. Okay. Hey! Verity podcast is a must listen for me BTW.

  20. Adam Pitts said:

    Hey. I love the TV movie and your glorious podcast! Cheers!

  21. 20 years? I still remember after dinner recording the finale of Roseanne on one VCR and then putting in a High Grade VHS tape on our good VCR to record the movie. So surreal to have Doctor Who on Fox.

  22. Philip said:

    Ooh, a giveaway. Nifty.

  23. Hello verities! You’re podcast is totally awesome and so is Paul McGann! ❤

  24. Lourdes M said:

    If only the movie did not have Eric Roberts. (smh)..oh, well…you can’t have it all

    Love Love Love McGann…and Veriity podcast!

  25. Bobbi said:

    Hi, Verity! Thanks for the podcast. You guys rock.

  26. Heather S said:

    Yay! Super excited for this one – thanks! 🙂

  27. bernie w said:

    Hey. Would love to buy something for my wifes birthday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. David said:

    Hi… this is nothing fancy.

    Thanks for the great podcasts…


  29. Another giveaway? Super cool! ❤ U

  30. critchie17 said:

    Hey all!

  31. Hello, Verity!

  32. Crystal S said:

    Would love to win!

  33. Vila42 said:

    Hi Verities!
    I have a special place in my heart for the TV movie. Since it came right smack in the middle of the dreaded Doctor Who drought and, for that reason, my nickname for the 8th Doctor is Oasis. Paul McGann’s Doctor was that lovely bit of green in those many years of nothing and served to remind me (as if I needed reminding) of all the reason I loved the Doctor.

    PS… I’m one of those listeners who came to Verity late (I started with Season 9 recaps) but went back and started from the beginning and worked my way forward. I loved every minute of it!

  34. Sandra said:

    Hi Verity..I would love to win so I can get the 8th Doctor movie..I haven’t seen it yet. Yes, I am NEW to Classic Who. I am up to the 4th Doctor in my Classic Who journey. Love your podcast!

  35. Kirsten said:

    Love the podcast ladies! I hope to see Erika again at CONvergence this summer 🙂

  36. Dave S. said:

    I would probably use this on the impending “Underwater Menace” DVD release.

  37. “Grace: I finally meet the right guy, and he’s from another planet.” Isn’t that always the case?

  38. pfh64 said:

    A Verity, and I believe it was Deb, said she got hooked when she saw this episode (Dalek), when my wife bought the DVDs so we could check out the show, the episode that got me hooked was “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”. This, by the way, also fits into your year of firsts, two different ways, as you know. First two parter & first appearance of our favorite Captain.

    Keep up the good work…

  39. davidgoodcom said:

    I enjoyed the TV movie, for the most part, except for Eric Roberts’ performance!

  40. Thanks for the giveaway! I need to watch the tv movie yet. Looking forward to it.

  41. How I wish I could be a patron. Dude…this real life living can be tedious sometimes.

  42. We will be covering the TV movie at some point…I’m voting for Kat to play the Master, thus effectively usurping Michelle Gomez by 18 years 😉

    Also, when you did the commentary, the best bit was the frantic search for the remote control at the start 😉 hee hee

  43. Karen said:

    You look fantastic in those shoes? I think that’s how to enter? 🙂 thanks

  44. DuckBillPlatitude said:

    Hi, ladies. I’m a fairly recent listener as I’ve only come on since December of 2015 but I’ve already gone through about half of your podcasts since I swear they seem to shorten my commute. (Time travel!) I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying your coverage of Season 1. I am a Nu-Who fan who was only came onboard during the Matt Smith/Moffat era because I never took to the previous seasons. (Although I admittedly only sampled a handful of episodes before I gave up.) However, after I got hooked on Dr. Who in general, I did go back and bear through the first few seasons just to better understand the character and continuity.

    I have to say though, I didn’t really enjoy most of it–which I think is more down to the showrunner and choice of storytelling than anything else. (Sorry, Mr. Davies.) I wholeheartedly agree with Liz and Kat in that I couldn’t stomach the 10th doctor’s smugness, grandiosity, and cruelty towards his companions. (Particularly Martha.) I also agree with Erika in that all of the companion pining and flirting–while I don’t begrudge anyone liking it–is just not to my taste. David Tennant is a good actor and I loved him in Broadchurch, but his Doctor is my least favorite on account of the way he was written.

    Nevertheless, when you ladies said you were covering season 1 I decided to go back and try again. Now that I’ve rewatched the previous seasons I’ve found this:

    Season 2 is as awful as I remember, save 4 lone stories;
    Season 3 still kicks off with a bang and then degenerates into the most awful finale and Jesus allegory and poor Martha and blechhhh!;
    Season 4 is actually less likable than I recall–and I think that’s because I filtered out most of it and focused on Donna;
    but Season 1 is actually… rather delightful!

    I think a lot of my skepticism the first time around was due to the production values, wild tonal shifts and the hot mess that was Aliens of London. But second time around, knowing that was coming and carefully dissecting out the stupid parts and the moments of the doctor being an ass to Mickey, I mostly love Season 1.

    Dalek was my favorite episode of Season 1–one of the few I remember liking at the time–and my introduction to the creatures. Now that I love Season 1 altogether, it’s still my favorite. And even though I can see Liz’s point, I actually really liked the moment Rose chastised the Doctor for pointing a gun at the Dalek and called him off. It reminds me a lot of that scene with Amy in A Town Call Mercy where the 11th Doctor casts out that war criminal to the gunslinger. If Rose and Amy had let the Doctor affect justice in either instance (even well-deserved justice, mind you), it would have deprived the baddie the opportunity to redeem himself. More to the point, it would have also licensed the Doctor to kill, which he sure doesn’t enjoy doing. It’s actually a relief when the decision is taken out of his hands because, geez, he doesn’t need any more trauma…

    In any case, those are my thoughts. I’m loving the podcast, and I’ve been itching to watch Classic Who now because of it. I really feel as though I need a point of reference when you guys start talking about old episodes… and there’s still so much Doctor Who I haven’t seen and probably would quite like to see.

    Oh, and since I didn’t mention them by name, Lynn, Deb, and Tansy–you ladies are awesomesauce!

  45. James said:

    The world’s about to end and here I am, stuck in traffic.

  46. Clara said:

    I loved the movie commentary so much…and there is room in my life for more Doctor Who gadgetry – already have the movie!

  47. San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento…someplace beginning with S.

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