Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraStormWarningIt’s an audio-based Extra! this week! Join Deb, Erika, and Liz as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first televised appearance of the 8th Doctor by talking about his first audio appearance! That’s right, it’s Storm Warning. And because we love Big Finish so much, we digress a LOT and talk about many other Big Finish stories we love–whether they include 8 or not. When it comes to DW audios, it’s near-impossible to keep us on track, and we’re A-OK with that!

Have you heard Storm Warning? If so, what do you think of it? And do you think it’s a good starting place for a new BF listener? Let us know in the comments!


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Download or listen now (runtime 51:12)  

Comments on: "Extra! – The Oncoming Storm Warning" (7)

  1. ZodinsBrother said:

    I was hoping for a Eurovision special

  2. that was my first big finish a year ago and since then i’ve listened A LOT more including the latest 10th doctor ones. they’re great

  3. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Nice discussion. It was so exciting to get 8th Doctor adventures at the time. This was a great beginning.

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    New Verity! Extra!

  5. “Storm Warning” was my first Big Finish audio. I didn’t get heavily into them until a few years later when the downloads were added. An online friend introduced me and basically said more or less the same as the Verity discussion. Ignore the tv movie, this starts off fresh and you can easily pick up the storyline. I was already a big zeppelin/airships fan, so the R-101 disaster backdrop was just catnip for me. (One historical nitpick that I cannot ignore was the teasing reference to the better known Hindenburg — the zeppelin wasn’t even named until a few years *after* the R-101 crash.) In some ways I see “Storm Warning” as a classic nuWho not-quite-historical where it’s set in a historical time period but of course aliens are involved somehow. I loved Charley in these early adventures. The opening monologue never bothered me partly because I’m used to audio drama and partly because it fit the mental image of the Doctor as the slightly scatterbrained crazy uncle. I do prefer the longer audio adventures to the ones with Lucie Miller.

  6. As the novels were really where my heart was, I didn’t pay much attention to those first few years of Big Finish. The bits I heard were decent but the cost felt prohibitive for a US Fan. Storm Warning was one of the few I listened to over those early years and I was intrigued. It was still a few years until I fully dove in when Big Finish had a sale on the Lucie Miller run. McGann’s Doctor has had a phenomenal evolution from Storm Warning to the current sets.

    The one hour format makes for a solid introduction until you get used to the medium. As a classic fan, I prefer the longer plays at this point. Cliffhangers are such a big part of Doctor Who! Erika nailed it when describing the multi-part stories as “coming home.”

    And yes, the Unbound series is amazing! Those were the plays I went out of my way to acquire during the early years. The ending of Full Fathom Five haunts me to this day.

  7. Don Pettyjohn said:

    Storm Warning was one of my first audios that I picked up after I found Big Finish when the 50th Anniversary release came out. That was when I really fell in love with audiobooks. I think I am up to just over 600 titles now from them in my collection.

    I was so pleased to meet India Fisher at Gallifrey One this past February, she is one of my favorite companions, right there with the wonderful Jenna Coleman who I am getting to meet today for the first time here in Kansas City. Anyway, India was such a wonderful and playful person, who made Jason Haigh-Ellery nearly blush when India signed my photo “Thanks for being my first. Love, India”. I was her first photo-op of the day. You just have to love a company that has stars that treat the fans so nicely.

    Another audio that I am looking forward to is “Chimes of Midnight” that is being re-released on records. The artwork just looks wonderful. The story is great also.

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