Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtrAVAIt’s another “ask Verity! Extra!” Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy (who ran out of time to do our homework for our planned Extra!). We decided to punt and let you do the work! Thanks to all the listeners who tweeted us questions to answer!

Have a question for the Verities? Ask in the comments, and we’ll bank those questions with the ones we didn’t have time to answer this time!


Download or listen now (runtime 58:22)  

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  1. Dear Verities! Either my phone’s playing up or you’ve uploaded the Storm Warning extra again by mistake? Sorry to be all business, love the show!

    • The link was pointing to last week’s episode (I guess my update didn’t save right), but that’s been fixed now so try refreshing the page or clearing your cache, & it should work!

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    We answer your questions!

  3. Lynne’s mention of her Phantom of the Opera teen fandom reminded me that I also went through a similar phase, and that I co-wrote what I can only describe as Phantom comedy fanfic with a friend for a good 2 years in high school – we would write a segment during one class, and hand it off to the other between classes, and the story (such as it was) continued for ages, often with illustrations. But until about a month ago, I hand entirely forgotten any of this ever happened; it’s odd what memory bubbles back up again unbidden.

    But as you all said, yes, it would be fabulous to have a Me and Clara spinoff. And I would happily co-sign for a River Song/Jack Harkness travel drinking show – a bit like The Supersizers Go… with Sue Perkins, but cattier!

  4. Nobody mentioned my favorite Dr. Who theme: the Double Clicks version, performed on the cat-keyboard synthesizer. Watch it on YouTube for the full effect.

  5. Great podcast! It was so nice to know something more about you, you are all awesome. I’m glad you at least mentioned a Clara and Me!spinoff – it might me obvious, but I would love to have one so much it’s so frustrating that we can’t. Also, since I have given it a lot of thought (I spend to more time thinking about these sort of things than real problems), if someone were to ask me who I’d like as a prank mate, I’d already have the answer to that: Virginia Woolf and Agatha Christie. I’m partial to awesome lady writers, too.

    What was the name of that comic on tumblr that was mentioned during the podcast?

  6. I’ve a question! My son is fast approaching 3 and recognises Doctor Who all over the place, but has yet to watch more than a 3 minutes of an episode (when it was on, we didn’t watch it in his presence, usually when he was asleep). I believe Tansy has answered similar questions before, but not with my particular criteria (as basically advice on children – the parents are always going to know what suits their child better than anyone else):

    Which is the least scary Doctor Who story for a child? Criteria would be – if classic series, would need to be able to keep their attention, and quality of special effects is not an issue (I remember having nightmares about the giant rats in Talons of Weng Chiang when I was 11-ish, and they look naf now as an adult)

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