Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraIDO5It’s time for another silly Extra! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we defend the very-nearly-indefensible. We had some excellent topics left over from our live show at Gallifrey One, so we put them to good use!

Do you have some topics you’d like us to defend on a future In Defence Of? Let us know in the comments!

ETA: The poll! I almost forgot to include this. But it’s totally not because I’m afraid I’ll lose. Absolutely not…



Download or listen now (runtime 53:24)  

Comments on: "Extra! – In Defence of…5 Rounds Rapid" (5)

  1. I voted for Kat. Her experience in improvisational theater clearly has given her a tiny edge in this sort of thing. All of the answers were entertaining, but Kat just took the cake, for me. Her answer for why the Tennant’s Doctor is the worst doctor was the deal breaker. Loved it.

    My only real criticism of the game is: I don’t see any reason you all need a moderator to play this on the podcast. In front of a live audience it makes sense, but in this case I think Deb just chickened out. Make a google spreadsheet of all the good subjects, number them, and then use a random generator to pick the next one. The person with the random generator says “We’re doing number 17” take turns being first as you did, but the first person reads the question, and then defends it, followed by each of the others in turn. Anybody can keep time and ring a bell, you just need two people (and two bells I guess) so someone else can do it when it’s Deb’s turn.

    On a more serious note, I definitely agree that some of the subjects used in today’s podcast were not really in the spirit of the game. It’s more fun to hear defense of something mildly controversial than something outrageous. I think we might all be amused by “Love and Monsters is the best episode ever” but it’s not really fun to hear a defense of “Doctor Who is bad television” or “so-and-so is a bad actor”. A little more editing (out) of certain questions and topics might be more fun.

    Having said all that, thanks again for what you all do! This remains the only podcast I listen to as soon as possible after it’s released. Everything else is downloaded and waits for me to be in the right mood hours, days, or even weeks later. (On a related note, Erika, I finally started my re-watch of Babylon 5, and so I am listening to the terrific Audio Guide to Babylon 5 podcast with Erika, Chip, and Shannon.)

  2. Risa Romano said:

    Hooray! My topic finally got a defense! These are such good fun and I loved it live at Gally. Difficult to vote on this one…

  3. Terrence Keenan said:

    My vote went to Kat. She was quite Brill.

  4. Ari B. said:

    When I was in grad school, there was a waitress at my favorite deli named Tegan. A brief conversation revealed that her parents were huge Whovians, and she did, in fact, have a sister named Perpugiliam. Like Ms. Brown, she also went by Peri.

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