Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityEpisode112It’s a rare Verity! two-hander! Join Erika and Lynne as we chat about Doctor Who‘s first female director Paddy Russell, specifically, her final story “Horror of Fang Rock”. Turns out there are a number of reasons this story works as a “first”, so we’re still well within our annual theme. Totally. Really.

What do you think of “Fang Rock” and Paddy’s direction? Do you find it as atmospheric and moody and delightful as we do? Or do you think it’s a lot of talking in small rooms? Let us know in the comments!


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Download or listen now (runtime 1:09:56) 

Comments on: "112 – Paddy Russell (Fang) Rocks!" (7)

  1. microtoast said:

    I can’t resist a knitting question, and I have envied Leela’s fantastic sweater for years. If you’re not interested in knitting it yourself, searching for “marled turtleneck sweater” turns out some decent results. But if none of those suit your fancy, or if you’d rather make your own, I also found a pattern that makes a pretty good likeness:

  2. You should have rebranded as Paddy! just for this week!

  3. A version I heard of the Louise/Tom interaction during this story was that Louise, having now signed up for a full series, finally felt secure enough to call Tom for his constant treading on her lines – after which Tom had a bit more respect for her.

  4. Bob Gallagher said:

    I was glad of this episode, because it’s been years since I had watched this story, and had forgotten a lot of the production details.

    This episode has a special bit of notoriety among Chicago-are Whovians of a certain age, as it was the episode during which a pirate hijacked the WTTW television signal for two minutes of oddness. Video link is below, if you’d care to watch.

  5. james McC said:

    I watched the Horror of Fang Rock when first shown on the BBC and have always enjoyed it. Colin Douglas the keeper in the story; was a well known and respected actor. I can’t remember him ever giving a bad performance.

    Louise Jameson was fantastic as always. After she left Dr Who I was always drawn to watch any television programmes she was appearing in: The Omega Factor, Bergerac and Tenko – The Omega Factor I remember being brilliant; Bergerac she wasn’t much in it, being the girlfriend, but Tenko was the most brilliant, set in a women’s Japanese prisoner of war camp. Interesting most writers were women but the producers men, and some of the women went on to produce their own shows.

    Regarding Horror of Fang Rock, Mark Campbell in his “Dr Who, The Episode Guide” gives it a 10/10 and states it is “superlative in every way”, but perhaps more interestingly is Campbell’s entry under Pyramids Of Mars also directed by Paddy Russell: writer Stephen Harris – pseudonym for Robert Holmes and PADDY RUSSELL.

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