Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraPitchIt’s a fantasy-casting Verity! Extra! Join Deb, Katrina, and Lynne as they let their imaginations run wild and try to pitch fantastical (or actually, historical) ideas for future Doctor Who episodes, complete with mismatched Doctors and companions, historical figures, guest cast members, and a healthy dose of wet Colin Firth.

This Extra! is lovingly dedicated to the Time Scoop Podcast, in which panelists compete in a fantasy draft choosing a Doctor, a companion, a monster or villain, a writer, and two wild card elements that best exemplify what they love about Who.

What would you like to see in a future DW ep? Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 38:39)  

Comments on: "Extra! – Build-Your-Own Who" (15)

  1. terminuspodcast said:

    Yay, I’m about to listen to this now!

    And I definitely recommend the Time Scoop podcast, by the way (which has sadly just gone on hiatus). I was even a guest on episode 4 and it was lots and lots of fun. 🙂

    • terminuspodcast said:

      Found my old notes from the podcast to see what I chose. Here is what I came up with:

      + Doctor: Seven
      + Companion: Martha Jones
      + Villain/Monster: Omega (as played by Stephen Thorne, not Ian Collier or even Peter Davison)
      + Writer: Ben Aaronovitch
      + Wild Card #1: Izzy Sinclair/Izzy Somebody (late 90s Doctor Who Magazine comic companion, and, as a lesbian, first unequivocal out queer companion!)
      + Wild Card #2: Andrew Cartmel as script editor

      + Title: ‘The Lowest Mark’ — because a) that is where Omega got his nickname: the Omega was the lowest mark/grade you could get at the Time Lord academy and b) it was a play on the term ‘mark’ as a target of a con.

      + Plot Outline:
      * Kind of a sequel to ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ and things like ‘The Three Doctors’ and ‘Arc of Infinity’.
      * Martha and Izzy both get transported into the ‘TV’ while watching a late 90s obscure SciFi show called ‘Theta Sigma’ — or rather, they get transported into an anti matter world created by Omega to resemble the TV show. All via some sort of Time Lord science, of course. It happens to them because they’ve time-traveled in their lives and thus have vortex residue in their DNA now and Omega used this to draw any time travelers into his trap, hoping to actually trap the Doctor as well.
      * Soon the Seventh Doctor is also drawn into the anti matter world as well, as he was tipped off to check it out by an anonymous message which is actually a trap for him.
      * Omega is trying to get the Doctor to give up the location to where he’s hidden ‘The Hand of Omega’ so he can have it and its power back in order to create a new race of Time Travelers to destroy the Time Lords.
      * The Doctor — finding his two (future) companions trapped in the anti matter world — then works with them to defeat Omega and get them back to their universe intact.

  2. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek and commented:

    In which I determine that Doctor Who requires additional wet Colin Firth. Because reasons.

  3. i would love a male companion for once (it can be with a girl too,) but i love the 2nd doctor era dinamic. and also the future so my episode would be there. and for a monster i would bring back the draconians from Frontier in space (best makeup of Classic Who)

  4. Risa Romano said:

    Yes! I highly recommend listening to the Time Scoop podcast (I was a guest on it once)! It’s a lot of fun. My episode had 10, Jamie, Susan as the catalyst character (on a wild card), the Meddling Monk as the villain, Catherine Tregenna as the writer, and it took place in Regency era Scotland (the era was my 2nd wild card). And I want to see all these fictional episodes.

  5. alexis said:

    the Doctor Who episodes i would love to se are a multi-master specail. and an edition where you get all the actors from all creatures great and small that star peter davision too. thought some of the actors might be dead. maybe a mutli- \Ramona special too has Ramona yet meet the master if they have do it again but a with Missy. . and why dose thae master almost never have a companion

    io have an idea for an episode iof varitey which doctor would match up best with what supper hero or fight best against which supper villian. how about doctor who meet 007 james bond or star wars. they have already made star treck doctor who cross over comicsl.

  6. Enjoyed this morning’s Extra. Whoever came up with the idea of the Doctor trapped on a television and browsing channels – I’ll take that a bit further. Instead, it would be a homage to the classic Warner Bros. cartoon “Duck Amuck”, only it would be “Doc Amuck” where Tennant’s Doctor keeps getting drawn in ridiculous situations (like “Fear Her” only better). I can imagine him going “What? WHAT?! WHAT!!” during each scenario. And in the end the camera pulls back from the drawing board revealing Tom Baker having a hearty laugh.

    Incidentally, I did a similar game on one of my podcast episodes, and it was only after releasing it did I find out about the “Time Scoop” podcast (which I should really check out soon). You can hear it at

  7. Saxon_Brenton said:

    Fantasy Dr Who pitches? Catnip! A very small selection…

    The high concept: ‘Stereotypical Australian soap opera is menaced by the aesthetic of the movie Picnic At Hanging Rock’.
    As an aside it’s a Christmas story set in Australia, and wallows in the fact that it’s summer in the southern hemisphere December. Hot, and except for the most dramatic story moments the soundtrack includes the droning of circadas. In terms of Dr Who plots this would be a ‘base under siege’ story, since it’s set in a small town with beach on one side and surrounded by bushland on the other.
    Start the story with soap opera shenanigans as locals prepare for Christmas. Then have the town cut off when something mysterious happens. Cue drama as different people react in different ways. Cue more drama as the Doctor berates them for behaving so badly. The mildest version of the mystery is where the Doctor doesn’t know exactly the nature and way to solve the problem from previous experience, and has to feel his way towards a solution with lots of fear for his own safety. The strong version (better in keeping with the Picnic vibe) is that like in ‘Midnight’ the Doctor never finds out what is going on and only survives because of the intervention of others. Which brings us to the fake-out guest monsters. The ultimate cause of the problem remains unknown, but as a bait-and-switch there are knock off versions of the Banksia Men from the May Gibbs childrens stories, who are briefly misunderstood as villains. That misunderstanding almost brings about tragedy. (I have this creepy image for about halfway through the story, of the Doctor and his companion out investigating and walking through the bushland around the town. As they pass underneath a banksia tree one of the seed cones opens its eyes in a creepy way and stands up and follows them along the branches to spy on them. then the camera pulls back and the viewer is left wondering how many of the gazillion seed cones in the bushland is also a tiny monster.)

    Another story, this one using established Dr Who villains: a Doctor Lite story that is essentially a Draconian historical. Don’t do a big ‘the universe is threatened’ epic. Do a small scale drama of ‘Draconian Romeo And Juliet’. Follow the Shakespeare original closely up until a major plot point, and then swerve to remind the viewer that these are aliens, and that their reactions, opinions, and social mores don’t have to follow human responses.

  8. Gary Schaper said:

    This one I’ve always envisioned with Amy, Rory, and the Eleventh Doctor, although potentially it could work with other crews where the companions have a good (and playful) connection with each other separately from the Doctor. Maybe the Peri & Erimem team from Big Finish, as they certainly had a tendency to “team up” against him.

    Anyway, the idea is that the Doctor has *finally* steered himself and his friends to one of those well-deserved holidays that he’s always saying he’ll take them on, which never actually works out because the plot of a typical episode happens instead. This time, it works out fine. The team makes to some fantastic locale where they can relax. And *nothing* goes wrong. And by five to ten minutes into the episode, the Doctor is going straight up the wall because a vacation devoid of monsters and mayhem is what he claims to want but would actually be insanely dull to him.

    Companions to the rescue! In the absence of a genuine menace to Paradise, the companion team have to engineer a faux alien invasion or deadly mystery for the Doctor to “solve” while keeping him in the dark that this is what they’re doing.

    There are some potential turns to this idea. The one that shouldn’t be used is for a genuine threat to actually occur. Possibly, there could be some potential disaster entirely of the companions’ making (or the Doctor’s) that they need to deal with, while the companions keep the Doctor from finding out how things have gone awry, that spoiling the “fun”.

    Of course, at the denouement, it could well be played that the Doctor actually knew what the companions were up to, and *he* was playing along to keep *their* game entertaining….

  9. I’m not generally a fanfiction type, but I want to extend the idea that came up in the episode: Romana 2, Barbara and Zoe are: “The Smart Team.”

    Bringing back old villains tends to make the story into a showcase, but if I have to – either a similarly smart one as a manipulator (so the Master, probably, and Delgado will always be the canonical Master for me) or someone who simply deploys brute force so effectively that out-thinking them is hard.

    Setting, a space cruise liner in flight – locked spaceship mystery. (I liked The Nightmare of Eden. Vervoids, not so much.)

    I think you missed a trick: Helen Mirren as the Rani? Or perhaps Kate McCartney, an Australian comedian; “The Katering Show” is probably her easiest-to-find work.

  10. Reverend Hexar said:

    Companion (I keep visualizing Clara) has to find The Doctor, with the help of one of the straw golems from the Family of Blood, a rogue Cyberman and a catkind. They track him to the Azure Citadel, where he is rumored to be held by a malevolent wizard (spoiler: it’s the Doctor, it was the only way he could get a break)

  11. Thanks for the kind words on the Time Scoop podcast! This episode was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see how much history (fictional or reality) played into the seasons proposed. It feels like there is so much to be mined from historicals still in the new series. I especially love the idea of a punk rock episode! Quincy had one, why can’t we?!

    One mash-up story I never had a chance to use involves the War Doctor and Sara Kingdom chasing down the Rani. She’s using Tetraps (big bat people with an eye on each side of their head) to collect Weeping Angels. Her plan is to weaponize the Weeping Angels against the Daleks during the Time War. Needless to say, The Doctor wants to stop this terrible idea from happening.

  12. David from San Diego said:

    Two quick hits:

    1. Crossover between Who and another franchise: I want to see the Twelfth Doctor meet Alf. I can almost here him berating Alf. Funnily, I can’t imagine Alf meeting/interacting with any other Doctor.

    2. Hallmark Movies – okay, I admit, I *may* watch those stupid Christmas movies over my wife’s shoulder. There was one movie last month, starring Lacey Chabert (who is in a lot of them), that had her waking up to a totally different reality (where she’s married, has kids, etc). I actually asked my wife to record it so I could watch it. I’m sure it’s pretty hokey, but, it was such a sci-fi “alternative universe” concept, I was surprised it was a Hallmark Movie, and I’m curious to see what the writers did with it.

  13. Andrew said:

    The franchise crossover which occurred to me – 2nd Doctor meets Steed & Mrs Peel. That would be utterly delightful. Thanks for asking the question, as I hadn’t realised until then what a gap there had been in my life 🙂

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