Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

VerityExtraDWQuotesDo you sometimes find yourself in a conversation that’s entirely made up of quotations from your favorite show? If so, is that show Doctor Who? Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we delve into why people quote things, what significance that can have socially, what makes a good quote, and what a quote says about the character or the person doing the quoting. It’s a fascinating conversation, liberally sprinkled with–you guessed it–Doctor Who quotations!

What are your favorite DW quotes? Any good quote-related stories? Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 40:55)  

Comments on: "Extra! – Would You Like A Doctor Who Quote?" (15)

  1. Can I split it to New Who and Classic Who? New Who – I think this is my particular favourite (hate the episode though – Tooth & Claw)

    10th Doctor “You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room is the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself”

    (and here is the clip:

  2. And I have found myself saying this “I never talk nonsense. Well, hardly never”. And we all say “I see you’ve made a right hash of this” over the course of time….

    I once discovered an acquaintance was a Doctor Who fan when they exclaimed they were so cold their knees were turning blue.

  3. Lovely Podcasd.
    So here are my Gallifrey One Ribbons:
    2013- missed the opportunity in my ignorance
    2014-“No, it means no!”
    “Just this one everybody lives”
    2015-“Look at the bright side, I’m not a Dalek”
    “An abnormally within an impossibility.”
    2016- “A trim time-ship and a ship
    shape team.’
    “I’m a Knight Errant, not an errant fool!”
    He had me at “Kidneys”
    2017- undecided but thinking about: “I’ll explain later”

    However all time favorite quote from Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan is
    “Whether the bear beats the wolf or the wolf beats the bear, the rabbit always loses.” Spoken by Naneave.

  4. Cynthia said:

    Loved playing along with Quote the Doctor in the car on my way to work today. Yelled the answer repeatedly when no one got my favorite Doctor’s quote. Where’s the love for Old Sixie?

  5. bekitty3 said:

    Twelfth Doctor giving advice for life: “Don’t be lasagna.”

    • thegirlfromgallifreyblog said:

      Its the most important piece of advice i have ever been given

  6. good fun. you don’t want this kind of thing

  7. Risa Romano said:

    This is A favorite if not THE favorite and always springs to mind when people ask me my favorite line from the show: “Are all people like this? So much bigger on the inside?” -Idris to 11 in the Doctor’s Wife.

    I believe that 2nd Doctor quote to Zoe was from Wheel in Space (Zoe’s introductory story). One of my favorite eras! 🙂

  8. My favorite will always be “Think about me when you’re living your life one day after another, all in a neat pattern. Think about the homeless traveler and his old police box, with his days like crazy paving.” from Dragonfire, by way of Cartmel.

  9. BJ Wanlund said:

    I have a fair few I love. The two and only two from New Who are “…it’s all the days you stay dead” from Heaven Sent and “Hello sweetie”… River Song’s catchphrase.

    The ones I love from Classic Who are all about to get far, far more play, thanks to recent events. “I AM YOUR SERVANT?”; “DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY!”; and “WE WILL GET OUR POWER!”

    I’m not going to say from whence it comes, and have fun watching the guessing games 😉

  10. I think one can divide quotes broadly into something that stands alone (“I wear fezzes now”) and something that makes more sense in context (“Oh, marvellous. You’re going to kill me. What a finely-tuned response to the situation”). To me, something that’s only a catch-phrase is less interesting than something that causes the hearer to think about that time when (though the catch-phrase is easier for people to pick up).

    And then there are the ones that become catch-phrases through repetition (“I’m so sorry”, “Hello sweetie”).

  11. One silly quote that I love for no good reason, and no one else uses it ever, was from Ten in Doomsday. ‘They may kill me dead, but the moral high ground is *mine*!’

  12. thegirlfromgallifreyblog said:

    (Drunk) It’s you! You’re my favourite! You are the best, you know why? Cause you’re so thick! You’re mister thick thickity thick face from thicktown thickannia. And so is your Dad!

    This is my favorite quote from the new who


    But the one i use the most is this ^ esspecialy when i am in class and the teacher asks why I know the answer


  13. There’s a word for the concept y’all were discussing about quotes being a way of showing in-group membership. They are shibboleths – a thing spoken that proves one’s membership of a group, because only those in the group know the right way to say them and how to respond.

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