Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityextradownunderIt’s an extra-special Verity! Extra! for you all today. Join Deb and Tansy as they do a quick intro for a live panel Tansy did at Conflux 12 in Canberra! With special Australian honorary guest-Verities Tehani Croft and Kate Orman!

Hooray for more live Verity! — all over the world!


Download or listen now (runtime 1:00:34)  

Comments on: "Extra! – Verity! Down Under" (11)

  1. Hooray! I’ve been hoping for a Tansy & Kate conversation for yonks. A follow up conversation will be fascinating.

    Kate is the queen of In Defence Of…

    • Neil Ottenstein said:

      Yes, in fact please make such follow-up conversations a regular thing.

  2. G’Day! Loving this episode Tansy, it is so well done! One of the many things I love about Verity is the international perspective, so please please do another Verity Down Under in the future.

    I love you all madly and am going to become a Patron because of how impressively creative and fun the podcasts have been during this tough wilderness year.

    Would you ever think about doing a Verity Behind the Scenes episode where you maybe talk about how you plan out the podcasts, how you actually do them, what equipment you use and the like. I would love to hear you leave in some the pre-podcast banter that happens between all of you too like you did for the April Fools episode.

    Also wanted you to know I always appreciate the professional sound of the podcast too, even during the silly and sublime. Thank you all!

  3. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Just started listening to this. it is great to hear from Kate Orman. I went to local Doctor Who fan meetings with Jon Blum and remember reading about Kate on rec.arts.drwho. Now to finally hear her voice ….

  4. That was a fun extra! It was lovely to hear all those Australian accents. Not that I have an issue with American or Canadian accents, but it’s nice to have a bit of variety once in a while. Can I put in a suggestion for Liz to host a Scots only extra at some point? 😀

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  6. This was wonderful, thanks! (from another Australian who feels left out of cons…)

  7. thegirlfromgallifreyblog said:

    You guys are Aussies? Sorry I am probably annoying you with ALL my comments but COOL!

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  9. Yay Tansy and Kate!

    I first encountered Kate Orman’s work via her critical essays in the Australian Who fanzine Burnt Toast. They made quite an impression on me because I experienced a leap of recognition when I first saw her name attached to the New Adventures. When I finally got the chance to read her work I was not at all let down – she still stands up as one of the best writers of Who fiction, period.

    At the time when I was tracking down as many of the out-of-print New Adventures as I could, I was lucky enough to be able to order a number of signed contributor copies directly from Kate. I never actually met her, but I followed her Livejournal (back when that was a thing) and it was great to finally hear her voice.

    Oh and Tansy? If you’re having trouble tracking down any of her books, I’d be prepared to loan some to you. (I’m in Victoria rather than Tasmania, but we could work something out.)

  10. You have no idea how happy this episode makes me! I’ve intermittently been online-pals with Kate and/or Jon for decades (!!! OMG!!! =:oo ) now, and yet I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever heard Kate’s voice! And so much of it! And she’s as awesome at “In Defence Of” as she is at writing! How cool is *that*?!? =:oD

    And such a timely one for to crop up on my rotation yesterday, too. I was stuck in my kitchen, rather than the my back room, with only a tablet for company waiting for a parcel to arrive, ‘cos I live surrounded by a builders’ yard and have to listen really carefully for knocks at the door – or pamp out within easy eashot of it – or I miss them. Well, the parcel never arrived… But I had Verity Down Under for company for an hour, at least. =:o}

    Thankyou so much for this one, Tansy & co.

    Gonna listen again now, while enjoying my first two morning cuppas and seeing if Mr/Ms Postie finally makes an appearance…

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