Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityextraclassThis Extra! brings you another first–the first episode of the Doctor Who YA spinoff series Class. Join Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we spew squee all over the place for this new series!

And we apologize to our US-based listeners for talking about something you can’t yet (legitimately) watch. But please feel free to save this Extra! until next spring when it premieres with Doctor Who.


Download or listen now (runtime 51:34)  


Comments on: "Extra! – A Touch of Class" (13)

  1. Great podcast as usual. I wish I had enjoyed Class as much as you all did. I just can’t stop thinking that Ness just lifted the best parts of Harry Potter and seeded a Doctor Who spinoff with them. Instead of learning magic at Hogwarts, the students of Cole Hill must learn to fight off aliens constantly stepping through a rift. The evil Professor Snape or Miss Quill is bound against her will to protect Harry, er… Charlie despite what she might choose for herself. And the remote & legendary hero Dumbledore/The Doctor just passes on sage/useless wisdom and useful gadgets (invisibility cloak/alien leg). Now perhaps I’m just being bit glib but that’s really how lightly I took the content of the first 2 episodes.

    Also, unlike you all, I enjoyed the Doctor’s appearance in the pilot more than any other part of the show. He’s been off of our screens for far too long and I was very grateful to see him. I’ve missed him terribly! For me, I’ve seen enough of Class. The gratuitous gore and the YA plots just aren’t my cup of tea. Thankfully for them, I’m FAR from the target audience.

    • Interesting that you say that because I didn’t like Harry Potter at first because it reminded me too much of a couple of series I’d loved–not for those same reasons, but for other similarites. The Dark Is Rising is about a young boy who turns 11 and discovers he has magic powers and has to learn how to use them and navigate a world that’s completely different from anything he’s ever known. And Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic also predate Harry Potter, and that’s about a young English boy with round glasses (it’s a graphic novel, & the kid looks just like Harry) who learns he has magic powers and has to figure out how to use them. He even has an owl.

      If you’re looking for sheer originality, Rowling didn’t have it either. (And probably there were other works previous to my faves that were similar to them as well.) Stories about a group of kids in school are gonna have some elemen’s in common with each other. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be very realistic representation of the school experience. And the archetypal character types of the jock, nerd, nice kid, etc. aren’t new either. So I had no problem with any minor elements it had in common with Potter or any other YA/mid-grade works I’ve read/seen.

      • You make excellent points about YA in general and J K Rowling’s originality in particular. Thanks for the great reading list! I’m going to check out both series you mentioned!

        As for Class, I must admit it’s probably not to my taste because I’ve never been into this televised genre. I’ve never watched Buffy and haven’t felt inspired to do so. In fact the last sort of YA shows I ever watched were 21 Jump Street and Saved By The Bell! Yes, I’m pretty ancient!

        And, sadly, Harry Potter is the only YA book series I’ve read and didn’t really wind up liking it much in the end. Maybe I’ll read the books you’ve mentioned then give Class another chance when it airs on BBCA next year.

      • I still haven’t read all of Harry Potter because it felt too derivative to me – like a shadow of books I loved as a child, but not familiar enough to be an old friend.

  2. terminuspodcast said:

    There actually *was* Barbara’s name on the wall in the first episode. 🙂


  3. terminuspodcast said:

    Also, Susan’s name *was* on the list of people with Danny and Clara. Her name was all the way to the left. So, I’m guessing its a list of people from the school who’ve died. 🙂

  4. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Yes, BBCA is Classless at the moment 😦 I’ll have to visit this in the spring.

  5. Sarah said:

    I was able to watch the first episode despite being in the USA and deprived by BBCA (never mind how). I watched it because of my great thirst for Capaldi’s Doctor and, unlike you, wasn’t disappointed; apart from Miss Quill (and her “Leave us! We are decorating!” attitude which, yes, definitely reminds me of B7’s Kerr Avon), that was the best thing for me. Well, to be fair, so’s the diversity. Unsure why I don’t feel inclined to watch the rest, as it’s only 8 eps in all. Will probably wait for BBCA’s airing. (My first time ever watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer was to check out the finale, then proceeded to watch every bit of the series in reruns, which I could do very quickly because there was a channel that “stripped” it M-F. I was too old to be the target audience, but found it to be great fun. Wonder if I’m feeling “too old” for Class. If that’s the reason, then I’d probably better watch it as a bit of a self-challenge, LOL.)

    • Perhaps it will make us feel younger? 😉
      My husband wondered who the target audience was intended to be, if it’s too scary/bloody to be for kids, but set in a school. Possibly the graduates of the Sarah Jane Adventures market? They’d be late teens now, or thereabouts? And adults who like YA adventures, of course. I clearly don’t know much about marketing such things.

    • I was also thinking I might be too old for Class, but the content is hardly for little kids, right? Lol. I like it, I guess, and as long as it’s in the Who-universe, I’ll watch it.

  6. thegirlfromgallifreyblog said:

    I havent watched the trailer yet as I suspect it is a shitty spinoff… ” dark, sexy, right now-Britains Buffy”. 🤔

    Should I?

  7. Haha! Now I can listen to it 🙂

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