Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityepisode121Series 1 continues! Join Deb, Erika, and Katrina as we discuss a serious Slitheen, a crowded TARDIS, immature breakups, and more! “Boom Town” tends to be a bit of a forgotten episode, so we tried to give it its due.

How do you feel about this ep? Did you forget about it? Or do you find the personal drama exciting? Let us know in the comments!


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Bonus link:
9th Doctor comics from Titan

Download or listen now (runtime 1:04:02)

Comments on: "121 – Booming the Town" (2)

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    New Verity!

  2. If you want even more adventures of the 9th Doctor, Rose, & Jack time team – in addition to the excellent comics (which you mentioned) – you may want to check out the six 9th Doctor novels that were published in-between series 1 & 2.

    In a bit of pre-planned tie-in, some of the places referenced in Boomtown were visited in the novel range. For example, Rose mentions that she and the Doctor have been to Justicia, which is the star system that they visit in the New Series Adventures novel “The Monsters Inside” by Stephen Cole.

    The first three are 9th & rose but the other three novels are w/Jack as well and are: “The Deviant Strain” by Justin Richards, “Only Human” by Gareth Roberts, and “The Stealers of Dreams” by Steve Lyons.

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