Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityextrapodcasting2It’s another introspective Verity! Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we take our turn talking about the genesis of the podcast and what we’ve gotten out of/learned from it.

Have you listened from the beginning? Or started recently and dipped back to old episodes? Do you think we’ve changed or grown? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. I first discovered you folks a few months ago via Down and Safe, and Verity quickly became my favourite fancast — critical but never cruel, with such love for all the little corners of the DW universe, and good-sounding too. Through this [sonic] of a year, listening to back eps has been my go-to self-care. Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do!

  2. Anthony Strand said:

    I discovered Verity! in March 2015 when Phil Sandifer of TARDIS Eruditorum mentioned it in one of his posts. It was only the second Doctor Who podcast I’d ever listened to. The first was Debating Doctor Who, which is focused entirely on the new series. So I was surprised and delighted when the discussion on Verity! (Ep. 70 – Intellectual Squee-quals) covered not only the old and new series, but also novels and Big Finish.

    I went back and eventually listened to the entire back catalog (except for three episodes on stories I still haven’t seen) and I look forward to it every week. You’re such a great mix of personalities, and the show is so much fun. Thanks to all six of you for being wonderful!

  3. Normally I’d just drop you a line on Twitter but today I’m inspired to gush a little. I’ve been listening to Verity! since the beginning, and I consider it one of my favourites. This year I was considering not attending Chicago TARDIS, and I delayed getting my membership until I could verify that Verity! would be there on the Sunday, the only day I could go.You were, and I did. I made a point to say hello to Erika but Lynne remains elusive. Some day… 🙂

    In the early days, I remember that Verity! was something of an Interrupt-a-thon (lag, I suppose) but I think you found out how to work around that and now I never notice you talking over each other. Production quality started good and got better (perhaps Liz got a new chair and Tansy a new microphone? Now I think of it, I haven’t heard Marie Cat much either…) to the point where I notice poorer quality in other podcasts, which makes it harder to listen to them.

    Here’s a thing that strikes me about your podcast: the kindness and warmth. I’m both impressed and humbled by the inclusiveness of this corner of the Doctor Who fandom – you always strive to be non-judgmental of people, progressive in outlook, and welcoming. I always hear fresh viewpoints different from my own, sometimes challenging my preconceptions about something or other. I really do think this has helped me to become kinder and more mindful of others in my daily life. For that, I applaud and thank you.

    Fan for life,

  4. I’m so happy I found Verity! when it started. I was someone who had downloaded the teaser right after Christmas four years ago. A friend at the time had mentioned it was in the works (thanks to Laura from Minneapolis). I can remember listening to the very first episode in January, and though it was a little bit rocky here and there, it was very easy to see the team had great chemistry. Each of you were bringing views that were complementary (or at least contrasting in interesting ways). It was obvious the podcast would be worth sticking with.

    When I started listening, I’d just seen The Snowmen and was excited about Clara as the new companion. In retrospect, it seems a good time to launch the podcast for that reason. I had seen all of the new series up to that point (as well as most of Torchwood). I had also seen most of Tom Baker as it aired on PBS and re-runs of some Jon Pertwee stories, and I’d seen a few stories here and there from most of the other Doctors, but there was a *lot* I hadn’t seen and a lot I didn’t know (although I was fortunate to have already discovered Big Finish).

    In the spring of 2016 I finished watching (or re-watching) all of the classic series of Doctor Who. I know that my appreciation for that material would not be as deep (or well informed) if it were not for Verity! Thank you all for that. I don’t know if I am a better person for having listened to Verity!, but I am certain that I am a happier person and a more well-informed fan as a result. The energy of Verity! fosters a broad-minded approach to classic Who, and very much reinforces the idea that there are positive things to be found in even the weakest stories. The game you sometimes play taking turns defending the almost-indefenseable is fun and silly, but it is also an honest expression of the best of the Verity! philosophy.

    I listen to some other Doctor Who podcasts. Some of my favorites have come and gone sadly—Radio Rassilon and The Ood Cast, to name those I miss most. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, throughout the past four years Verity! is one of the few that I listen to as soon as it drops. I can also say that Verity! has been more consistent in release, more focused and considered in content, and of a much higher technical standard than most other fandom podcasts out there. I get the sense that Erika might deserve a specific shout out for many of the technical bits, but you all contribute to the rest of it.

    I know that some of you get a bit shy and aw shucks in the face of effusive praise, so I’ve stop gushing. Thank you all again, and most of all for seeming to be focused just as much on the future of Verity! as on the past. Everything you all said in the recent episodes, and the emotions you shared, suggest that this fun ride is far from over. I’m strapped in and ready to go! High fives all ’round!

  5. Really enjoyed this one (not that I don’t always enjoy it, but as a particular kind of nerd, I love these Behind the Scenes episodes – is it wrong that I picture everyone being interviewed by a young Mark Hamill in a sports jacket?) – I think it’s hugely important to see how far the podcast has come, both from a technical perspective and for everyone involved.

    I started listening early in your first year, and love that the feminism is always there, even when it’s not specifically called out – making it a natural part of the landscape makes me so very happy. I sometimes wonder if our smaller child would have a different name if it weren’t for the podcast being a constant reminder of the role of female media pioneers – perhaps our Verity can do a photo op with you Verities at Gally!

    All in all, well done all around…and looking forward to more great discussion.

  6. Thank you for this podcast! When I heard it was going to be about Verity! itself, I thought: ‘Oh no, not again!’ But much against my low expectations, this has been very good.
    How long have I been listening now? Three years? And Verity! has been in my podcast top 2 for most of that time. I don’t comment much because I’m not very good at it but I never miss an episode.
    Your candor is much appreciated too. And what a lot of work goes into making it all sound like a breeze! Thanks!

  7. Sarah said:

    I started listening to podcasts three years ago with “Welcome to Night Vale,” and then branched off into news, fandom, science, music…

    I don’t recall when precisely I started listening to Verity! (which was about the same time I picked up on Radio Free Skaro), but know that it was when Capaldi’s Doctor got me interested enough to participate a little in DW fandom again, so, probably 2014. I liked the ‘cast enough to go back and listen to everything I’d missed, whether I liked the period being discussed or not. I’m a cranky old Classic fan who wasn’t thrilled with Eccleston and the skinhead thug act, grew to consider Tennant a despicable weasel, found Smith appealing because he wasn’t Eccleston or Tennant, though he was far too young, and has sadly fallen wildly for Capaldi, sadly because so many apparently think he’s bad and wrong and shouldn’t have been cast and is somehow worse than the worst of any other eras combined. (My feminist perspective has mellowed over the years — there was a podcast I dropped cold on the spot when some “sophisticated” gal proclaimed that Capaldi was just another old white guy, so could be ignored. Well, he’s a hell of an actor, who’s also a weirdly-delightful nerdy old fan, but oh well. Someone remind me why I care about this show at all any longer when I just keep finding the unbearable side of fandom? Thanks for at least giving him a chance, Verity!)

    Okay, so… I apologize for bringing this up, but I’m on the verge of dumping many podcasts because of vocal quality, even if content is good. I’m overly sensitive to voices, and way too many make me cringe. Many podcasters, male and female, have scratchy, grating, grinding voices that sound as if they’re gargling rocks and can’t be good for their vocal cords. I know that vocal fry is the IN thing, and allegedly makes people sound sardonic and sophisticated, but it sends my nerves bonkers to listen to voices that are so rough they almost sound like metallic scraping (which at least half of the Verities have, but so does Chip Sudderth, to mention only one male example, so I’m not solely judging women).

    And now I feel like a troll, so will sign off.

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    ICYMI, we pull back the curtain…

  9. My appreciation for your podcast has grown considerably, now that I know how much work goes into it! You make it sound effortless though. 🙂

    On the subject of whether actors are creators, I’d argue that they are. Surely they create performances? And in the case of those playing the Doctor’s companions, many of them had to create entire characters without much help from the script! So I think they should be acceptable interview subjects. But that’s just my tuppence worth. 🙂

    I’ve been listening to Verity since the early days, and you’ve become my main contact with Who fandom. It’s always a joy to hear what you all think of Who, old and new, and it’s been very enlightening too. I don’t always agree with all of you, but I usually agree with some of you. I certainly look at things differently as a result of my Verity exposure.

  10. Maureen said:

    How about transcribing the Dalek discussion and having the April Fool Verities do a dramatic reenactment? 😉

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