Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityepisode125We did it! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss the very last first for the year. We’re finishing off series one with “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of the Ways”. We talk about this two-parter as well as its place in the context of all of new Who as a season-ender, and it gets a little personal as we discuss how Doctor Who has impacted our lives.

What do you think about these two eps? Do you think they’re the best example of RTD’s finales? And how did you take the regeneration? Was it your first? Or was this process old news to you? Let us know in the comments!


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    New Verity!

  2. terminuspodcast said:

    So glad that Liz brought up her discomfort with Rose’s speech to Jackie and Mickey. That moment has always made me deeply uncomfortable as well and angry, but every time I talk to people about it, they praise how amazing and inspiring the speech is instead. Plus, it just feels as if the show wants me to take Rose’s side in that moment, when I’m actually more #teammickeyandjackie there, for all of the reasons that Liz stated. But yeah, I was starting to think I was just the odd-person-out about the whole thing. Glad to see that I’m not.

  3. David Thiel said:

    FYI, the Children in Need special was released on the Series 2 box set.

    I have probably watched the final scene of “Bad Wolf” a hundred times as well. It gives me shivers every time the Doctor says “No.” The Daleks are pulling their umpteenth “threaten the companion” routine, and he’s not having any of it. Even better is the moment that the Daleks realize that a Doctor with “no weapons, no defenses, no plan” is the most dangerous Doctor of all. Then, of course, there’s the money shot of hundreds of flying Daleks preparing for war. I may have to watch it again.

    I truly wish that the “next episode” trailer on “Boom Town” hadn’t spoiled the Daleks’ entrance. It would’ve been amazing to have gone into “Bad Wolf” thinking that it was some ridiculous, soon-to-be-dated reality TV parody, only to hear that familiar Dalek control room noise 10 minutes from the cliffhanger.

    I was watching pirate copies of these back in the day, something I make no apologies for. Aside from “The Five Doctors,” this was the first time I was seeing “Doctor Who” at more-or-less the same time it was airing in the U.K., and it brought a sense of immediacy. On the Saturday that “The Parting of the Ways” aired, I remember taking a walk on the University of Illinois campus, realizing that *at that very moment*, a few time zones away, the Doctor was facing down thousands of Daleks…and I couldn’t wait to join him.

    • MJ Fouldes said:

      I watched it as it went out on the BBC at the time and I really don’t remember seeing the Dalek spoiler! So I was shocked by the big reveal at the end of Bad Wolf.

      I can’t think how I missed the next time trailer, but I did!

  4. Bruce Mac said:

    Thank you Lynne. Sometimes the victory is getting through the day. This the best Verity podcast ever, and I have listen to them all.

    LMFAO: That’s too much happiness to expect from a Scot…

  5. MJ Fouldes said:

    I just listened to this on my dog walk today. Really interesting.

    I loved this ending. It was the first time Dr Who had really threaded stuff through the whole season to pay off with an epic finale. When the whole Bad Wolf thing was revealed it meant a series re-watch was so rewarding!
    The reveal of The Daleks at the end of the first part was an amazing shock! Some people had been spoilered by trailers but I seem to have missed that. I see the flaws as some of you mention, and I can see why you may be miffed by the Moffat Rewriting, but these don’t worry me. I loved it all and, what we know now about the Doctor’s actions, does not take away from me the enjoyment of it. Loved it. The epicness of the Daleks – FINALLY a proper threat! The return of the Dalek Emperor. And that beautiful regeneration scene.

    Oh and the Children In Need special isn’t that rare. It’s on the boxsets and I always watch it when watching those episodes in order.

    Great podcasts , splendid ladies, all of you!


  6. I know this is going to be a very unpopular position to take. But I was totally surprised by Christopher Eccleston’s transformation into David Tennant. And the only thought that ran through my mind was, “That’s it?!? One stinking season and he wussies out?!? What a quitter.”

    (Sorry, Deb. I’m so, so sorry.)

    Yes, the Children in Need Special is on every incarnation of the Series Two box set, BUT it is buried in the special features. I think a moment that is this important should be more prominent and more readily accessible. It really does feel like an essential part of the story.

    – Michael J

  7. Additional posting:
    Deb, with regards to your opinion about the Doctor’s decision not to use his Rube-Goldberg-doomsday-machine, particularly his decision to be a “Coward. Every time.” Erika is right, and the scene in question has actually been shown in a Big Finish audio story.

    I recently heard the first War Doctor box set from Big Finish, “Only the Monstrous.” And it is AMAZING in every aspect, from the ingenious storyline, to the crisp dialogue, to the stunning new take on the Doctor Who theme, to the outstanding performance by John Hurt.

    In the third story (the title of which is escaping me right now), the Doctor is given a similar decision word for word, and makes the other choice with predictably horrific results. Granted, this was war, and this incarnation of the Doctor is definitely a warrior. But it is clear, in that moment, that he is going to have a very hard time looking at himself in the mirror for a very long time after this. So from over a decade later, it casts a wonderful light on Eccleston’s hollowed expression as he gives that line.

    Whether you’re a fan of the new series (Are we really still calling it that?) or the classics, I STRONGLY recommend that everyone check out the War Doctor stories from Big Finish. They are Doctor Who done right.

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