Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityextraautocomplete01It’s time for a new game! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we try a nifty new game that we shamelessy stole from another podcast. It’s a rollicking good time, and Erika only flounders a little bit as she dons the mantle of “Game Show Host”.

Did you enjoy us trying to think like an idiot? (And do you have feels you just must get out about the casting of the next Doctor?) Let us know in the comments!


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Download or listen now (runtime 42:13) 

Comments on: "Extra! – You Autocomplete Me (aka Think Like an Idiot)" (11)

  1. This was a fantastic, fun game. Looking forward to the next panel!

  2. I’m surprised at the mention of a lot of typing. Can’t you just cut and paste from the message app into the spreadsheet?

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      Well – we had to type the answers INTO the message app. And we have v. good microphones. 😉

      • Ah! I see. Mind you, I always visualize the headset style microphones for these things as well.

        I’ve played a similar game, but it involved a dictionary and writing on slips of paper.

  3. Hilarious! Two thumbs up!

  4. Sarah said:

    I haven’t heard this one yet — must go to work soon and will listen later. However, my “feels” about the casting of the next Doctor are that I don’t care, because fandom and the media have been going on and on and on, ever since Capaldi was cast, about who could play the *next* Doctor. The attitude has been something like, “Oh, he’s the Doctor? Let’s drool all over ourselves about what hot, sexy youngster we can have next.” I resent fandom and the media, and the BBC for mishandling DW with a year’s hiatus, and then another delay while Chibnall goes off on vacation after finishing Broadchurch. Even as big a fanboy as Capaldi’s been would want to leave after this stupidity. I’ve still got resentment issues over the way DW was treated back in 1989, and have been convinced ever since I became 100% Capaldi trash that my love would jinx DW again. So, I’ll watch S10 and will probably dump this fandom after that.

  5. Thanks for the laughs, Verities…That was awesome!

  6. I laughed out loud (literally) on the tram listening to this episode. I have long given up displaying any semblance of sanity while listening to podcasts on public transport (your’s in particular). Normally I manage silent snickers but this episode had me grinning like a maniac and making noise… oh well.
    Would love to see this game return! It was a balm to my sad heart about Capaldi leaving and the state of the world in general. Kudos and hello from Melbourne (Australia, not Florida).

  7. SO much fun! I adore the Incomparable Game Show (pretty sure I got on to that from Erika – I seem to get all my best podcast recommendations from Verity… not to mention twitterers, comics, novels, etc etc) and Erika channels Steve Lutz so well, I was chuckling just for that. No other podcasts give me a better break from the humdrum, and nowadays the total ish (as my daughter would say) of daily life. Best mashup ever! Only criticism is it’s just not long enough. Is there an actual law that Extras have to be shorter than regular episodes? I want all your free minutes in the week darn it! Ok, sorry, I should not complain, as this was awesome. I am very happy just now, and looking forward to the next version with Tansy & Kat. PS Thanks for your statement on the next doctor ish. Let’s just enjoy season 10!

  8. What a fun episode! Even better than Low Definition, which is one of many Incomparable podcasts I enjoy a lot. Just wondering if I should be a little scared that more than once the first possible answer to pop into my head turned out to be one of the choices…
    Thanks, Verities!

  9. This is the best game ever! But can we change the name of it to “Think Like an Idiot…with a BOX”?

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