Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

verityextraannekeIt’s time for another con-sourced interview! Join Deb and Erika as they chat very briefly about Deb’s experience interviewing Anneke Wills at Long Island Who. Then listen to the interview. This lady has had quite a life! Tragedy, success, and strawberries with John Lennon. What more could you ask for?


Download or listen now (runtime 52:48) 

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  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek and commented:

    I forgot to reblog this one! New Verity! Interview!

  2. Sarah said:

    I’m glad Anneke apologized for having badmouthed Hartnell, because she was very kind and sweet when I met her at a convention years ago, and then I heard reports of her doing that in more recent years and felt “ow.” So, good to know she’s decided it was unwise to do that.

  3. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    Delightful interview. Thanks.

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  6. What a delightful interview! Thank you so much for this. =:o}

    Just another heads-up: This is another one where the download link seems to be missing or hidden. I see the string “^ E” roughly where it should be. Maybe that’s a useful warning sign to look out for?

    (I prefer to use the download link where possible, ‘cos my tablet plays better with it and makes skipping easier when I’ve missed a little bit.)

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