Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s time to talk about something Tansy loves! Join Deb, Erika, and the aforementioned Tansy as we delve into the Land of Fiction and talk about metatextuality, rearranging faces, Medusas, and unicorns!

Have you seen this story? Did you love it like we did? Do you have other metatextual recommendations? (And yes. We did totally miss The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, though that’s kind of the opposite!) Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Episode 132 – Meta Mind Robbery" (14)

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek and commented:

    New Verity, about the Mind Robber, one of my fave stories, too!

  2. Joe Lewallen said:

    One of my very favorites. This was the first Classic Who I showed my daughter (then 6) and son (then 5). I had to explain black and white AND serialized TV. They loved it and we’ve watched it multiple times. They called it the one with the snakes until they got the hand of the titles. Also Legend Of The Cybermen, a quasi sequel staring Colin Baker, Frazier, and Zoe was the first Big Finish I ever listened to. Great story and it got very meta.

    • Neil A Ottenstein said:

      I thought all 3 stories – City of Spires, The Wreck of the Titan and Legend of the Cybermen were in the Land of Fiction. (But I may be misremembering.)

      • Andrew said:

        Also the Companion Chronicle “Night’s Black Agents”, which fits in between parts 1 & 2 of the Land of Fiction trilogy.

  3. Risa Romano said:

    I squeed through most of this. The Mind Robber is my favorite Doctor Who serial, and 2, Jamie, and Zoe are one of my dream teams. It’s one of only a handful of classic Doctor Who stories I have on DVD. And I haven’t read any of the The New Doctor Who Adventures, but now I’m really curious about Conundrum! I think I’m gonna have to seek that one out.

    I also really like the video Tansy mentioned. I’m rooting really hard for Olivia Colman or Richard Ayoade with Tim Roth as a standby (if they absolutely positively need to cast a white dude. Which they don’t).

  4. I realized I had never seen The Mind Robber until I queued up this pod earlier today. Wow oh wow. Thanks so much for getting me off my ass and listening to this.

    Here’s my head canon fan theory. The Master really is THE Master. The whole thing is nothing but a team-up between The Master and the Intelligence (Great Intelligence?). As soon as the gig is up, he pretends to be just a captive writer so The Doctor doesn’t recognize him. What do you think?

  5. Ed Sigma said:

    Love this episode, The Mind Robber is an old favourite of mine, again for how different it is. I do wish that Peter Ling had gotten to write more episodes, as not only is this story a joy, the novelisation added some great ideas, like how the Karkus’ gun creates explosions that have words like “BOOM!” in them. Actually, the Karkus himself kind of amuses me, as ridiculously muscled characters with not very convincing muscles and guns is pretty much how comics actually were in the year 2000! How prophetic.

    One follow up to this story I like is a DWM comic strip, Character Assassin, a one-off starring The Master (yes, the actual Master, not the Land of Fiction one). It’s a fun nine-pages, especially having the Master using his awareness of literature and the tropes, using that to be especially cruel to one or two inhabitants of the realm. Plus Adrian Salmon art, so it’s lovely to look at too! It’s in the Oblivion trade, well worth a look.

    • Andrew said:

      For more Peter Ling, check out “Hexagora” from Big Finish’s Lost Stories range (near the top of my current “to listen” pile of CDs).

  6. This was the first Patrick Troughton I ever saw, when the ABC screened it (presumably in a lead up to the 20th anniversary special? Or the 25th? I don’t know). I’d grown up with Three/Four in endless cycles at dinner time, then discovered Target novels in the library, and fell for Two. I waited patiently for The Three Doctors to come around, and found he was well-represented in the novels, and then lo! A special screening! I remember being so excited and having no one really quite get it.

    • I remember that. This post is basically the foundation myth for all Australian fans of a certain age, I think.

    • Andrew said:

      Best I can work out, it was first repeated in Australia in 1989. I had to resort to Wikipedia as I can’t find the page which used to list our full transmission history. It was definitely while I was at high school, so no later than ’89.

  7. MJ Fouldes said:

    Thanks girls! I always forget how much I love this serial! I think it was the second serial I saw. The storytelling, the ideas, the characters. Brilliant. Also the imagination to go changing Jamie’s face and adding an extra episode with no real set because of problems. So great! And Zoe is so cute as a sparkly glitter-pixie!! She looks so good they had to rotate her on floating TARDIS console!

    Great stuff and I enjoyed your appraisal of it on my dog walk! More of this please!

  8. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    Regarding John Sim, has anyone been watching The Catch (on ABS Thursday nights in the USA)? He has certain levels of craziness there in both the first and now second season.

  9. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    And did I miss the mention of The Cornell Collective from Gallifrey One discussion about The Mind Robber?

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