Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Lynne’s dream has finally come true! But was it as good as she imagined? Join Deb, Lynne, and Tansy as they discuss their expectations, racism, classism, frocks, and poop.

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Comments on: "Episode 135 – Thin Ice, Ice, Baby" (15)

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  2. Elinor said:

    erm, the episode playing is the previous one, about Smile. What’s up with that? I want to hear you talk about Thin Ice!

  3. Elinor said:

    I seriously thought I had made a mistake at first, but no, the player really is playing the wrong episode.

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I just got a message from Erika stating the link is fixed and all is well in Veritylandia! Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Should be all good now!

  5. Elinor said:

    seems fixed now, thanks

  6. Re: the knocking at the end. Yes, it was 3 knocks for all but the very *last* iteration (I was listening carefully, too!)

    Also, I find it interesting that y’all noticed the parallel to “The Beast Below,” but didn’t see the one that stuck out to me, which was “Kill the Moon.” Both in KtM and here, the Doctor cedes responsibility for a decision to his Companion, nominally because it’s not his planet—yet this time I was better able to swallow it. I have some thoughts about why I had such different reactions (I touched on it briefly in my own review), but would be interested in hearing what the Verities think about the comparison, and whether or not you also have different feelings about those two situations.

  7. Terry said:

    OMG! I wish I could use a water bottle! As Admin on a closed FB DW fan page I am exposed to soooo many “outlandish” theories I want to scream! If only~~~

  8. This was a wonderful episode. Outlandish fan theory: ‘Pete’ is actually​ Pete Tyler! In any alternative universe, there​ has to be a Pete.

    Tansy is right: Whovians is a good show that manages to be both geeky and accessible to more casual viewers. And the campaign starts here: #GetTansyOnWhovians!

  9. microtoast said:

    Deb, please don’t say that anyone should jump off a bridge. Ever.

  10. I foresee regular re-watches of this episode in my future. Generally all the plot points and historical pieces fit together perfectly and honestly here. No holes, no weird questionable moments. I have always loved 12, but I love this new complex professory iteration best by far. (Huge fan of Shada, esp the novelization by Gareth Roberts & read by Lalla Ward, so it’s great to get some flavor of that.) I’m also a sucker for all the historicals, and only learned about the frost fairs on my first visit to London last year, so it was pure delightful fun for me. More seriously I work with history students and professors, and I was a history major, so “history is a whitewash” had me absolutely cheering. Put all of this in the midst of our daily lives today and it’s catharsis all around. But even after all of that, there is icing on this cake and a cherry on top. I watched Deb’s Sarah Dollard interview live and had forgotten completely about “tattoo,” but listening to Capaldi say it repeatedly was one of my favorite bits of the episode. I’m not much of a squee-er, but I fell apart when Deb brought up the real reason we were given this gift. Thank you Deb for reminding me, that is truly hilarious. Cheers to you all, and yay for this long-time keeper of an episode!

  11. Ed Sigma said:

    Nice chat about this episode. One thing that amuses me is that I personally see parallels between Thin Ice and, of all things, The Power of Kroll. Think about it, in Kroll they are also harvesting… erm, digestive waste, in the form of methane, from a giant underwater monster, the difference being the refinery crew don’t know that’s what the source is. Actually, Kroll had a little touch of taking on racism and colonialism too, not nearly as successful as Thin Ice of course. Of course, being a kaiju film fan, now I’ve thought about this, the idea of Kroll vs. Thames Serpent is stuck in my head…

  12. You asked what I thought…


  13. Rodney said:

    What podcast did Erika and Liz appear on this week?

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