Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

A proper space episode! Join Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss non-zombies, evil capitalism, disability, and racism. Doctor Who was pulling no punches this week! What did you think of this ep? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Episode 137 – Team of Oxygen" (16)

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    New Verity!

  2. Pat Rice said:

    Even though you don’t indulge in speculation, I got to wondering about the reality (in the arc) of the Doctor’s long term blindness. We were fed likely clues to doubt it. The episode almost opened with the Doctor having lied to Nardole about the fluid link. When blind on the space ship, the Doctor several times was deeply thinking (long term?, how to use this?). Then at the end, after Bill left, the Doctor went into pathos mode for Nardole, bent over and quiet, playing the blind card a bit (while getting to me, too). But what benefit would having Nardole think he’s blind have for the Doctor in the upcoming story(ies)? I have no solution to that, but I suspect we were being told that this was a set up.
    By the way, I really appreciate Verity!, I discovered Dr. Who podcasts and binged during the recent big gap. It helped and opened my eyes to different interpretation of whats shown. And thanks for not giggling too much, while being enthusiastic (a good thing).

  3. Thanks fro another lovely episode!

    I thoroughly enjoyed Oxygen, and I feel that this series has had a nicely organic tonal progression, from the jolly, jaunty first few episodes which rolled along at a relaxed pace, then the last couple of episodes which have gotten a bit darker. And now it looks like Moffat is probably going to hit us wit the big, heavy stuff that (knowing him) will sow the seeds for the series finale. And I’m ready for that! In some past series, things have felt a bit uneven, with either too much emphasis on the series arc plot or too much jumping back and forth from jolly to grim.

    But I think Bill has now leveled up, as you put it, and I think it’s the right time to put the whole universe on the line, or whatever it is. And I’m excited to see how Bill will interact wit Missy. And how the Doctor’s blindness will play out. I think we have some cracking weeks of Doctor Who ahead of us. 🙂

  4. platypus said:

    The next time trailer was at the end of the credits this week, rather than before them, so it was easy to miss. Maybe they felt it was awkward to put it right after the Dramatic Ending.

  5. Richard S said:

    Thanks for another great podcast. Listening to you really makes me think, while I’m watching the show, about the treatment of such subjects as racism, sexism & disability in fiction & the media… Just a few years ago, I’d have probably treated such discussions with: “Come ON, guys! This isn’t the 1970s, it’s the 21st century! Hardly any of that stuff happens on TV anymore. We’ve come SO FAR now.”

    Regarding Mike Bartlett’s “King Charles III”: the day after “Knock Knock” first aired, I was in WHSmith and noticed a huge angry headline on the front of the Mail On Sunday newspaper, which said the evil BBC was about to broadcast a drama which would repeat a vile and untrue rumour about the parentage of a member of the royal family.

    (FYI, this particular royal rumour was popularised years ago, just after JK Rowling’s publisher revealed the “Half-Blood Prince” book title.)

    I didn’t read that Mail on Sunday front page article, as I try not to maintain any form of physical contact with the Mail Group newspapers (visual contact is bad enough), but I’m hoping it mentioned Doctor Who and entirely omitted the phrase “award-winning”. So, yes: annoying the monarchists? Big tick there.

    Other thing about Liz’s comments… I’m guessing or maybe hoping other classic Who fans have already pointed this out. The Chris-Bidmead-edited science-oriented story where the Doctor is VERY PLAUSIBLY aged almost to the point of death by tachyons… it wasn’t in “Meglos” (which I didn’t like very much), it was the previous story, “The Leisure Hive” (which I liked even less, due to the shocking tonal change in the show at the start of season 18).

    Anyway, briefly, “Oxygen” was amazing, possibly my fav Jamie Mathieson story, certainly the best of the series so far, and just the most incredible production values.

  6. Richard S said:

    Sorry, shouldn’t have listed “racism, sexism & disability” as if they have some form of equivalence. “Racism, sexism & ableism” would probably be better.

  7. OK-definitely some of the best Verity EVER is hearing Liz watch the Extremis trailer live, while Erika and Lynne talk. Really. Hysterical. Thanks for the big laugh, Verities! (Also the intelligent and thoughtful conversation.)

    • Yes, that was a great moment! Although I also want to hear the Liz Myles politics podcast. Her happy thing discussion of King Charles III was excellent.

  8. Don’t worry about the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor is shown using it in the trailer for next week’s episode!

    • Neil A Ottenstein said:

      Wasn’t there a mug full of sonic screwdrivers in The Pilot?

      • Amber said:

        Yes, but it wasn’t an old one, it was definitely Twelve’s newest sonic. Check out the trailer for Extremis at 0:27 seconds.

  9. critchie17 said:

    I know it’s not possible …but my heart wishes that River is in the vault… there I said it aloud 🙂

  10. Just Good Sense said:

    Hi. Long time listener, first time commenter.

    Regarding the “Knock, Knock” follow-up at the top of the show: I didn’t listen to the interview with him, but I’m surprised David Suchet expressed surprise that Mariah Gale could emote under heavy make-up, since she’s a Royal Shakespeare Company alum, same as he is. She played Ophelia to David Tennant’s Hamlet!

    Here she is, sans bark, in the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet:

  11. Joy K. said:

    The scene where The Doctor had to leave Bill behind reminded me of the waterfall scene from “The Last of the Mohicans.”

  12. Series 10 is exciting and wonderful to me for a number of reasons. I will not go into all of them now. Don’t worry. However, I must say, this series will be one of my faves because it has led to two comments on the Verity Podcast that I just adore. I believe it was the review of Thin Ice where Erika used the term: “Clap Back” And on the Knock Knock review Deb said that the guy was “Macking” on Bill. Yep, this is my favorite Doctor Who podcast.

  13. […] 4 – And Verity!, course, where I mostly flailed about Knock, Knock and Oxygen. […]

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