Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

After a mind-bendy episode of Doctor Who, we need to talk it through to really come to terms with us. Join Deb, Erika, and Tansy as we do just that. What was real? What did it mean? What did it portend for the future? What’s the deal with Nardole? And who’s really in the vault? We answer…maybe one of these questions. Maybe.

What did you think of “Extremis”? And all those other things? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Episode 138 – Verities’ Veritas on Extremis" (14)

  1. Nardole having a lot more to do finally reminded me – I don’t know how I forgot – about the excellent episode of Community that Matt Lucas guested on, in which the crew all go to an Inspector Spacetime convention, and he plays a fan who is not quite what he seems. If you haven’t seen that one (Conventions of Space and Time), do check it out; there’s a lot that is very familiar. 🙂

    And hey, Inspector Spacetime had a (clearly very McCoy-esque) female Inspector back in the ’80s, though the line to see her is short, ‘not because she’s a woman, but because she was terrible.’ It’s possible I have too many Inspector Spacetime shirts in my collection; I often debate whether they go in as a Doctor Who sub-category or into my general comedy drawer – this is what having a library degree does to your brain.

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    New Verity! EXTREMIS

  3. Squibby said:

    I loved this ep. Clever, beautiful cinematography and marvellous acting. All of the cast gave excellent performances.
    Are those Exilon monks? They looked like classic Who Exilons.

  4. When I first saw this my immediate question was “so wrote the Veritas?” to which my wife replied, a previous version of the Doctor. Which makes the best sense.
    I was also reminded of course, of Garibaldi in the excellent Babylon 5 episode, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars.
    I would assume the Doctor gets his sight back next episode, as it’s now served its purpose of not being able to forewarn himself what the Monks actually look like, so he doesn’t know which aliens they are.

    • I really wanted to mention that B5 ep, but Steven and I are currently watching through for The Audio Guide to Babylon 5, and I didn’t want to spoil him. (Don’t worry. I just told him not to read the comments here. 🙂 )

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. As others have said it was pure Steven Moffat. Complex, funny, thought provoking. For me what set it above many of his other stories was that it avoided being too clever by half. It was smart but not smug. I also thought that it wasn’t rushed, and all the logic of the story was clear; which is a very unusual thing many current stories. So often I find I need to watch a story twice to really get it but this one came straight to me on first viewing – and that’s my happy thing this week!

  6. I loved this episode.

    One thing I was surprised no one mentioned, though, was when they were in the Hereticum, talking about blasphemous books, Bill mentioned Harry Potter, and the Doctor muttered “language.”

    I laughed so hard at this because my mother in law is one of those people who literally thinks Harry Potter is from the Devil. I thought it was a nice, subtle, and hilarious joke done there. That might have been my favorite line from the entire episode, with Nardole’s badassery as a close second.

  7. I enjoyed Extremis, but I did feel that there were a lot of plot logic problems with the simulation, even after a second viewing. But I suppose it’s easy to hand-wave stuff away if it’s part of an artificial reality, so I’ll try not to let it bother me too much!

    I get the feeling that Moffat is going to pull a fast one with the Vault. It seems that Missy must be in there, but we still haven’t actually seen her go in or come out of it, and I can’t help feel that Moffat is setting us up for something…

    In any case, I’m really enjoying this series and I hope it can maintain this level of quality till the end. 🙂

  8. Todd Haney said:

    PopeHumour makes Simulated Companions of us al…

    Also; I think Bill knows! She’s a smart young woman!

    Also, also: I think in the next cage over from the Veritas in the Hereticum is a copy of Monty Python’s Unreadable Joke!

    To quote Ambassador Londo Mollari: “Ladies! Ladies!! Please! …continue…!”

  9. Laurie said:

    Hello Verities,
    I have a theory—which admittedly may be waaay out in left field as many fan theories often end up being—but I’m wondering if, during this series, we are subtly being pointed back to the episode “Listen,” an episode notorious for its many dangling threads.

    In “Knock, Knock,” when the students are hearing all the skittering noises, Paul says, “It’s just pipes. I’m going to bed.”

    At Chasm Forge when Bill asks the Doctor if he’s trying to scare them, he responds, “I’m maxing out your adrenaline. Fear keeps you fast. Fast is good.”

    And of course there’s the scene in “Extremis” when the Tardis lands, and Bill tells Penny, “It’s the pipes in my bedroom. Be warned, sometimes I shout at them.”

    There have also been a number of times when the Doctor says, “Listen” to various characters and it seems slightly random, like the word jumps out at me, because it’s a bit unnecessary.

    I’m wondering too if the 12th Doctor’s journey with fear is somehow part of this. We got a big dose of that in “Listen,” and then again, it’s revealed that fear was what drove the Doctor off Gallifrey in the first place, fear of the Hybrid…another plot point, which was never satisfactorily solved in my opinion. So, I’m wondering if “Listen” is going to be the episode that helps tie up all these loose ends.

    I may just be trying to out-Moffat, Moffat here, but I’m wondering if you have any thoughts.

    And btw thanks for your podcast. I really appreciate that you give a critical yet positive take on “Who.” It’s always nice to listen to people who love the show as much as I do.

  10. Squibby said:

    I was thinking through this episode again, and the appearance of a religious figure and the virtual world of storytelling.

    It might be my imagination, but is this season’s background theme the 10 Plagues of Egypt?

    1. Water into blood (or living water…)

    2. Swarm of flies in responses to pharahoh’s heardened heart (swarm attacking non-smiling people)

    3. Frogs from the great river attack people

    4. Lice (bugs) attacking people

    5. A plague on your livestock

    6. Darkness that no one could see or leave a place (blind in an illusion)

    That leaves, in no particular order,

    – death of the first born
    – locusts
    – hailstorm
    – dust that turns to boils

  11. Fascinating seeing this Doctor’s facial blindness (as seen in Capaldi’s first season) literalised.

    But more importantly, this video featuring Michelle Gomez is highly relevant to Tansy’s happy thing:

  12. django said:

    Interesting to hear of the issues some Verities had with the numbers. This episode was heavily referenceing computer games. It’s common in games (A good example would be X-Com) to produce a “document of random numbers before a mission starts. Then, whenever a number is required the system just picks the next from the list. (This stops people saving the game before trying something and then reloading until they get what they want.) The monks must have a set list of numbers generated before each simulation.

  13. Mo favo said:

    Keep thinking that the person who went into the vault may not be who is in the vault present time or who will comes out of the vault? Am I crazy thinking this?

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