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Now that series 10 is over, our year of loves and lasts continues with a love. A lot of love. Two episodes of love, in fact! Join Deb, Erika, and Tansy as we dip back into series 2 with a two-parter that Deb just loves: “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”.

Do you love these eps like we do? Do you find the same bits a tad uncomfortable? Other bits? No bits? Let us know in the comments!


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Erika prepares to watch “The Satan Pit”

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  2. Hi! Great episode again!

    I always thought Toby had to be separated from the ship because otherwise the entity might jump to one of the others.

    I like how he uses words, notions, to attack everyone. This resonates with how the Jewish people believed God is known through words, through language, if you will. So it makes sense that he would twist and abuse the power of words.

  3. Yay! I remember this being one of my favourite episodes (or pair of episodes) when it was first broadcast and thinking that it was very close to what I wanted new Who to be, at the time. But I’ve loved it just as much on each subsequent viewing so I think is stands up pretty well.

    It felt very much like classic Who to me (or at least the bits of classic Who that I like most), and it’s got a thick streak of cosmic horror, which is a genre very close to my heart. All that “ancient evil that’s older than time itself” stuff is pure HP Lovecraft, of which I’m also a fan. I don’t think it’s any accident that the Ood are dead ringers for Cthulhu…

    In fact, I think I’d rather that they kept the Satan aspect to a minimum and had made it more of an amorphous, anonymous ancient evil, but that’s a minor quibble. The Satan stuff allowed the programme makers to lean heavily on other influences that are close to my heart, like the films of John Carpenter – there’s a lot of his Prince of Darkness to this, and I detect a hint of Carpenter’s music in Murray Gold’s score, with all that bassy synth going on.

    I haven’t watched it in a while, but I’m sure I’d still love it. Definitely one of the most successful New Who two-parters. I commend Deb on her excellent taste! 🙂

  4. I love Satan Pit, and am looking forward to listening to the podcast, but didn’t a Series 10 wrap-up get bumped to talk about the new Doctor? Are you not going to return to that?

  5. Tracey said:

    Love the trailer so excited 2 doctors. Deb hope you can share your episode spreadsheet when your done.

  6. Richard S said:

    Last Monday, 7:30am, BBC Breakfast News headlines, presenter Charlie Stayt saying something like, “… he actually was called that name in the 1960s story The War Machines.” Definition of a Slow News Day, right there.

    I’d hoped to go into the Christmas Special almost completely unspoiled, but my DW-fan work colleague was keen to watch & discuss the trailer, and I’d already seen spoilerific companion tweets, so I did see it myself. Very relieved about Bill’s return. I guess her opening lineis addressed to another Capaldi companion, someone whose begins with a ‘C’, and ends with… -ourtney, perhaps?

    I’ll confess I rewatched the trailer immediately, to pause at the 17 second mark, check the iconic-high-necked-top-with-recognisable-V-shape-design, then gasp & squee. My major Fan Service demand was the return of Ben & Polly, who’ve always been my favourite late-1960s companions, probably due to the order I read the Target novelisations when I was a kid.

    Monday night, I also found the sad news about Deborah Watling. Saw her at a convention almost 30 years ago… and I’m afraid my abiding memory is my 35mm camera rewinding noisily. (Thank goodness that isn’t a standard feature of phone cameras. I expect there’s an app for it.) I haven’t seen all of Victoria’s classic monster stories, so I’ve just bought a couple on DVD.

    Moving on to the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit… Because, oh Deb, bless you and all your Internalised Doctor Who-New Who Equivalency. “Some of the earlier Doctor Who episodes.” That’s number three in my Quotes of the Week. Number two is the Comic Con video where Capaldi says Mark Gatiss has written some amazing episodes and now he finally gets to appear in the show. Number one quote, in the latest DWM, Russell T Davies gives praise to all of Moffat’s amazing female characters, and reminds the readers that “Steven started weaving his own vast female mythology across the stars” a decade before Wonder Woman. In the following paragraph, RTD includes the word “mansplain” which might be an out for his opinions, or a case of further trolling the fans, I honestly can’t tell anymore.

    Haven’t seen The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit for several years. Thankfully, I never throw away a Copious Story Note, so…

    The night before the first episode aired, I noted that I’d been looking forward to the story, but was worried about what I thought of as the monster’s “cheesy Karloff vocals”… and after a further showing of the trailer, I decided the voice was “more along the lines of Vincent Price, which is considerably worse.”

    Luckily, I found The Impossible Planet to be the best episode of the series so far, and when I checked the closing credits, I noted the Beast “was played by Gabriel Woolf… so my fears were unfounded.”

    After the first episode had aired, my best friend had praised the absence of any distracting token famous actors. I noted that Scooti was played by MyAnna Buring, Swedish star of British horror movie The Descent which had received a very positive review in Lucius Shepard’s film column (F&SF magazine, April 2006). According to the Radio Times, the actual guest role for the story was Toby played by Will Thorp, star of the long-running Saturday night medical soap (or drama, if you must) Casualty.

    In my mind, Will is the first-ever contestant I can remember seeing when I started watching Strictly Dancing in 2005. Also remember I fancied his professional partner Hanna Haarala, who sadly left the show at the end of 2005 and didn’t appear on the following year’s Live Tour DVD. (I was lucky enough to see Len Goodman’s final Live Strictly earlier this year, front row seat, right where the dancers emerged, and btw Daisy Lowe’s “Groove Is In The Heart” routine was A-ma-a-zing.)

    My final story notes from 2006 were a couple of Strictly moments. According to me, the Ood were changing shifts to the tune of Ravel’s Bolero. Even more significantly, during the previous year’s Strictly series 3, judge Arlene Phillips kept telling Will Thorp that he performed his dances with “the eyes of a killer.”

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