Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Our year of loves and lasts continues with a rather big “last”. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we discuss 1989’s “Survival”, which was a “last” in many ways, although it wasn’t originally intended as such.

How do you feel about 7’s last full story? What did you think of the Cheetah People’s costumes? Is that infamous line really the nadir of Sylvester McCoy’s performances on Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments!


Also covered:

Download or listen now (runtime 1:09:22) 

Comments on: "Episode 147 – Survival Kit(ling)" (7)

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek and commented:

    GOOD HUNTING SISTERS! The episode where we discuss Survival!

  2. “This or That” reminds me of the Twitter account (run by sff writer Chuck Wendig) @_YouMustChoose. If you are ever lacking for ideas for your game, that’s a great account to check out. 🙂

    But here’s one from my own head: Gallifrey One or LI Who? (Or perhaps “Chicago TARDIS or LI Who?”)

  3. M.A. Solko said:

    This or that: Delta & The Bannermen or The Idiot’s Lantern?
    Marie Cat or K-9?

  4. Justin Adams said:

    This or that? Classic who on DVD or Britbox?

  5. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    I don’t recall if it was mentioned in the episode, but Survival may have been the last broadcast, but Ghost Light was the final story filmed. In any case, in memory I did enjoy this final story of the classic era when I saw it way back when on PBS, not knowing how long the hiatus was to be.

    This or That: Power of the Daleks animated – color or black & white
    This or That: Rassilon – Timothy Dalton or Donald Sumpter
    This or That: Rassilon or Omega
    This or That (for Tansy): Galactic Suburbia or Verity!

  6. Graeme said:

    This or that:

    Swings or roundabouts?
    Hockney or hockey?
    RFS or Reality Bomb?
    Kittens or puppies?
    Adric or Adam?
    Fez or hoodie?

    • I thought about Adam or Adric too!

      … which made me go through the alphabet. I’m sure you have already recorded this week’s ep, but these could go for the second round.

      Binro or Biroc?
      Callufrax or the Cailleach? (or Cat people or Cheetah People?)
      Daleks or Davros?
      Enlightenment or Enlightenment? 😉
      Frontios or Fenric?
      Gavrok or the Garm?
      Hyperion or Hydrax?
      Isolus or Ian?
      Jagaroth or Jek?
      Krynoid or Kroll?
      Lamia or Laserson?
      Mike Yates or Mickey Smith?
      Nardole or Nyssa?
      Ood or Organon?
      Peri or Perivale?
      Quiquaequod or Quisling?
      Rodan or Romana?
      Slitheen or Slyther?
      Tegan or Tegana?
      Unstoffe or Uvanov?
      Varos or Vulcan?
      HG Wells or William Shakespeare (tricky things, w’s)
      Xoanon or Xeriphas?
      Yartek or Yeti?
      Zodin or Zagreus? Which is more terrible?

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