Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Yes, we did already talk about the Master, but now that Missy is here, it’s a whole new conversation! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we talk about the vast and interesting history of this character and their interactions with the Doctor.

Who’s your favorite Master? Why? And what do you think has been most consistent/most off-the-rails about them? Let us know in the comments!


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Doctor/Master fanvid set to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

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Comments on: "Episode 148 – The Master, Revisited" (5)

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  2. Houman Sadri said:

    Hi – since you were talking about other podcasts (that may or may not be Whovian), check out Gotpop, our podcast about Pop Culture in academia. Good and fun, I promise.

  3. David Thiel said:

    A few musings on the Master:

    1) I’d argue that “Castrovalva” is the best outing for the Ainley Master. In the first two episodes, he relentlessly pursues a weakened Doctor and his novice companions. In the latter two, he lurks in plain view. His disguise makes logical sense, and is so effective that it includes a fake production credit!

    2) I believe that the Master is best when he (or she) is a dark reflection of the current Doctor. However, Ainley’s Master is explicitly modeled on the Pertwee-era character, and remains more or less the same for three consecutive Doctors.

    3) From “The Deadly Assassin” onward, the Master is driven by survival (or “Survival”) at all costs. Whereas the Doctor naturally regenerates again and again, the Master is forced to employ increasingly unlikely methods of attaining his next 1-Up: controlling the Eye of Harmony; body-stealing; turning into a gummi snake; and whatever that nonsense was with the cult and the potions.

    • Sarah said:

      I disagree somewhat that Ainley’s Master was explicitly modeled on Delgado’s Master; to me, it felt as if he had a maniacal edge missing from Delgado, as if Ainley was really just in it to chew up the scenery without adding much more depth to the character. Pertwee apparently agreed, and objected to the way Ainley was playing it in “Five Doctors,” and Ainley, in turn, objected to Pertwee for objecting.

      • David Thiel said:

        Can’t disagree with that. I intended that comment to refer more to his appearance. Whereas the Doctor changes radically in each incarnation, Ainley’s black suit and goatee combo suggested to me that they weren’t trying to create a specific foil for Davison so much as updating Delgado. (Not a knock on Ainley; I have a lot of fondness for him!)

        Contrast to Simm and Gomez, who seem much more like opposite numbers to their respective Doctors.

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