Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

More fun and games? Yes please! Join Erika (and her brand new bell) as she makes Liz and Tansy defend many things–some easy, some atrociously difficult!

How do you think the defences went? And what tactics would you use? (And do you have anything you’d like to hear defended in the future?) Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 40:07) 

Comments on: "Extra! – In Defence Of (Non-US-Version)" (3)

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Geek and commented:

    New Verity! Extra: In Defense Of! Dun dun dunnnn

  2. Andrew Scott said:

    Hello, so non-us version? What are us folk in Blighty being deprived of

    • Lol. I was just amused that there was no one one from the US! That’s exceedingly rare. And it meant I could spell “defence” with a “c” with impunity. (I’ve spelled it that way before, but this time there was no one to argue!)

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