Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Happy numberversary to the Verities! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we take another look back at Verity! over the years. Technically, this is our 248th release, but who’s counting that way? Not us!

Thanks to everyone for listening and especially to our Patreon patrons! As a special celebratory thank-you, we’re giving away three $50 Amazon gift codes. Just pop on over to this post to enter!


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Comments on: "Episode 150 – Looking Back Again" (8)

  1. Small correction: in Deb’s Happy Things, should be Ian Chesterton, the character, not Ian Marter, the actor. Though a Boys Own Adventures book featuring young Harry Sullivan would be a blast, too.

  2. Deanna Harris said:

    Love the podcast. Faithful listener since the beginning. I like how you talk about things i would never have considered.

  3. M.A. Solko said:

    Congratulations on 150 (numbered) episodes! Two thoughts:
    1) Thank you for the Verity tumbler from Gally. The slogan on it comes in very useful these days.
    2) I’m stunned nobody listed Brian Blessed’s beard as a highlight.

  4. Three responses to this awesome cast.
    First, Verity! provided my first education in Fandom and I am so grateful for that. You made it OK to be a girl who loved Doctor Who (and other things). You taught me that disagreement with other fans is fun and normal. You gave me an extensive education in the breadth and depth of the Whoniverse. And you helped me make connections between the creative endeavor that is media and broader issues such as politics, identity and social justice. Thank you.
    Second, I have enjoyed very much being part of your own journeys, as you have grown, changed and become more sophisticated and complex with your observations over the years. My favorite episodes were the two during which you discussed your personal experiences with podcasting and Verity! Those casts were incredibly authentic and emotionally intimate. Thank you for sharing that part of your selves as well.
    Finally, I have an idea. It may be a bad one. But… wouldn’t it be fun to do a live commentary during Gallifrey One with all of you who attend? Black Orchid, perhaps??
    Thanks again for all the casts!

  5. I’m enjoying the podcasts and going back to listen to old ones (when I can avoid spoilers, as I’m still catching up on current and re-watching Classic). Can you please watch the use of jargon, acronyms, and cast/crew names though? I’ve figured out “Galley” (NOT the TARDIS’ kitchen!) and a few others, I feel a bit left out (and old) when you throw around terms like “VAM” and “tat” or refer to actors, producers, authors, or other people who might be VIPs but who are not household names (even in fandom houses). I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the 1980s but not part of a “fandom” (or even aware of a “fandom”) until recently, and I’d appreciate a more gentle and welcoming inclusion!

  6. Great ep! Gotta throw a shout out when it comes to favourite Verity! guests for Verity! Down Under & Kate Orman – mostly because I was in the audience and had a great time!

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