Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Have you heard the news? The BBC announced Jodie Whittaker’s co-stars for series 11 of Doctor Who! Of course, we have reactions. Join Deb, Liz, and Lynne to find out what they think!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – 13’s Companions" (4)

  1. I’m not familiar with Bradley Walsh’s acting so I have my concerns about him. But I had the same reaction when I first heard about Billie Piper’s casting, and she turned out OK! Whatever issues people might have had with Rose, Piper’s acting ability was never a problem. So I have to give Walsh the benefit of the doubt and trust that the show-runners wouldn’t cast someone who couldn’t deliver.

    As for what sort of Tardis team we’ll get, all we can do is speculate wildly at this point. Who says they’ll even be in the Tardis? Maybe Chibnall will strand the Doctor on Earth again, as in Pertwee’s first season…

    • Sarah said:

      I disagree entirely about Billie Piper, as her acting is pretty much all melodramatic soap opera (which I guess suits modern DW, but wasn’t fun for me). Perhaps a better “people were worried about this, but he turned out okay” would be Nicholas Parsons as Reverend Wainwright in “Curse of Fenric” in 1989; being American, I didn’t know about his reputation, but the British audience knew him as *gasp* a game show host. He seemed able to act to me. (Oh, weirdly, I listened to a DW podcast recently that claimed that one of the people who could’ve been cast as Wainwright was Peter Capaldi, and since no other source has ever mentioned that, I wonder where they got it.)

      • Well I must disagree with your disagreement, because I thought Billie Piper was excellent and Nicholas Parsons was awful. But one of the many joys of Who is that it offers something for everyone! 🙂

  2. Squib said:

    It sounds like the next series/season will be a continuous story. I’m hoping for something more like the Key to Time or Sarah Jane Adventures or Stranger Things, and less of the soapy melodrama of Torchwood or Class or Broadchurch.

    The new Tardis team does look like a nuclear family – Dr Mum, Dad and the kids. I hope that trope is as far from what we see as it can be.

    Bradley Walsh has good comedic timing and has shown good acting skills in other roles. The other companions are more of an unknown quantity.

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