Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Another LI Who is in the books! Join Deb and Erika from the car on I-95(!) as we talk about the weekend that was, suggest tips for good panel moderation, discuss the 13th Doctor’s new costume, squee over the news that Steven Moffat will be at Gallifrey One(!), and almost get killed by a careless driver (not Deb).

Were you at LI Who? Or do you have some ideas on how to make sure all panelists get their chance to speak? Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 37:19) 

Comments on: "Extra! – CarCast!" (5)

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    New Verity!

  2. Excellent advice for moderators. And moderators should definitely get some panel guidance/training from con organizers.

  3. jediwan said:

    Yep. I was at L.I. Who. Actually met Erika and Deb (hope I didn’t delay you two for too long)! There was also a male person, with them, from another podcast…hmmm… Maybe I’ll remember when I Free my Radio from that Skaro place. Helps me think.
    It was a great convention, which I plan to attend next year as well.

  4. Great fun! And surprisingly good audio! Keep up the great work!

  5. Paul B. =:o} said:

    Totally agree with the points about good moderation.

    And what microphone are you using to get such good sound while driving?!? =:o0

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