Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s game-time once again, but this time Erika is in charge! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we discover what the googling public wants to know about Doctor Who. Who followed in Lynne’s winning footsteps? Who was totally in whose head? Who tipped over a chair? Listen and see!

Huge thanks once again to Steve Lutz and Low Definition for inspiring this game!


Download or listen now (runtime 51:24) 

Comments on: "Extra! – Who Complete Me" (6)

  1. chrismg said:

    Well, that was fun, but fandom isn’t fandom without pedantic corrections. To wit: as someone who’s been in anime fandom since the Usenet days I can testify that “lemon” and “lime” did not refer to what kind of pairing(straight, slash, femslash) was in the fic, but what the “explicitness rating” was. Lemon was full-on smut, lime was less well-defined, but was along the lines of “nothing above PG-13 groping and a fade to black”.

    It is possible the usage has mutated of course, so that’s why you’d see a different use on AO3 or elsewhere. All that said, I’ve really been enjoying the new games. Keep it up!

    • Old Geezerette said:

      Yes lemon is still adult smut and lime is “family movie rating romance”. I think it comes from Japanese alcoholic drinks and adding a lot of lemon liqueur or a dash of lime cordial.

      Slash originally meant any romance and came from the very early ’70s Star Trek fan fiction magazines. The table of contents had the story title and the romantic pairing listed in brackets like standard library card references, eg (Kirk/Uhura), (McCoy/Rand), (Kirk/Spock).
      Slash became the slang term for same sex stories when people were wanting to buy them in convention trader rooms and they needed a term for what had to be sold from “under the counter” in brown paper bags at family conventions.

      So cool to see a 45 year old fan term still in use

  2. “You Auton-Complete Me”

    Thank you, thank you thank you. I’ll be here all week…

  3. nonelvis said:

    I admit, I would have guessed “smut” or “slash” as the answer to “doctor who fanfiction” myself! (FWIW, I do sometimes see “lemon” in fic summaries or author’s notes on Teaspoon, but it’s rare.) Either way, thank you for this round of the game, because when I heard what had to be autocompleted, I started laughing in the middle of the sidewalk hard enough that I sure hope I didn’t scare anybody 😂

  4. Neil Ottenstein said:

    It is interesting how some of the results have changed. Some of the incorrect answers in February are now the correct answers – e.g. “Rose Tyler is the best companion” is now the top result there – maybe as a result of this podcast?

  5. Silverr 1 said:

    I just listened to this, and had the same reaction to the definition of lemon and lime. As I have understood it, lemon (which is indeed an anime term, from a hentai anime called Cream Lemon) is explicit sexual content (of any type) , and lime is softcore erotica.

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