Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and season’s greetings to all! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we discuss the latest Doctor Who Christmas special–yet another regeneration episode. Who cried? Who didn’t? Who’s not ready to think about the 13th Doctor? Who wants to crash right into the new era? And what did we all think about the themes and execution of “Twice upon a Time”? There’s only one way t find out!

What did you think of this final send-off for so many of the on- and off-screen talent? Let us know in the comments!


Download or listen now (runtime 1:21:45) 

Comments on: "Episode 154 – Twice upon a Time of the Doctors" (17)

  1. Elinor said:

    I can’t remember the First Doctor ever being ever truly sexist. and no one’s been able to give me a specific example that I can’t counter. I seriously hated how he was made sexist when that really wasn’t part of his character in the original run!

  2. Thanks for helping me relflect on this episode which I enjoyed even though it left me a bit cold. I think I have always had strong reactions to regenerations (Baker to Davison being my first) this peaceful passing was a bit of a relief.

    Erika, you weren’t the only one who didn’t really connect with the speech at the end and the children know my name part. I have never connected with Moffat’s fairy tale-esque Doctor. This speech felt like Moffat preaching about who and what the Doctor he thinks is supposed to be. I think the show is much better when they show and don’t tell. I am actually glad to see Moffat’s tenure end because of this, even though he has written some of my all-time favorite episodes.

    This is my first time commenting so thanks all around for a great podcast. You all been helping me get through 2017, which has been a rough one. I am hoping for a calmer 2018 and some wonderful new Who! Also, I love the idea of a TARDIS-less Doctor!

  3. Sarah said:

    I felt that the way the First Doctor was written was more a reaction against Hartnell’s various issues that have come to light over the years than his Doctor’s actual character, but there is the pretty bad example of that Doctor deciding that Susan needed to settle down with the human male she liked but had only just met, locking her out of the TARDIS, claiming that he’d return one day, then leaving and never returning. (Thanks a lot, Grandfather…)

    Anyway, I loved Capaldi as usual, and since I was never really the intended or desired audience for modern DW until Capaldi, and kept being told by fandom and media how wrong I was for loving him and that he didn’t connect with anyone, I think I’ll be leaving the battlefield of fandom and letting go of the Doctor from now on.

    I mean, the previous time I loved DW, it was the Seventh Doctor and Ace, and we know how well-received and accepted they were. So, obviously, my taste is lacking and I need to move on. *eyeroll*

  4. I have two thoughts:
    (i) this was another “Moffat loop”, in that the time-stream glitch at the start was caused by the saving of the Captain at the end.
    (ii) the inclusion of the Christmas battlefield scene was a return to original intention for Doctor Who, in that it should teach about history, alligned with featuring the first Doctor.

  5. This Doctor was never supposed to be here. He’d out lived his generations and continued beyond the time he was meant to have. To me, that’s where the weariness came from. Now of course they were never going to stop the show, but at the end of Eleven’s time, he was done, he had had enough, and it was his choice to end it all, and then Clara said no, Clara took away his choice. So this time he gets to decide. And I just love the weight of it all on Capaldi, the scene with Bill and Nardole made me sob. There is an ambivalence for me, because no way do I want my show to end, but yet, I sort of feel Twelve should have been allowed to just step off the board and go to rest.

  6. I never thought it could be Susan. I assumed that Testimony was another human project like the android in Let’s Kill Hitler. Ergo they’d only be interested in preserving human memories. Mind you I secretly hope that this is the start of the City of the Saved.

    • I thought it was only humans too–until Nardole showed up. He’s made it clear he’s not human, so looks like they have a farther reach than just the human race!

  7. Old Geezerette said:

    Thank you for another excellent podcast episode.

    I like that the World War 1 theme is more obvious in the Christmas special than it was in ‘Death in Heaven’ and the many other eps that subtly reference WW1 and military service (eg Danny Pink and the experience of returned servicemen, Davros and the mines, tanks invented in 1915 and the Dr rode one in 2015, etc).

    Capaldi became the Doctor in 2013, so the entire 100th anniversary of WW1 has been in Capaldi’s era. I believe that’s why his themes have been war, memory and recovering from the effects of war.

    • Kirsten said:

      Loved the discussion. Especially since I just saw it last night and then saw this was up this morning. I really liked it but mostly I enjoyed the first doctor since I adore 60s DW. I thought David Bradley did a great job bringing 1 to life asa while. I would’ve enjoyed Susan showing up more than Bill, but it honestly never crossed my mind. Maybe I’m alone but part of me was secretly hoping that the WWI soldier would be from 1917 as a War Games tie-in/connection but I think the use of the 1914 armistice was the much more effective choice. My favorite part though was the beautiful incorporation of Tenth Planet/60s footage. I’m so glad they didn’t use the new/reproduced footage that they mentioned in the making of feature the. It would’ve been way less effective to me. Now I have to go rewatch Tenth Planet 🙂

      • Old Geezerette said:

        Yes, Kirsten, I think they missed a huge opportunity. The active memories were of people when they died… we could have had Ian, Susan, Steven, Polly all appearing with the original actors as the elderly versions of their characters.

      • Kirsten said:

        Geezerette- Aww- now I’m bummed! That would’ve been amazing to have Ian, Stephen, Susan and/or Polly show up via testimony to say goodbye to 1.

  8. An extreme head-canon is …. do the Testimony, with the discussion of the balance of good versus evil, go on the devise the White and Black Guardians, who do not yet have an explanation in modern Who?

  9. i’m surprise there wasn’t any discussion about how testimony is basically an archival project!

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